Boat Engine Replacement Cost

Boat Engine Replacement Cost (Price Chart)

An engine is a vital part of any boat that typically lasts for several seasons without significant repairs if you maintain it well. Still, your boat will start slowing down since the engine breaks down … Read more

What Size Motor For 8-20 Foot Jon Boat?

What Size Motor for 8-20 Foot Jon Boat?

Whether you are interested in lake exploration, wildlife observation, need to transport light loads or are a fishing hobbyist, a Jon boat is a reasonably priced boat that is an excellent solution for your intended … Read more

6 Tips to Buy a Small Boat Motors

6 Tips to Buy a Small Boat Motors

When it comes down to deciding whether or not to use an inboard or an outboard motor, it would be helpful if you first consider how often and for what purpose you intend to use … Read more