What Size Motor For 8-20 Foot Jon Boat?

What Size Motor for 8-20 Foot Jon Boat?

Whether you are interested in lake exploration, wildlife observation, need to transport light loads or are a fishing hobbyist, a Jon boat is a reasonably priced boat that is an excellent solution for your intended … Read more

4 Different Types Of Jon Boats: Which Is Better?

4 Different Types of Jon Boats: Which Is Better?

Jon boats come in two types- the classic flat-bottom hull and the modified V-hull designed for performance. So without further ado, let’s jump aboard and discuss the design, advantages, and environments for these boats that … Read more

How Much Does A Jon Boat Cost? (Price Chart)

How Much Does a Jon Boat Cost? (Price Chart)

Jon boat is one of the most desirable small vessels you can buy, primarily thanks to an almost ideal size to capacity ratio. Plus, it is stable, versatile, and typically less expensive than other similar-sized … Read more

10 Best Jon Boats

10 Best Jon Boats (With Pictures)

Are you in the market for the best Jon boat? If you are looking for a simple, affordable, easy-to-use boat for fun weekends, a Jon boat is your best choice. These little boats come with … Read more