How Much Does a Jon Boat Cost? (Price Chart)

Jon boat is one of the most desirable small vessels you can buy, primarily thanks to an almost ideal size to capacity ratio. Plus, it is stable, versatile, and typically less expensive than other similar-sized boats.

However, the answer to the question of how much does a Jon boat cost is not simple. It depends on the model, construction material, size, and available features. So, you can find one for $550 or even $15,000, but used vessels can be even cheaper. Let’s take a look.

Jon Boat

Jon Boat

A Jon boat is a small, light aluminum or fiberglass fishing vessel with a flat bottom and built-in bench seats. Most models are inexpensive, making them an ideal option for fishermen and those who want to enjoy sailing without investing too much money.

It has numerous advantages, including:

  • It only needs an inexpensive gasoline outboard motor with low horsepower or a battery-powered engine
  • You can use it in both shallow freshwater and saltwater
  • The maintenance level is low
  • It is easy to transport

However, you can notice a few drawbacks of this boat, like:

  • It is not comfortable, primarily when there are waves
  • It is almost impossible to stand and walk from the bow to the stern, particularly on 10 or 12 feet (3 – 3.65 m) long models
  • You need to re-paint it regularly

Jon Boat Costs

Jon Boat Costs

Jon boats are highly popular vessels, particularly among fishermen, and their popularity increases each year. Among other advantages, they are practical and affordable for most people.

You can find a 12 feet (3.65 m) polythene Jon boat for only $550, while an aluminum model of the same length will cost you about $3,000. If you have an unlimited budget and higher demands, you can purchase a high-end 21 feet (6.4 m) long Jon boat for $30,000.

As you can see, the average cost will depend on the Jon boat length and the material it is made of. Let’s see the approximate prices you can expect when looking for this boat type.

  • 10 feet (3 m) Jon boat will cost you $700 to $800
  • 11 to 13 feet (3.35 – 4 m) Jon boats will cost you $850 to $1,000
  • 13 to 14 feet (4 – 4.3 m) Jon boats will cost you $1,500 and $2,250
  • 15+ feet (4.6 m) Jon boat will cost you $2,500 to $3,250
  • 17+ feet (5.2 m) Jon boats will cost you about $3,800

The 10 feet (3 m) Jon boat price

This Jon boat is the primary and the least expensive model you can find on the market, with an initial purchase price of $550 to $800. On the other hand, you can buy one used boat for only $100 to $750.

The cheapest and most expensive 10 feet (3 m) long Jon boats

Feature Characteristics
Alumacraft Jon boat G3 1036
HP max 3 max 5
Length 10 feet (3 m) 10 feet (3 m)
Weight 95 pounds (43 kg) 100 pounds (45.5 kg)
Height 17 inches (43 cm) 18 inches (46 cm)
Width 32 inches (81 cm) 52 inches (1.3 m)
Capacity Two people or 325 pounds (147.5 kg) Two people or 375 pounds (170 kg)
Price $550 $880

You should count on additional costs when purchasing a new vessel. They include a motor, safety equipment, and registration since they are not included in the introductory price.

The advantage of this option is that you don’t need a pricey trailer and can transport your Jon boat in a pickup truck or all-purpose utility trailer. Plus, you can choose between an expensive gas-powered outboard or a more affordable electric motor.

This boat is ideal for calm sailing on the lake or bay during nice weather. However, you should avoid using this unstable vessel through fast-moving water, particularly when harsh weather.

The 12 feet (3.65 m) Jon boat price

This Jon boat comes with an initial price of $600 to $1,000. Interestingly, used boats are available for $500 to $1,500.

The cheapest and most expensive 12 feet (3.65 m) long Jon boats

Feature Characteristics
Pelican Intruder 12 G3 1236
HP max 6 max 10
Length 12 feet (3.65 m) 11’11” (3.6 m)
Weight 127 pounds (57.6 kg) 144 pounds (65.3 kg)
Height 16.8 inches (43 cm) 18 inches (45.7 m)
Width 48 inches (1.2 m) 56 inches (1.4 m)
Capacity Two people or 420 pounds (190.5 kg) Two people or 470 pounds (213 kg)
Price $600 $1,000

Believe it or not, those additional 2 feet (61 cm) will offer more space and comfort, plus its stability will be a bit better.

Even though this model is not suitable for open water, you can safely cross calm rivers. On the other hand, there is a transportation issue, and you will probably need a trailer.

The 14 feet (4.3 m) Jon boat price

Most Jon boats of this length have a price range between $850 and 1,200, but you should count on a more expensive package that includes an engine, basic safety equipment, and a trailer.

The cheapest and most expensive 14 feet (4.3 m) long Jon boats

Feature Characteristics
Tracker Topper 1436 G3 1448LW
HP max 15 max 25
Length 13’10” (4.2 m) 13’11” (4.25 m)
Weight 162 pounds (73.5 kg) 233 pounds (106 kg)
Height 15.5 inches (39.5 cm) 21 inches (53.5 cm)
Width 53 inches (1.35 m) 70 inches (1.8 m)
Capacity Two people or 345/580* pounds (156.5/263 kg) Four people or 820 pounds (372 kg)
Price $675 $1,300

*with and without gear

Most used boats in this class are more pricey than the top-end new models since they come with a trailer and often include an engine.

This boat is comfortable for two to four people, depending on the model. It provides better stability and has increased maximum horsepower. On the other hand, you will need a larger engine and trailer to transport it.

The 16 feet (5 m) Jon boat price

Purchasing this Jon boat is some kind of crossing a line of performing and utilizing. It has better weight capacity, higher maximum horsepower, and new design features that place this vessel in an entirely different class.

Even though its design is still flat-bottom, it will also include the modified-V bow that provides a more comfortable ride. Plus, it increases the ability to cut through the water.

Added keel will make handling easier at high speed and allow you to sail on open waters. One of the advantages is also is storage space as a standard feature.

The cheapest and most expensive 16 feet (5 m) long Jon boats

Feature Characteristics
Lowe boats L1648 Jon Grizzly 1648 Jon
HP max 35 max 40
Length 15’8.5’’ (4.8 m) 16 feet (5 m)
Weight 162 pounds (73.5) 290 pounds (131.5 kg)
Height 21 inches (53.5 cm) 21 inches (53.5 cm)
Width 70 inches (1.8 m) 72 inches (1.83 m)
Capacity Four people or 555/1,015* pounds (252/460 kg) Four people or 555/1,055 pounds (252/478.5 kg)
Price $2,100 $3,340

*with and without gear

This Jon boat with a motor and trailer will cost you $2,100 to $3,400 on average. You can find numerous used vessels in this class with a wide price range. Most will include an engine and trailer, so you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

Remember that this model requires a trailer, but most manufacturers provide a package with an engine and an appropriately sized trailer. Since smaller vehicles can’t tow this boat, always check your car’s capacity before shopping.

The 18 feet (5.5 m) Jon boat price

Be prepared that rare manufacturers offer this Jon boat as a single-hull-only unit. Instead, they will provide a package that will significantly increase the purchase price.

The cheapest and most expensive 18 feet (5.5 m) long Jon boats

Feature Characteristics
Grizzly 1860 CC sportsman G3 Gator Tough
HP max 90 max 115
Length 19’6” (6 m) 18 feet (5.5 m)
Weight 653 pounds (296 kg) 850 pounds (385.5 kg)
Height 21 inches (53.5 cm) 29 inches (74 cm)
Width 84 inches (2.1 m) 80 inches (2 m)
Capacity Four people or 575/1,300* pounds (261/590 kg) Six people or 1,500 pounds (680 kg) total
Price $25,340 $29,225

*with and without gear

The package typically includes an engine, all necessary equipment, and a trailer. Most of these boats come with a price of $13,000 to 15,000, but the package will go up to $30,000. Prices of used Jon boats will significantly vary, depending on included engine, trailer, and accessories.

This length is the maximum possible for this design and provides a large, stable platform for various use, including fishing and crabbing. It is a safe option for almost any waterway.


Additional Costs

Additional Costs

Remember that the Jon boat purchase price is not the only expense you will have since most smaller models don’t come with additional equipment. In that case, you also need to pay for:

  • Motor
  • Safety equipment, like navigation lights, PFDs, fire suppression systems, sound-producing devices, and horn
  • Trailer

Plus, your boat will need essential routine maintenance and winterization, and it is necessary to pay for registration.



A Jon boat price varies significantly, depending on its length and material used for the hull. Even though it is practically impossible to precisely answer how much money you need for the new vessel, you can check all the information before shopping. That way, you will have a clue of what you need and can afford.

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