8 Best Boat Rentals in Fort Walton Beach, FL

Would you love to enjoy the beauty of the wide Fort Walton Beach, FL? The best way is to have a boat to move on the waters. If you don’t have a boat, which best rental firms can you rely on to help you?

That shouldn’t worry you anymore. Here, we’ll talk about the eight best boat rentals in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

These waters on Okaloosa Island are the best for enjoying your time with your family. The boat rentals around these beaches will give boats for many uses.

Besides getting the boats, expect to enjoy warm care from the rentals. Read on to see more about these companies.

Best Boat Rentals in Fort Walton Beach, FL

1. Power Up Watersports, Fort Walton Beach, FL


At Power Up Watersports, the services you’ll get will help you have more fun on the waters. As the name sounds, it’s the best spot for watersports lovers.

The firm is at the sweet Emerald Coast, Fort Walton Beach. Expect to get the latest models of jet skis, jet boards, hydro flights, and even pontoons. Besides sporting, you can use them to hold parties, cruise, and fish.

Also, this company values your safety. Their jet skis have specs to ensure you are safe as you have fun.

Before you ride the jet skis, the staff will give you a map of the waters. You can hire a captain at $200 for half a day when using the pontoons.

Yes, Power Up Watersports also allows you to captain your boat. One only has to meet the boat and beach laws.

Remember, hydro flights and jets skis here can only carry three people. Pontoons can hold eight to 14 people, depending on the size of the boat.

Renting vessels is quite cheap. It will cost you $250 per half a day, which is 4 hours, to rent a 20 ft. pontoon.

You’ll pay $85 per hour to get a jet ski. Prices are always subject to change.

2. Anchor Pontoon Boat Rental, Fort Walton Beach, FL


Choose Anchor Pontoon firm if you want to rent one of best pontoons at Fort Walton Beach. They are at Miracle Strip Parkway SE, FL.

The boats here can hold at least eight people. You can use them to have small parties with friends, tour the beautiful waters, fish, and swim.

Also, these pontoons come with unique specs. You’ll get leather seats, much space, rooftops to protect you from the sun, among others. They’ll help you have more fun on the Fort Walton Waters.

This firm allows you to hire a captain at your cost. Also, you can be your boat’s captain as long as you meet the regulations.

Anchor Pontoons boats about having cheap rental rates for their pontoons. What you’ll pay depends on the type and size of the boat.

3. Xtreme H2o Boat Rentals, Fort Walton Beach, FL


Still, at Miracle Strip Parkway, FL, you’ll get this great firm to rent you the best pontoons, parasails, and jet skis. One can also get them at Calhoun Avenue, Destin.

You’ll enjoy more watersports, swimming, small parties, and fishing. Be sure to have fun with yourself and your family.

Also, Xtreme gives you the boats with the latest models from great brands like Yamaha. For example, expect to get a Yamaha V1 Sport Jet Ski to run around the waters fast.

Remember, the most common activities at the FL beaches are parasailing and jet skiing. As for the watersports, Xtreme allows exits in summer and spring, when the weather permits.

The pontoons also come with great specs. Most can carry up to only 12 people. So, get ready to explore the Santa Rosa Sound and even the Destin Crab Island.

Here, the rental rates are cheap. Jet skis go for $90 per hour, while parasail boats go for $79 per hour.

Get pontoons starting from $225 per hour. These charges vary with the season and type of boat.

4. Funday Watersports, Fort Walton Beach, FL


Yes, any day at the Fort Walton Beach waters can be a fun day. Mainly, it would help if you let it happen with excellent pontoons from Funday Watersports.

Everything on these boats will make you fall in love with them. Expect to get quality seats, Bluetooth sound systems, and coolers. It means you can hold birthday, bridal, or family parties on these vessels.

You can choose to have a captain or not. If you want to captain your boat and were born after 1988, ensure you carry a valid license.

Funday Watersports allows you to bring your pets on board too. Also, every customer gets free parking for their cars as they have fun on the waters.

So, at what rates does one get these excellent services? It will depend on the season and the type of pontoon you choose.

The cheapest time is during the February special. You’ll pay $185 for half a day which is four hours.

5. Holmes Creek Canoe Livery, Fort Walton Beach, FL


This boat rental company will give you affordable fun through their boating services. It’s the best one in Fort Walton Beach for kayaking, rafting, and paddle boarding.

They are located in Vernon, FL. You’ll explore the waters on Holmes Creek and the Cypress Springs.

Using their boats, you’ll enjoy family and work events. When you are tired of the waters, the firm also gives you tent campsites.

Holmes Creek Canoe Livery has been in the business since 2008. Expect their customer services to be one of a kind.

Their canoes can only hold two people. As for the kayaks, they can keep at least three people.

One can make reservations. The rental rates here are cheap. You’ll pay $50 per day for the canoes.

Single kayaks cost $40 per day, while tandem kayaks cost $50 per day. The children with at least ten years get a free ride under adult supervision.

6. Island Watersports Company, Fort Walton Beach, FL


This firm should be among your best picks in Fort Walton Beach when you want a boat rental with quality boats. You can get them below Miracle Strip Parkway, FL. It’s near the Island Resort.

Be sure that they have a pleasant experience in treating customers. They’ll help you prepare for an excellent adventure.

Here, you can get pontoons of every kind, jet skis, kayaks, paddleboards, and many more. Most of them are new models from great brands.

The vessels will help you enjoy your vacation with family and friends. Their boats have much space to host many people.

Also, you can use their boats for water sports and fishing around the bays. These boats come with fishing rod holders.

Remember, you’ll have to captain your boat. Every driver must be at least 25 years with a driver’s license.

The payment rates depend on the type of boat, how long you’ll use it, and the season. For example, one can get a 2022 14-seater double-decker pontoon for $495 for four hours.

7. Destiny Water Adventures, Fort Walton Beach, FL


The firm at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, will give you different types of boats. They’ll help you enjoy your time with family and friends.

You can use their boats to hold parties, meetings, fish, and sports. They’ll greatly help you explore many areas of the Beach.

The boats are luxurious and of high quality. Also, the firm boasts of giving quality customer care to customers.

Their pontoons will help you busk well in the sun as you enjoy the holiday. You’ll have rooftops to shield you from the hot sun.

One can choose to have a captain or not. If you are the one captaining the boat, you’ll need a license.

Prices here depend on the season and the type of boat you’ll rent. These custom-made pontoons can carry 10 to 12 people and will cost you from $220.

Jet skis which can carry only two people, cost $90 per hour. Kayaks and paddleboards are also cheap. You’ll only pay at least $40 per hour.

8. HD Pontoons, Fort Walton Beach, FL


When you want to explore the beautiful waters of the Emerald coast, choose HD Pontoons to give you the best boats. You can use their boats to have parties, fish, and explore the waters.

HD Pontoons have offices at Marler Avenue in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. It’s one of the rental companies where you’ll get warm customer care.

One gets to choose from different models of pontoons. Each boat comes with a captain for free.

Remember, you can also choose to control the vessel. But ensure you have a valid boat riding license.

Also, each boat has a 15-foot lily pad and a 10-foot inflatable paddleboard. There are also coolers to keep your drinks.

The payments depend on how long you’ll rent and the type of pontoon. You can rent the pontoons for 2 hours, half a day for 4 hours, and a full day for eight hours.


Fort Walton Beach on Okaloosa Island, FL, is one of the best places to spend your holiday. So, you can use your boat or one from a rental firm to have fun.

Most boat rental companies at this beach will always give you the best services. You’ll mostly get pontoons and watersport boats.

You can use these vessels to fish, sport, cruise, or even hold parties. It will vary with your budget and interests.

When renting, you can be a captain, while sometimes you’ll need to be captain. One needs to have a valid license.

So, among all these boat rentals, which one has touched your heart? Please let us know what you think.

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