Top 8 Best Boat Rentals in Massachusetts

Has it become challenging for you to get a place to rent a boat to use on the Massachusetts waters? Do you think that all the boat rentals are costly or not?

Well, you are about to know your best choice. Here, we’ll talk about the eight best boat rentals in Massachusetts.

You’ll get many pontoons, cruisers, yachts, sailing boats, and other vessels in every of these boat rental firms. They’ll help you relax and have a great time in whichever part of the Massachusetts waters.

What you’ll pick will depend on your interests at heart and your finances. Either way, these boat rentals will always give you a great time. Let’s now have a closer look at these companies.

Best Boat Rentals in Massachusetts

1. Boston Charter Boat


This boat rental company is one of the best in Massachusetts. You’ll find their offices in Medford. It’s in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts.

One great thing about them is that you’ll get over 60 boats to pick before you rent. They have boats that can hold from 12 to 100 guests.

So, you’ll have many chances to pick on your best boat. It’s from here that you’ll rent the best boat for a given season and event. After that, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the coast.

All their boats come with a boat captain and crew. The aim is to make you have an easy time as you cruise over the Boston waters.

Also, the crew will give catering services to the people on board. Some boats come with water toys like jet skis or paddle boats.

The rental rates will depend on the type and size of the boat you’ll pick for your ride. Their vessels are best for parties, family outings, adventures, and fishing escapades.

2. Gloucester Boat Rentals


This boat rental company is in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Be sure to get the best boat renting services from this firm.

You can hire their boats for half a day or a full day. Here, you’ll be the captain of your boat. So, you’ll have the chance to cruise and explore the Gloucester islands.

Since you’ll have no captain, you must have a driving license and be at least 21 years. Remember, in Massachusetts, you don’t need a boating license to ride one.

Also, the firm allows you to move up to the Annisquam River. After that, you’ll now come and relax at the beach as you enjoy the view of the coast.

If you want to book, you have to plan for an appointment on the website. Your credit card must have $100 to reserve a boat for you. Use these boats if you aren’t on a tight budget.

The costs will vary with the type of boat you’ll choose. So, the cheapest you can get during summer will cost you $425 for 4 hours. You’ll pay an extra $50 for the extra hour.

These firm’s boats allow you to fish and hold parties. They can hold at least eight people.

3. Down Cape Charters and Boat Rentals


You can also get fantastic boat rental services from this company. You’ll get them at Wequassett resort and golf club, Harwich, Massachusetts.

Here, you’ll get different types of boats, including pontoons, kayaks, paddleboards, cruisers, among other others. The firm allows you to use their boats to fish and move around the waters in Harwich.

Also, the company has been running for the past 30 years. So, be sure that they always deliver quality services to their customers.

Today, the company also rent their boats on Cape Cod. You can also rent the boat and use them for private tours here.

Like other boat rental firms, the rental rates will depend on the type of boat, and the time you’ll spend with the vessel. The cheapest boat here, a single kayak, rents out at $45 for the first hour. It can only hold one person.

4. Berkshire U-Drive Boat Rental


Choose this company if you are looking for the best boat rentals to give you quality pontoon boats. You’ll find them in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

This company will allow you to operate the watercraft. But the staff won’t let you use it if you are drunk. Also, the firm can give you a boat captain.

The Rock on Rentals Company mainly has pontoons. So, be sure to get boats that can host many people.

You can use these boats for family events and other parties. Remember, these boats come with great specs to make you have a sweet time on the Boston waters.

Berkshire firm also allows you to fish while on these boats. But you can’t carry your pet to the boat.

These vessels can hold up to 10 people. So, expect the rental rates to vary with the type of boat you’ll choose and how long you’ll intend to use the vessel.

5. Courageous Sailing Boat Rentals


This company will give you quality small boats to move around the Jamaica ponds. People love this firm because they give excellent customer care service.

Some boats available on this firm are the kayaks, 17-foot Cape Cod Day sailors, and rowboats. Also, the rates at this boat rental are cheap.

Expect to rent the rowboats at $15 per hour. You’ll pay an extra $10 per hour when using the rowboats with a fishing permit.

As for the kayaks and sailboats, you’ll pay $20 per hour. So, you can use these boats to fish or participate in some water sports. Call ahead before choosing to book any boat.

Remember, the firm also offers sailing classes. But you’ll have to pay for these sessions.

6. Riverfront Marine


Since 1978, this boat rental company has been operating in Newbury, Massachusetts. So, expect to get excellent customer care services when renting these boats.

Here, you’ll get many types of boats, including pontoon deck boats, among others. Also, they have pocket-friendly rental rates. These boats won’t come with a captain.

Riverfront Marine also allows you to be the captain of the boat. So, you’ll have all the freedom to explore the waters in the Parker River.

You can only rent these boats if you are at least 21 years. You’ll also pay for the bookings by cash or using your card.

Besides the tricky rules, the company also gives you discounts regardless of the season. Expect a 10% discount if you rent the boat for three consecutive days.

Also, you’ll get a 15% discount when you rent the boat for four days. Riverfront will give you a 20% bargain when you rent the boat for five days.

The rental rates vary with the period you’ll hire the boat and the type you choose. The cheapest one that hosts four people will cost you $350 per weekday. You’ll also pay $400 for the holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

7. Community Boating


If you want the best boat rental company with quality kayaks, choose Community boating. They have one of the best small boats around Massachusetts.

Besides kayaks, the firms can also rent you sailboats stand-up paddleboards, among others. Remember, here you won’t need any captain to guide.

The Community boating firm has been running since 1946. Be sure that they have quality customer care for every person.

You can use these boats to sail through the beautiful Charles River and its lagoon. Also, they can assist you in fishing and engaging in water sports events. Sometimes, one can rent their boats for business affairs.

The rental rates for these boats are cheap. So even if you are on a tight budget, you have a chance to hire these boats. It’s nice to rent them during summer.

Renting a kayak or paddleboard for the whole day will cost you only $40. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single or double kayak. As for the sailboats, it will cost you $79 to rent one for a day.

8. Boston Electric Boats


Sometimes, you may want to have the feeling of cruising in an electric boat. Then you should choose the Boston Electric boats to rent one of their vessels.

The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Their offices are mainly in India Wharf Marina, at the Boston harbor.

You can come with your family members or friends and enjoy the view of the waters. Also, the firm will give you quality electric boats to have your parties and other events.

When you book a boat with the firm for the first time, you’ll become a member of the club. After this point, you’ll get many rental offers and discounts during summer.

Besides being clean, the boats come with specs like stereo music. You can also choose a boat that allows you to captain it or not.

The cheapest electric boat you can hire holds up to 12 people only. You’ll pay $479 for two hours when you rent it.


There are many boat rentals in Massachusetts to help you have fun on the waters. When picking the best, consider your budget and the reason to rent the boat.

Some firms only specialize in renting small boats like kayaks. Others rent out both small and big boats.

Also, some companies will give you boat captains to guide you. It gives you an easy time on. These rentals listed here will ensure you have fun in the waters of Massachusetts.

So, what’s your choice among these boat rentals? Please let us know which seems best for you.

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