14 Most Expensive Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are a great way to cruise calmer water. And some can be purchased at a relatively modest price.

But if you want to – pardon the pun – push the boat out, there are some extremely luxurious options too. Those are the boats we’re about to take a look at!

We’re going to explore the 14 most expensive pontoon boats out there right now. And we’ll find out just what you get for their impressive price tags.

So step this way for the tour!

Most Expensive Pontoon Boats

1. Bennington 25 QX Sport

Bennington 25 QX Sport

Bennington’s Q Series are their ultra-premium grade pontoons. And the 25 QX Sport is the best of the best.

The 25-foot pontoon is designed for maximum performance on the water. It features an integrated and custom-built Roswell wake tower, and a stunning windshield.

The fore deck is spacious and elegant, and there’s a unique bow gate design and integrated docking lights. And there are plenty of the luxury details you’d expect at this end of the market.

These include a top-of-the-line sound system controlled by two touch screens mounted at the helm. There’s a commercial-grade built-in refrigerator. And there’s even a kitchen sink tucked discreetly in the co-captain’s console.

The finish is as smart as you’d expect. The interior upholstery is unique to the QX Sport and features Bennington’s logo embroidered on the back of the seats.


2. Manitou XT

Manitou XT

Manitou’s XT is a sleek and stylish pontoon that’s pretty nippy too. That’s courtesy of its impressive maximum 900 horsepower.

Even at speed, it handles beautifully with intuitive joystick control. And it stays stable thanks to Manitou’s patented V-Toon technology.

Numerous elements can be controlled remotely via remote key fob, smartphone, or even the Garmin Quatrix wristwatch. Power on and off, raise or dim the lights, and get diagnostics on every aspect of operation.

Passengers, meanwhile, can relax in luxurious comfort in vinyl upholstery that’s as soft as butter. And they can enjoy tunes courtesy of the MM105 Bluetooth stereo. That comes with six JL chrome LED speakers, an 800-watt, 8-channel amp, and a 10-inch sub.

The XT is available in four different layouts, the priciest of which is the Split Rear Windshield, or SRW. All models come with a Bimini top with power arm and LED lights. And you’ll get blue interior and exterior LED lighting, making your boat look just as fantastic after dark.


3. Harris Crowne SL270 Twin Engine

Harris Crowne SL270 Twin Engine

The Harris Crowne is one of the most eye-wateringly expensive range of pontoons out there. But just one look tells you this is something special.

The design has won the Innovation Award from the NMMA, and there are some very clever elements. These include the TTRS (Total Torsional Reduction System) which creates a robust pontoon platform. And the dolphin nose cone on each pontoon cuts cleanly through the water.

The powered Sport Arch retracts at the touch of a button, allowing it to clear low bridges. And the glass dash includes two touchscreens for all your controls.

The pontoon is 28 feet long overall, and the SL270 Twin Engine has a maximum of 400 twin horsepower. It will carry up to 13 people, making it a great party boat. And you can control the JL stereo with its six speakers from your smartphone.

There’s lots of lounge space too, and top-quality marine vinyl upholstery in a selection of sophisticated colors.


4. Avalon Excalibur

Avalon Excalibur

The stylish Excalibur is Avalon’s flagship pontoon. It combines custom painted aluminum walls with fiberglass panels at fore and aft. And it uses three pontoons and Waveglider technology to deliver excellent performance.

It comes in a choice of 25 or 27-feet lengths, and in three different floor plans. The Elite Windshield, Quad Lounge Windshield and Rear Lounger Windshield all start at the same price.

The Elite features benches at both the part and starboard bow, emulating a tournament ski boat. In the aft, there’s a corner seating area. A refreshment center stands opposite, including a sink and refrigerator.

The Quad Lounge, as you might expect, features benches at port and starboard in both bow and aft.

And the Rear Lounger is our favorite, with reclining electric lounge seats in the aft. The bow has benches on both port and starboard too.


5. SunCatcher Elite 326SL

SunCatcher Elite 326SL

The SunCatcher Elite 326SL offers a lower starting price with the option to add a range of customizable features.

You can choose from eleven different engines. The top spec Yamaha V6 4.2L in white will add 50 percent to the starting price. But it will also give you bags of power and performance.

You can choose from seven different rail colors, two shades of furniture and seven types of flooring. A bimini with trailering arms comes as standard, but a power version is available as an upgrade. And you can also upgrade the sound system from four to six speakers, plus amp and subwoofer.

To cut a dash after dark, upgrade to the Diamond lighting package. This features RGB lighting which you can adjust via an app on your mobile device.


6. Starcraft SX25 R DC

Starcraft SX25 R DC

Starcraft’s SX25 R DC is a stylish pontoon that will carry up to 15 passengers.

It comes with the HMX PR25 Performance package as standard. That will give you a maximum 300 horsepower, with powerful acceleration, clean handling and a smooth ride. There’s also power assisted steering and top-of-the-line touch-screen electronics from Simrad.

Lighting options include RGD color changing interior LED lighting. There are docking, courtesy and underdeck lights, and concealed mood lighting. You can even get illuminated cup holders!

There’s a Bluetooth KMC20 AM/FM stereo, with rear-mounted speakers as standard. If you want more oomph, you can upgrade with a subwoofer and amplifier. Other options include a deck-mounted ski tow and underwater lighting.


7. Sylvan M5 LC DC

Sylvan M5 LC DC

Sylva’s M5 LC DC offers a great combination of style and performance.

Its sleek lines come courtesy of lots of fiberglass. It appears in the panels used in place of aluminum fencing. And it wraps around the nose cone of the pontoon, the front of the bow and down to the bow deck.

The interior is just as plush. There are luxurious forward lounges, captain’s and co-captain’s chairs, and two more couches aft. Most of the seating has storage below. And below the aft portside bench, you can have a kitchen sink installed, complete with worktop and wine holders.

Plenty of other features come as standard. You’ll get a changing room, deck-mounted ski tow and stainless steel telescoping ladder. The extensive lighting system includes mood lighting, interior color changing LED lighting, docking, underwater and courtesy lighting.

The stereo is a Kicker KMC 20 AM/FM with rear facing speakers and a remote touch pad. And there’s an auxiliary port for you to plug in an MP3 player, and one for a USB too.


8. Premier Escalante 350 CL

Premier Escalante 350 CL

The Escalante from Premier Marine is a great choice for anyone looking for bags of space. It features a 10-foot wide main deck, and a 12-foot long upper deck reached by a walk-up staircase.

The sound comes courtesy of a JL MM105 stereo complete with remote control, six speakers, subwoofer and amplifier. The speakers have their own RGB lights, and there are toe-kick, furniture and rail RGB lights too.

Other features include an electric sink, refrigerator and changing room with separate built-in sink. There’s a curve porta-potti for when you get caught short. And there’s also a ski locker and a water slide that comes down from the upper deck.

If you’re looking for a pontoon for fun and entertainment, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option.


9. Premier Grand Entertainer 270 CL

Premier Grand Entertainer 270 CL

If you want to entertain in style, but don’t need two decks, check out Premier’s Grand Entertainer 270 CL. This good-looking pontoon features a full bar set-up so you can drink and chat as the sun goes down.

That bar includes an electric sink, refrigerator, ice bucket and lockable stainless steel drawer system. The cabana top features storage for stemware, creating a truly professional look. And there are RBG top lights for practicality and style after dark.

Guests can sit comfortably on the four bar stools, while availing themselves of the uplit cupholders and purse holders. And there’s a bottle holder to keep your bubbly firmly in place.

There’s a separate lounge area to put your feet up too. And the pinnacle helm features a 12-inch Simrad display, refrigerated cup holder, wireless phone charging mount and lockable storage.


10. Hampton 2785 Mark X Edition

Hampton 2785 Mark X Edition

Hampton’s 2785 Mark X is a special anniversary edition pontoon. But all the bells and whistles come with a boat that’s got great bones too. There are full-length cross-members, a floor constructed in a single piece, and polished corner castings. And it offers a maximum of 350 horsepower.

It comes with a Wet Sounds MC2 stereo and four RGB coaxial speakers as standard. You can also upgrade with two additional speakers, an amp and a sub-woofer.

And there’s an Elite Package available with LED interior mood lighting, exterior LED logo lights, a trim gauge and a compass. The same package will also give you a 36-quart removable cooler that sits inside the console, plus two moveable cupholders and RGB under-deck and underwater lighting.


11. Barletta Lusso

Barletta Lusso

Barletta’s top-of-the-range Lusso is available in a choice of three different floor plans. There’s the Quad Lounge, Ultra-Lounge and Ultra-Entertainer.

The Quad Lounge, as you might expect, features four couches, two each in the bow and stern.

The Ultra Lounge is more flexible, with two couches in the bow and a choice of five different seating positions in the stern. And you can choose a layout with or without a co-captain’s chair.

The Ultra Entertainer is our favorite. The stern has the same Ultra-Lounge layout, with its five seating configurations. The bow accommodates two more couches. And you’ll also get a high-top table, two swivel bar stools and additional muti-function bench seating.

Opt for the triple-toon, and there’s an impressive maximum 450 horsepower.


12. Tahoe Grand Tahoe

Tahoe Grand Tahoe

The Grand Tahoe really cuts a dash on the water with its sleek lines and two-tone finish.

It comes in three different models: the Elite Windshield, the Quad Lounge Windshield, and the Rear Lounge Windshield. All three have a windshield that spans the port console and starboard helmstand.

They also have the same Medallion touchscreen dash. And you’ll get a smooth ride and sharp handling with the Waveglider performance package. All models come equipped with a Garmin 743XSV color fishfinder and Fusion RA-770 stereo as standard.

Neat finishing touches include full deck teak vinyl flooring and soft touch vinyl upholstery. There are even two moveable cup holders and a trash can built into the lounge arm.


13. Veranda Luxury Pontoons Vertex VLB

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Vertex VLB

The Vertex VLB is the top-of-the-range of Veranda’s luxury pontoons. It features an attractive sweeping top-rail and great aft visibility. And you can choose to enhance it still further with a Rough Water or High Horsepower package.

The floorplan centers around a mid-cabin bench surrounding a removable ottoman. There are three different seating positions for your guests, and there’s plenty of room for them to stretch out.

A Bluetooth audio system with backlit speakers, subwoofer and amplifier comes as standard. And if you want maximum party power, you can upgrade it with a JL High Output audio package.


14. Crest Savannah

Crest Savannah

The Savannah is Crest’s flagship pontoon – and it’s easy to see why. The elegant design is combined with a host of high-tech features it’s available in 25 and 27-foot lengths and 300 to 400 horsepower.

There are four different floor plans on offer. Whether you need a co-captain’s chair, want to maximize lounge space, or crave a swing-back lounge in the stern, there’s an option to suit.

All models come with the CP3+ performance package as standard. That means you’ll get three tubes and two performance strakes. Other features include an aluminum underskin, ski tow bar, and under-seat storage.


The Last Word in Luxury

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at some of the most expensive pontoons on the market!

With powerful performance and excellent handling, they’re a dream to captain. And their luxury features will give lucky guests a truly special experience on the water.

If your pockets are deep enough for a seriously special pontoon, one of these could be yours. For the rest of us, we’ll enjoy the fantasy!

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