16 Homemade Boat Console Plans You Can DIY Easily

Is your boat console old, damaged, in short, a total wreck? If yes, you might be rightfully worried about the money you’ll have to invest in over-priced consoles available commercially?

Luckily, building a boat console is a completely DIY-friendly project. In fact, we’ve prepared a list of 16 DIY boat console ideas for you.

Install a small boat console kit, or build the entire console by yourself following these amazing how-tos. Internet is a fantastic place, isn’t it? We cannot wait any longer. Let’s begin!

1.  Homemade Boat Console Build

Fixin’ and Fishin’s video shares with the viewers the pictures of the finished product of a DIY console and the images after it being fastened to J14 Carolina Skiff in this video. The design is simple and sleek.

Unfortunately, no step-by-step procedure, plans, or supply list is featured in the video. On the brighter note, the Youtuber has thoughtfully left a message on the description box that you can reach out to him in case of any queries regarding the project.


2.  How to Build a Bass Boat Side Console for Little Money!

How to Build a Bass Boat Side Console for Little Money

The console design Cliffyd has shared on Instructables is claimed to be similar to what comes with Skeeter, Ranger, or Stratos bass boats. He used wood covered with fiberglass for this DIY. All the materials and tools you’ll need are listed in step 1 of the project.

The blogger has described each step in detail using demonstrative images. How to fasten the console to your boat depends upon your boat type. So, you’ll need to figure out that part of the DIY on your own.

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3.  DIY Boat Steering Console – Rock Lobster

Greg Kuiper shows his final built DIY console for his 24-foot boat in this video. He designed the frame using 2 X 2s, the face using 5/8 plywood, and the sides using quarter-inch plywood. He further mentions that this project would use 4 oz cloth to fiberglass in the description box.

The Youtuber has replied to comment regarding how to glass the console. Give it a quick read; he gives pretty solid information!


4.  How to Build Center Consoles for Boats

How to Build Center Consoles for Boats

In 7 steps, this blog post by Gone Outdoors instructs you on how to build center consoles for boats. Get your design and dimensions ready and adjust the steps as per your plan. You’ll find all the supplies you will need at the beginning of the blog.

Although this tutorial doesn’t feature illustrations and on-site images, the explanation is detailed. Once you apply resins or paint the console, install your controls and steering, and you’re done!

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5.  SAVE $$ – DIY Boat Leaning Post / Console

Follow this tutorial by Backyard Boatworks to DIY an amazing console/leaning post for your boat using fiberglass laminated honeycomb composite panels and PVC trim. He claims in the description box that his design is lightweight, weighing less than 20lbs.

The Youtuber explains the entire process thoroughly, making this video great for beginners to learn the DIY process. As per the design and plan, make sure you tweak them as per your boat layout and size.


6.  Building Center Console

Building Center Console

Bobclose on Boatdesign.net has mentioned that he would like to DIY a brand new console for himself. However, he has plenty of queries beforehand. For instance, at what angle should steering and controls be mounted? Or, what material should one use?

If you’re interested in knowing what other boat enthusiasts have to say regarding this topic, this forum would truly be insightful for you.

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7.  How to Install Boat Seats and Steering Console – Ep. 5

If your boat isn’t actually in dire need of a new console and the old one is easily repairable, you might want to watch this tutorial by Everyday Fishing. The Youtuber disassembles his console and inserts a new boat steering console kit. And, once complete, he reinstalls the console on his boat.

What’s more, you can also learn to install boat seats in this video. This is Ep. 5 of  Everyday Fishing’s boat renovation series. If you’d like to watch all of their videos, here’s their channel.


8.  How to Build a Boat Console: An Easy Guide

How to Build a Boat Console An Easy Guide

Is this the first time you’re planning on building a boat console? If yes is your answer, this guide by Boat Diaries is a must-read for you! Organized into 7 thoughtful steps, all the considerations and nitty-gritty details you have to be aware of during the DIY process are mentioned in this post.

All the tools and materials that you need to have at your disposal for this project are listed in Section 3 of the blog.

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9.  DIY Centre Console: 5 things to think about

Do you know what the 5 factors that you’ll have to consider before starting on a DIY center console project are? According to Weekend Wannabe, they are size and position, access, strength and weight, aesthetics, and feature.

If you’re a beginner in console-building, we’d definitely recommend you watch this video beforehand, such that you leave no room for errors during the actual DIY.

The Youtubers from this channel have converted their 1970’s Nautiglass V150 fiberglass runabout/ski boat into a fishing boat. Check out their channel if this DIY interests you.


10. Building a Raised Console

Building a Raised Console

Brewbaker, in his thread on 2 Cool Fishing, mentions how he plans to rebuild his 86’ Shallow sport and raise the console. He is planning to build a fiberglass raised platform and is seeking suggestions from his fellow boat enthusiasts.

The information exchanged on these kinds of forums is always informative. There are several feedbacks, suggestions, and important links shared in the thread. Make sure you check them out!

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11. Building A New Raised Center Console And Leaning Post!! [[ Carolina Skiff Rebuild Part 5 ]]

Fish Hunt Cook Tinker has plenty of DIY Carolina skiff rebuild videos. In Part 5 of this series, they build a new raised center console and a leaning post for their skiff. The Youtuber explains the plan in detail and takes you along the process of the console build.

Furthermore, make sure you check the comment section. People in the comments have suggested that glassing on the outside is good enough for strength and the inside could just do with epoxy paint.


12. Jon Boat Center Console Plans

Jon Boat Center Console Plans

No bluffs and chitter-chatters; this site leads you directly to several console DIY and boat-building plans.

If you don’t need an explanation or help with every step of the project and are simply seeking a fabulous boat console plan to start working on your DIY, this site might help you design your dream console plan.

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13. The Center Console Boat Project #6 DIY Fiberglass Console#1 Couyon Version

Build a simple fiberglass centre console by replicating the design the Youtuber from Barry Luke Builds creates in this tutorial. He takes his viewers along the DIY process and explains his thought process at the same time.

The Youtuber uses female mold and parts from his original cuddy cabin for this DIY project. And, if you have any queries regarding the build, shoot them at the comment section. He has replied to all of them!


14. Building a center console

Building a center console

Nick5288 on MICROSKIFF has started a thread where he talks about how he plans to build his center console using foam core and is asking for advice and tips from someone who has had already built some consoles on their own.

Vertigo, who claims to have built a few consoles, suggests he use 9 mm Okoume marine grade ply for his console. Head over to the forum to get some more pointers regarding a console build.

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15. Pontoon console part 1

This video tutorial by Catfising with Cahoon features the Youtubers building a fantastic pontoon console. This is simply Part 1 of the DIY. Here’s Part 2 of the series, in case you’re interested in replicating this design.

Unfortunately, the Youtuber doesn’t talk about the supplies needed and the plan, and the dimensions of the project. But, if you reach out to them in the comment section, they will probably help a friend in need.


16. DIY Centre Console Conversion Pt1

In this video, the Youtuber from Weekend Wannabe demonstrates how he converts his old fiberglass speedboat, a Nautiglass V150 runabout, into a center console fishing boat.

Every step of the procedure is documented and explained in the video. Instead of simply DIYing a console, this tutorial series focuses on the entire renovation of the boat. In case this project interests you, here are Part 2 and Part 3 of the center console conversion series.



Are you uncertain about your handyman skills? If yes, you should always choose to do this project with a set of supervising eyes on-site. You definitely don’t want to waste all the resources on a failed project.

Which of these 16 ideas did you like the most? And, are you planning on replicating any of these?

We’ve shared all the brilliant DIY console ideas with you. Now, the ball is in your court! Feel free to share the DIY process with us – all the progress and the obstacles. We’ll try our best to help you with suggestions when in need.

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