16 Homemade Boat Dock Plans You Can DIY Easily

If your dock is a complete wreck and you’d like to replace it with a brand new, DIY dock, you’re at the right place! Be it building a cost-effective, simple floating dock to have a good time on or building an on-site big dock system, we’ve got you covered!

Read on to find out 16 fantastic DIY boat dock ideas available on the internet. You can use floating dock kits commercially available or build the dock from scratch, whichever you find easy and budget-friendly. Let’s begin with a DIY floating dock tutorial by FLAIR!

1.  Building a GIANT DIY FLOATING DOCK for My BACKYARD POND!!! (Part 1) – Framing and Floats

Watch this Youtube video to learn how the Youtubers from FLAIR built a fantastic DIY floating dock for their backyard pond. They take you along the shopping and further elaborate on the plan and dimensions you’ll need for the project.

This is the Part 1 video of this DIY series where build the frame of the dock. Here are Part 2 and Part 3 of this series if you’re confident that you can replicate the project.


2.  How to build a wooden floating dock

How to build a wooden floating dock

MULTI NAUTIC in this post guides you through the DIY process of building a typical three-section dock; a fixed section of 4 inches by 8 inches, a semi-floating section of 4 inches by 12 inches, and a floating section of 8 inches by 12 inches.

You can find all the supplies and their dimensions at the beginning of the blog. Once you have your materials ready, move on to the 4- steps instruction section, where the post describes everything in detail using documented images and illustrations.

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3.  Building a Dock with Pipe legs

Commenters in this video are raving how clear the instruction in this tutorial video by Seth Marriam is. The Youtuber guides you through the process of installing docks in place using pipe brackets and pipe legs.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a tutorial or plan to build the wooden dock itself, this video might not be for you. But once you’re done building your DIY docks, you can definitely check out this video to install your dock on the pond.


4.  DIY Dock: Should You Build Your Own Dock?

DIY Dock: Should You Build Your Own Dock?

If you’re a beginner in dock building, or it sounds like an ambitious project for you, trust us; this blog post by Cabin Life will help you a lot.

This in-depth guide not only elaborates on different dock types, designs, and things you need to consider before beginning the project but also helps you figure out if or not your skill is enough to replicate the dock plans available online.

What’s more, they’ve also shared some DIY-friendly dock designs. We hope you find them helpful!

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5.  Building your own dock

No unnecessary bluffs and chitter-chatters; this around 2-minutes long video is all you need to watch if you’re just looking for a subtle idea on how to build your own dock.

This project uses pre-built footbridge docks and corner sockets by Great Northern Docks, which fits 1 and ½ inch schedule 40 galvanized pipes. If you’re willing to buy this kit and install them, this short and straightforward tutorial is all you need.




While this blog post by EZDOCK TEXAS doesn’t necessarily provide you with plans, supply dimensions for a DIY dock or demonstrate how to build one, it does provide you with in-depth information on things to consider before you start on this DIY project.

Furthermore, in Part 2 of this blog, you’ll learn how you can install a pipe dock. They further talk about the best framing material for your dock at the end of the blog. So, make sure you don’t skip Part 2.

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7.  How to Build a floating dock for under $20.

If you have some empty barrels, you’re literally just a few supplies and hours away from building yourself a fantastic floating dock. And the best part about this DIY is that it can be completed for under $20! How great is that?

What’s more, in the comment section, the Youtuber further shares a piece of great resourceful advice to check with your local truck or bus garage for some free barrels.


8.  Build Your Own Floating Dock

Build Your Own Floating Dock

This DIY project uses a docking kit from https://www.dockaccents.com/. You can find all the materials and their dimensions at the beginning of this blog by Instructables.

All the steps are described with great accuracy and detail and accompanied by documented images. If you’re a beginner, this step-by-step dock tutorial is just for you! Also, don’t forget to read the ‘Note’ section at the end of the blog, as it contains information that you don’t want to miss out on.

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9.  Build a Floating Dock DIY- How to build with barrels

This video tutorial on building a 10 by 10 floating dock surely has to be awesome. If you don’t believe us, check out the comment section; it is filled with rave reviews!

If you’re a noob at dock-building, the Youtuber from DC WOODWORKS makes this project look absolutely simple to follow along. She has mentioned all the supplies and their dimensions in the description box.

If you don’t want to invest in expensive dock kits and want to build everything from scratch, this tutorial will guide you on how to do so exactly.


10. DIY Floating Boat Dock using SikaBond Construction Adhesive

DIY Floating Boat Dock using SikaBond Construction Adhesive

Just three simple steps, and your floating boat duck is all set for you to relax on!

All you have to do is glue down the wood boards on the frame using SikaBond Construction Adhesive, which seals water from seeping through from between the joists and helps you reinforce each plank securely. Then, screw down the planks are you’re done!

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11. Building a DOCK BOAT & Fishing on it (DIY DOCK to BOAT Conversion)

If you’re planning on transforming your floating dock into a boat, this tutorial is just for you! Trust us; this dock boat will surely be a great addition to your pond.

In this video, the Youtubers from LOJO demonstrate how they converted their floating dock to a battery-powered boat. You surely will have quite fun in this DIY. Let us know how it goes!


12. How to Build a Floating Dock

How to Build a Floating Dock

Are you confident that you can DIY a dock? If you’re unsure, honestly answer the questions the blogger of this post by DECKS & DOCKS has asked, and only move ahead in the project if you’re truly comfortable.

For your convenience, all the materials, dimensions, and tools are clearly listed in the blog, followed by brief instructions on how to build the dock. They’ve further offered you help if you deem it necessary at any step of the project. How great is that?

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13. How To Build a Floating Dock With Plastic Barrels – DIY!

The Youtuber from Indy Farm Life mentions that he used 55 gallons drums and Trex composite decking for his floating dock DIY project.

He further mentions all the supplies and measurements, and takes you along the process in this video. The floating dock the Youtuber builds is huge. So, feel free to scale down or up as per your necessity.


14. 4 Things to Consider When Building a Lakeside Dock

4 Things to Consider When Building a Lakeside Dock

This blog post by Kebony is not a typical how-to tutorial. Instead, it gives you information on are things you must consider beforehand you start building your dock, such that you leave no room for errors during the project.

Like what type of dock material to use? Or, should you DIY it by yourself or hire a professional to do so? This information will surely come in handy. So, make sure you give this post a read.

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15. A Weekend Warrior 4×4 Post Dock Project

Do you want to build a dock using 4 by 4 posts? If yes, Seth Marriam instructs you on exactly how to do so in this video. He gives you plenty of tips and invaluable information to perfect this DIY project.

He installs posts using a technique called water jetting. Everyone in the comment section is praising Seth’s ability to instruct with ease, conciseness, and elaboration. You’ll certainly benefit from this tutorial!



Around 2 and a half hours – that’s all you need to DIY a fantastic floating dock boat! This project is not only quick to follow along but also is super inexpensive. The shopping list of this DIY project is mentioned in the description box for your ease.

The Youtuber takes you along the entire process and elaborates the project in detail. Therefore, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll probably be able to follow along with this DIY.



We hope you find the floating dock plan that fits your skill, time, and budget perfectly in this list. You can request help from a few pairs of helping hands if you deem it necessary.

What’s more, if you actually select a tutorial and complete the project, feel free to share your experience with us. We’re more than eager to know!

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