17 Homemade RC Boat Plans You Can DIY Easily

DIYing an RC boat can seem a bit scary at first, especially if you’re a DIY noob. But if you have a proper plan, tutorial, and a basic grasp on electronics, building an RC boat is a great DIY fun project for weekends.

Be it for making your kids happy or pleasing your inner boat-fanatic child, here we’ve collected 17 best DIY RC boat ideas available on the internet for you. From a simple foam RC boat to an impressive supply boat, we’ve covered it all! Let’s begin!

1.  How To Make Fast Twin Motor RC Boat. Diy Foam Model Boat

No chitter-chatters; straightforward to the tutorial! All the supplies of this video tutorial by KendinYap are mentioned in the description box, and all the dimensions are clearly displayed in the video itself.

With proper tools and supplies, even a beginner can follow along with this tutorial. The comment section is filled with encouraging adjectives ‘nice’, ‘great’, ‘awesome’, ‘cool’, and so on. Make sure you check this tutorial out. You won’t regret it!


2.  RC Boat

RC Boat

Francisco Molliner from Instructables guides you through the process of building an RC boat in 19 steps in this blog post. The downloadable plan for the DIY project is listed in section 1, and all the materials you need are listed in section 2 of the post.

Not only has the blogger elaborated all the steps, but he also has shared several great tips throughout the blog.

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3.  How to make a Boat – Amazing RC DIY toys – BOAT

Replicate the RC boat design by Make Your OWN Creation in order to DIY a fantastic RC boat for yourself. All the supplies and purchase links to them are mentioned in the description box.

If you plan on going forward with this tutorial, make sure to check the comment section as it is filled with positive feedback. For instance, Neil Crompton proposes that the boat would go faster if the air outlet is angled so that it is fully submerged in water.


4.  A Guide on How to Make Your Own RC Boat

A Guide on How to Make Your Own RC Boat

If you have never built an RC boat before, this post by 3DINSIDER is a must-read! You’ll find out RC boat types, designs, and power source options in this post.

What’s more, if you’re conflicted between buying a kit and building your RC boat from scratch., this post might help you get a better idea of which route you should take.

For your ease, they’ve rated several RC boat kits in this post and have given you a brief outline on how to build your first RC boat.

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5.  Build an RC Rigger Boat | Pro Boat Mini Outrigger Build Pt.1 Hardware & Electronics Install

In this first part of the tutorial video by IRONCLAD RC, the Youtuber demonstrates to you how to install stuffing tubes, struts, rudder, motor mount, brushless motor, battery, and the mini servo.

Likewise, the second part of the DIY series includes a sponson setup, ride pad, adjustment, final fit, and finish of the mini FRP outrigger.


6.  How To Make A Homemade Remote Control Boat

How To Make A Homemade Remote Control Boat

DIYs such as building an RC boat is quite complex if you’re a complete beginner in building such a project. We’re sure plenty of questions is roaming your head. For instance, how does an RC boat work? Can you convert an RC car into an RC boat?

Well, to your rescue, you can find all your answers in this post by SeniorCare2Share. Though this is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to build an RC boat, we’re certain that this blog will come in handy.

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7.  How To Make A Big RC Boat

Unfortunately, this tutorial video on building a big RC Boat by CRAZY DIY is in Thai. So, only watch this tutorial if you aren’t a complete beginner and can get the hint of what the Youtuber is doing without having to explain everything.


8.  How To Make A RC Boat Trailer [5 Easy Steps]

How To Make A RC Boat Trailer [5 Easy Steps]

Cecil Webb from RC HOBBY TIPS instructs you on how to build an RC boat trailer in 5 easy steps. He has listed all the materials and tools you will need for the project at the beginning of the post.

In the first section, he guides his viewers on making the base, followed by making a supporting front for the boat.

Then, it’s time to make fenders for the tires, make some suspension and axles, and finally finish the DIY. What’s more, there are some FAQs at the end of the post. Your queries are most probably answered there!

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9.  Making Big RC Yacht Boat with Foam

Learn how to make a fantastic RC yacht in this video tutorial by Julius Perdena. The DIY yacht is 63 inches in length and 11 inches in width and powered by Inrunner brushless motor with a 50A boat ESC.

You can find all the supplies, dimensions, and electronics necessary for this project listed in the description box.


10. How to Make an RC Boat Out of an RC Car: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Make an RC Boat Out of an RC Car A Step-by-Step Guide

If you are bored of your RC car and are planning to convert it into an RC boat, we’ve got something for you as well! In this blog by Race N’ RCs, you’ll be guided in detail on how you can disassemble your RC car and convert it into a fabulous RC boat.

In this DIY, all you have to do is modify the battery box, DIY a styrofoam base for the RC boat, create propellers, and assemble the parts.

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11. how to make remote control boat at home

Do you have an old and unused RC car receiver and remote control? If yes, we’ve found the perfect DIY for you! In this video tutorial by DIY ACTIVE, the Youtuber utilizes the parts from his old RC car and a phone battery and DIYs a fantastic boat using foam.

Once you have all the supplies you need at your disposal, the tutorial is quite easy to follow along. If you’re a DIY fanatic, DIY ACTIVE has many more interesting projects for you!


12. Build a Simple RC Boat Hull

Build a Simple RC Boat Hull

Are you planning to build your RC boat from scratch? If yes, Building Model Boats has got you covered! Download the plan shared with you at the beginning of the blog and replicate the directions as closely as possible to DIY a fabulous RC boat for yourself.

This is the first part of the RC boat build. If you find the project interesting, here’s Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of the project.

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13. How To Make Fast RC Boat. Diy Single Motor RC Boat

Do you want to build a high-quality fast-moving RC boat? Well, if yes, KendinYap has just the tutorial for you!

All the supplies and their purchase links are mentioned in the description box. In the video, each and every step is demonstrated in great detail. It is a fantastic tutorial for beginners!


14. How to make an RC Boat with Brushed DC Motor? : Introduction

How to make an RC Boat with Brushed DC Motor Introduction

Learn how to build an RC boat propelled by a DC motor in this post by Arnab Kumar Das. The blogger has used a PVC board to DIY the boat structure and three Li-Ion 18650 cells as the power source. You can find the downloadable plan at the beginning of the blog.

All the steps are elaborated in detail using demonstrative images. Even if you’re a beginner, you will definitely be able to follow along.

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15. Build A Big RC Bait Boat – V2

If you’re into fishing, you’d absolutely love to build a bait RC boat, wouldn’t you? Luckily, Creative Channel instructs you how to.

This DIY uses 5mm plywood, DC reducer motors, a transmitter, electric wires, and a few other tools and supplies. What’s more, this tutorial is straightforward and easy to follow.


16. Build a Simple Arduino RC Boat that can be Controlled Wirelessly using 433 MHz RF Modules

Build a Simple Arduino RC Boat that can be Controlled Wirelessly using 433 MHz RF Modules

As the title suggests, this blog by Circuit Digest instructs you on building an Arduino RC boat controlled by 433 MHz RF modules.

Looking at the plan and instructions, it seems like you need to have a little grasp on electronics and programming if you want to complete this DIY successfully.

The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by demonstrative and illustrative figures for your convenience. Also, don’t forget to check out the testing and explanation video at the end of the blog.

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17. Rc supply boat build! Build from scratch!

If you want to build a slightly bigger RC supply boat, Erland Wingar-Elnes demonstrates the process in this video. From the build to the design, everything about this RC ship is stunning.

If you want to replicate this supply boat DIY, here’s Part 2, where the Youtuber tests the boat in the water.



We hope all these RC boat enthusiast bloggers and vloggers not only instruct you on the build but also motivate you actually to gather supplies for your favorite DIY plan and start on the build right away.

Do you have any queries, information, or feedback that you’d like to discuss with us? We’re all ears!

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