18 Homemade Bass Boat Plans You Can DIY Easily

If you desperately want to own a bass boat but want to be as budget-friendly as possible, following the commercial path is a waste of time and effort. Bass boats can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Luckily, with plans and tutorials available on the internet, you can DIY one from scratch or convert your preexisting watercraft into a bass boat.

The sheer joy you feel angling on a self-made watercraft is unsurpassable. So, without any further chitter-chatter, here are the 18 DIY bass boat ideas!

1.  Building a HOMEMADE DIY Bass Boat for My BACKYARD POND!!!

In this video, the Youtubers from FLAIRS demonstrate how they built a bass boat from scratch. They take you along the entire DIY process, including shopping for the supplies. At the end of the video, they further show you how the DIY bass boat performed; how great is that? You can also check this out


2.  Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

Are you looking for a tutorial to transform your old Jon Boat into a brand new bass boat? Well, Boating Geeks has got your back!

The post features an overview of the DIY procedure, including the six major steps of the project. What’s more, the bloggers have also shared several tips on the project with their readers such that they leave no room for errors during the DIY. How great is that?

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3.  CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!!

FLAIRS is one of the best channels on Youtube for boating and fishing enthusiasts to binge on! Here’s another attempt from FLAIRS to DIY a bass boat where they use a cheap Jon boat for the purpose.

The Youtuber explains every step in detail. He further mentions at the end that you need to seal the boat entirely if you want it to last for long. So, make sure you keep this tip in mind.


4.  How to Build Your Own Wood Bass Boat

How to Build Your Own Wood Bass Boat

Are you wondering what supplies and tools you’ll need to DIY a wooden bass boat from scratch? If yes, you’ll find all such information on this blog post by GONE OUTDOORS.

The blogger suggests that the best plan for DIYing a bass boat features the stitch and glue method of construction, as it is relatively easier. On top of that, you’ll be provided with a brief overview of the DIY process, along with a few tips for the project.

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Now, if you’re a DIY beginner planning to convert your Jon boat into a bass boat, this Youtube tutorial by Adam Ryan is perfect for you.

Just follow along with the DIY process and customize the steps as per your boat layout and that’s it – you’ll make yourself an amazing DIY bass boat.


6.  11 Tips for Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

11 Tips for Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

If you’re planning on using your Jon Boat to build a bass boat out of it, this blog post by UPLAND COAST is a must-read for you.

You’ll find not only 1 but 11 solid tips for the project such that you DIY a masterpiece on the first go. One such tip the blog suggests is to don’t go overboard on electronics and keep the DIY cost-effective.

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7.  14 FT Utility to Tiny Bass Boat

Do you own a utility boat? If yes, here’s the perfect tutorial for you if you want to transform your utility boat into a bass boat.

In this Youtube video by Dr. Bass, you’ll be able to witness the entire process of DIYing a bass boat using a 14 feet utility boat. All the supplies and tools and the links to purchase are mentioned in the description box for your ease.


8.  Building a Bass Boat

Building a Bass Boat

Shanon on Sealine has started a thread to share his experience of building a bass boat in order to help his fellow fishing enthusiasts.

What’s great is that he designed the bass boat himself and has shared multiple pictures documented throughout the process, along with brief descriptions. All the other users are raving about how great of a work Shannon did. Do check this forum out; we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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9.  How to Build a Homemade Bass Boat

If you’re tired of your old aluminum boat, why not transform it into a bass boat? Watch this video by MTK Outdoors, where Trevor converts his 16 feet aluminum boat into an amazing bass boat. The Youtuber shares the materials required at the beginning of the video.

Furthermore, don’t discount the comment section. Your queries are most probably answered, as Trevor has answered a few questions there!


10. JON BOAT to BASS BOAT Conversion!

Join the Youtuber from ADUB as he transforms his 12 feet Jon boat into his own brand new bass boat! The best part of this DIY is that it is a relatively affordable process. The Youtuber elaborates the entire process in detail. Unfortunately, the tools and supply list are not shared in this video.


11. How to Convert a Jon Boat to a Bass Boat

How to Convert a Jon Boat to a Bass Boat

Okay, so you’ve decided to convert your Jon boat into a bass boat. But are you sure that your Jon boat will be able to match the performance of a bass boat? Luckily, this blog by FLAT BOTTOM BOAT WORLD has all the information you need relating to Jon boat to bass boat conversion.

What’s more, each step is elaborated in detail and is accompanied by YouTube tutorials. Overall, it is a great written tutorial for beginners.

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12. How to build a mini Bass Boat

The attention to detail the Youtuber from Tiny Boat Nation demonstrates is rare to witness. Follow him if you want to build a mini bass boat from scratch.

As the Youtuber elaborates on every step in detail along with clear and well-documented visuals, this DIY is great for aspiring boat DIY enthusiasts. The comment section is full of applaud. Make sure you drop one too, in case you’re impressed with Tiny Boat Nation’s content.


13. Converting Aluminum Boat to Bass Boat

Converting Aluminum Boat to Bass Boat

Cliffyd, from Instructables, shares how he converted a $500 14 feet aluminum spring-craft with EZ loader trailer into a bass boat in this tutorial.

The post mentions all the dimensions and prices of the supplies used during the conversion process. What’s more, if you’re a DIY fanatic and would love more written tutorials like this, Instructables is the perfect place for you!

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14. Jon Boat to Tiny Boat | 1448 mini Bass Boat Conversion

Here’s another Jon boat to tiny bass boat conversion tutorial. This tutorial must definitely be one of the best DIY bass boat ideas available on YouTube. If you don’t know where to begin this project, we stay right here!

The Youtuber from Tiny Boat Nation elaborates the DIY process impressively, paying attention to nitty-gritty details. This characteristic alone makes this video one of the clearest DIY tutorials for beginners to follow along.


15. CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!! (How To Make)

CHEAP Jon Boat to Bass Boat HOMEMADE Build!!! (How To Make)

Follow this tutorial to DIY a bass boat using your old Jon Boat for under $1000! At the beginning of the video, you’ll find a YouTube tutorial on boat conversion followed by the script of the video. We hope the video tutorial will be a great help to you.

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16. Jon Boat to Bass Boat Build (Cheap DIY)

Texas Hollow Outdoors presents you with a fantastic Jon boat to bass boat conversion tutorial, which is affordable and easy to replicate. The Youtubers take you along the entire process and share with you details whenever needed.

Furthermore, the Youtuber mentions in the comment section that while this bass boat isn’t quite stable with two people on board, it does a great job when it’s just one person on the boat.


17. Converting A Jon Boat To A Bass Boat

Converting A Jon Boat To A Bass Boat

Instead of investing a fortune in buying a bass boat, DIYing a bass boat using a Jon boat is definitely affordable for shallow water fishing enthusiasts.

In this thread on WEST MARINE, user A_SALT_WEAPON_76 has asked for setup images from a homemade bass boat. Furthermore, many other users have shared plenty of tips, advice, and tutorials on this topic.

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18. I admit I Stole a Boat. DIY Jon Boat to Bass Boat Conversion

While this video is not a bass boat DIY video, the Youtuber from Take2fishing discusses a pretty interesting matter – how his Jon boat to bass boat conversion turned out for him.

He shares his experiences and also an overview of the procedure, along with some tips. Overall, it is definitely worth the watch!



It seems like a bass boat is just a few steps away if you already own a Jon boat. And the conversion is relatively cost-effective.

Which of these DIYs did you find most close to your budget and skill level? Let us know in the comments! And, from one angler to another – All the best for the project!

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