18 Homemade Aluminum Boat Plans You Can DIY Easily

For many boat enthusiasts, building their first DIY boat is a dream come true. It’s not only about the money you save avoiding the commercial route but also about the sheer joy you experience while boating on the craft you built.

So, are you looking forward to building your first DIY aluminum boat? If yes, here’s a list of 18 brilliant DIY aluminum boat tutorials, where the instructers share their idea, plans, and also the cost to build an aluminum boat. We hope it helps!

1.   16 ft Welded Aluminum Boat DIY

For those looking forward to a simple overview of an aluminum boat building process, here’s a DIY timelapse video by E M from start to finish. This project features 5052 Aluminum – ¼ inch transom, 3/16 inch hull bottom, 1/8 inch sides, deck, and console.


2.   Build an Aluminum Boat Successfully the First Time – 7 Tips

Build an Aluminum Boat Successfully the First Time – 7 Tips

Is this your first attempt to build an aluminum boat? This post by ADVENTURE MARINE on 7 pro tips to help you build a fantastic aluminum boat on one go is a must-read for beginners!

Especially if you’re just at the stage of contemplation and planning, this comprehensive guide will offer you some pretty solid advice. For instance, do you know what a pulse mig welder is? And, do you need one for this DIY? Check this blog out for answers!

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3.   11 ft Aluminum Boat Build

Here’s another boatbuilding tutorial timelapse by E M, where the Youtubers use 1/8 inch 5052 Aluminum hull welded using a mig welder. They built the 11 ft aluminum boat using 5052 Aluminum for plates and sheets and used 6061 for extrusions.

Though short, this video is quite informative. Do give it a quick watch!


4.   Welded Aluminum Boatbuilding

Welded Aluminum Boatbuilding

For DIY boatbuilding beginners, we’d say this blog post is a must-read! Were you aware of how DIYing a simple boat is significantly different from the way how boats are mass-produced?

You might want to read this post to find out the things you need to pay attention to during the project. Also, this post features sections where you can educate yourself on converting a design to aluminum. Overall, to all boatbuilding enthusiasts, it is definitely a fascinating read!

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5.   DIY a Jon Build – Part 1

This DIY aluminum 1448 Jon boast built by the Youtuber from Dooryard Fabrication features aluminum grade 5052 with a 0.09-inch thickness on the bottom and 0.062-inch thickness on the side.

To those interested, here’s Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and the final Part of this DIY project. This is the first boat-build of the Youtuber. And he did a pretty solid job. Don’t you think?


6.   Save Your Money on Your Next Aluminum Boat Build

Save Your Money on Your Next Aluminum Boat Build

It is an incontestable fact that DIYing an aluminum boat costs you much cheaper than buying a commercial boat. But how would you like it if we say you can DIY your boat for an even lesser price?

Check out this fantastic blog by NAIMOR to learn how you can cut costs and work efficiently on your next aluminium boat build.

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7.   14 ft Welded Aluminum Boat Build

E M seems to have plenty of interesting boatbuilding timelapse videos. Here’s another one featuring a 14 ft aluminum boat build. All the equipment and materials required along with their dimensions and aluminum grades are listed in the description box for your convenience.

The comment section is full of positive reviews and compliments. This video by E M is definitely worth the watch!


8.   25 ft Aluminum Boat Build – Part 1

Join the Youtuber from Coon Creek Outdoors where he DIYs a 25 ft aluminum boat from scratch. This project also features a double axle aluminum trailer. You’ll surely enjoy the build!

If you liked the Youtuber’s approach to this DIY and how he demonstrated the entire process in this first part of the DIY, make sure you check out all 17 tutorial videos on this DIY series. Here’s the playlist!


9.   Restore Your Aluminum Boat

Restore Your Aluminum Boat

For those planning on building an aluminum boat from scratch, this boat restoration tutorial by BennyOne on Instructables is probably not for you. He decided to restore his Dad’s riveted Valco  12 ft Jon boat with a 50-inch width, making it stable with even 3 people onboard.

The reconstruction process is pretty detailed. The blogger mentions that he replaced the rivets, flex-sealed the boat, and performed many surgeries on the boat. If you have a boat that is in severe need of some care, this post is great for you!

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10.  16 ft Aluminum Fishing Boat Using A Kit

If you aren’t confident enough in your handyman skills and boatbuilding knowledge to build an aluminum boat from scratch, here’s how you build an aluminum fishing boat using a kit.

In this video tutorial by MetalBoatKits.com, the Youtuber displays step-by-step images from the boat build and gives a brief idea of the step. The comment section of this video is quite informative. Don’t discount it; your queries are most probably already answered there!


11.  Forum on Microskiff – a 12ft Aluminum Boat Build

Forum on Microskiff – a 12ft Aluminum Boat Build

Fwbsupermoto shares on a MICROSKIFF forum how he transformed his old 12 ft Meyers Pro V into a brand new one. He built a removable deck, rebuilt the trailer, and painted the hull. The user has shared the images of the DIY as well as elaborated on the details of the process.

The information exchanged in this thread is invaluable for those seeking to renovate their old boat. Do check the thread out!

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12.  DIY Custom Aluminum Boat

This custom aluminum boat design by The Lateral Line is an engineering masterpiece! Although this is not a step-by-step tutorial video, it educates you on the design and provides you with a brief insight into boatbuilding. Definitely, worth the watch!

What’s more, The Lateral Line’s Youtube videos are perfect to binge on if you’re a fishing or boating enthusiast!


13.  How to Build A Removable Casting Deck for Your Aluminum Boat?

How to Build A Removable Casting Deck for Your Aluminum Boat

Building a casting deck definitely helps aid the functionality of your aluminum boat. Educate yourself on how to build a removable casting deck for your aluminum boat using this blog post by DIY BOAT BUILDING PLANS.

Find all the material required and step-by-step elaboration of the DIY process in this post. For boatbuilding enthusiasts, DIY BOAT BUILDING PLANS is undoubtedly a great resource!

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14.  Custom Aluminum Boat Build

This tutorial cum informational video by 1623 Studios is great for those willing to educate themselves on building their first custom aluminum boat.

From elaborating on the plan to mentioning what supplies and grades of aluminum are best for the DIY, the Youtubers cover them all. We must say – a must-watch for DIY boat beginners!


15.  DIY – How To Paint An Aluminum Boat

DIY – How To Paint An Aluminum Boat

If your old aluminum boat has suffered years of abuse from water and harsh weather, we guarantee it is in desperate need of painting.

But you aren’t sure of what measures to take beforehand and how to exactly paint your old boat? Well, BOAT CRUNCH has got your back! From how to choose your aluminum boat paint to the detailed step-by-step instructions, you’ll find all the information here.

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16.  Build Supercharged Mini Aluminum Jet Boats – Part 1

Cleetus McFarland and his fellow Youtubers instruct on building a mini jet boat in this tutorial video. This is just the initial part of the DIY, and if you’re invested in this DIY, here’s the second part of where they complete hand-building the boat.

In Part 3, they destroy new Jet skis for their supercharged ROTAX, and in the final part, they finish installing the supercharged ROTAX engines.


17.  Forum on Boatdesign.net – 20 ft Aluminum Boat Build

Forum on Boatdesign.net – 20 ft Aluminum Boat Build

Gnohk_Tad on Boatdesign.net requests advice and feedback on his 20 ft aluminum boat build. He mentions the use of the Glen-1 plan, and his build features ¼ inch aluminum for the hull. He is worried if the hull will be able to bend into the shape and is considering downsizing the thickness.

If this is one of the queries that has been roaming your mind, check out this thread to look at what other users have to say regarding the DIY.

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18.  Shallow Water Aluminum Boat Rebuild – Part 1

The Youtuber from Fabricobble HQ shares how he added rigidity to the frame, put a tunnel in the hull, and raised the transom of his old aluminum boat.

Here’s the second part of the DIY for those planning to renovate their aluminum boat accordingly. Make sure you read the comment section for bonus insights into the DIY. In the final part, the Yotuber test drives his aluminum boat.



Boatbuilding requires a lot of time, effort, and dedication. But trust us, if the project is done right, the effort you put into the project feels worth it!

We’ve provided you with multiple aluminum boat plans and tutorials in this post. Now, the ball is in your court!

If you ever DIY a boat by yourself or have already DIYed one, please share your experiences and build with us. We’re eager to know!

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