18 Homemade Boat Trailer Plans You Can DIY Easily

To watercraft enthusiasts, owning a boat trailer is non-negotiable. If you want to protect your invaluable crafts from harsh weather, you need to carry and store them in weather-protected facilities.

And the great news is that those handy with metalworking tools don’t find it difficult to DIY a boat trailer all by themselves. So, if you’re confident in your handyman skills, here are 18 DIY boat trailer ideas for you to replicate.

Let’s start with a tutorial from Cypher Outside when you can educate yourself on how to convert a trailer into a boat trailer!

1.   DIY Boat trailer

Do you own a trailer that you’d like to upgrade into a boat trailer? The Youtuber from Cypher Outside upgrades an inexpensive trailer he bought from the Facebook marketplace to a fabulous boat trailer. He walks his viewers through the entire process of DIY.

Cypher Outside further features plenty of other interesting DIYs and vlogs; do check the channel out!

2.   Material List For a Do-it-Yourself Pontoon Trailer


Figuring out DIYs can be stressful – what plan to follow, what materials to gather. Luckily, for those wanting to DIY a pontoon trailer, this blog post by GONE OUTDOORS has got you covered!

Learn all the supplies you need for each part of the trailer in this post and get a brief overview of the DIY process. We hope it helps!


Here’s a tutorial to build a 26 feet boat trailer with 96 inches of width. The Youtuber Sorin Chebac shares dimensions, and images were taken throughout the process in a slideshow format.

This is only the first part of the video, and it’s sad that the Youtuber hasn’t uploaded the second part of the DIY process yet.

4.   Build Small Boat Trailer


If you want to build a trailer for Dinghy, tinny, Parkercraft, or children’s yachts, this small boat trailer tutorial is perfect for you.

This trailer supports runabout of the length of around 10 ft to 13 ft and a width of 5 ft. For your ease, every step of the DIY process is explained in detail in this written tutorial by THE SHED.

5.   Boat Trailer Guides – Easy Cheap DIY Homemade Guides!

Are you planning to DIY boat trailer guides along with a boat trailer? If yes, the Youtuber from WAYNE THE BOAT GUY walks you through the entire DIY process of building boat trailer guides, along with the supply and tools he used for the process.

Everyone in the comment section is raving about how great the DIY is. Do check it out! What’s more, this channel features a wide range of boat-related DIYs for boat enthusiasts like you!

6.   How to Build Your Own Jon Boat Trailer


In 8 well-organized steps, the blogger from IT STILL RUNS, Pauline Gill, instructs you on how to build an amazing Jon boat trailer.

Considering how detailed this written tutorial is, it is great for beginners. For tips and warnings, make sure you check out the end of the blog post. Also, find the supplies you need for the DIY at the end.

7.   Boat trailer build and replace.

Is your old boat trailer wrecked? If yes, you might still be able to salvage some invaluable parts from it. In this video, Craig Campbell from MC Engineering inc. uses his rusty old trailer to DIY a brand new one.

He cuts mild steel tubes as per the plan and welds them together. The Youtuber surely does complete the DIY quickly and easily. Check it out!

8.   How to Build a DIY Camper Trailer – the Deck

Many have mentioned in the comment section how this DIY trailer built by DIY ADVENTURE isn’t capable of handling the weight of a heavy camper. This trailer features only one axle, and many have pointed out how the design needs another axle for this trailer to work.

In this first part, the Youtuber covers how to build the deck. Unfortunately, no other videos on this DIY series haven’t been uploaded yet. You can definitely look for inspiration in this tutorial or find creative ways to upgrade the Youtuber’s DIY. Let us know what you think of it!

9.   Drift Boat Trailer Build


According to Jaredsund from Instructables, you can easily DIY a drift boat trailer for around $500-$700. In this written tutorial, he elaborates on how he DIYed one for his aluminum drift boat. The finished product looks fantastic – sleek and professionally built.

On the downside, this tutorial might require you to be quite handy with CAD for you to be able to manipulate the design as per your requirement. Therefore, consider asking tech-savvy helping hands for help if you aren’t confident in your skills.

10.  Building a boat trailer

The Youtuber from Don’s Life Adventure builds a boat trailer for his 23 ft fibreglass boat. This DIY boat uses steel and features a fully welded joint. Here are the second and third parts of this fantastic DIY series. Make sure you check them out!

The comment section is full of positive reviews and applause. And, if you’re equally impressed by the content, make sure you drop some kind words in the comments as well. It fuels the creator!

11.  Do-it-Yourself: Upgrading Your Boat’s Trailer


Now, if your boat trailer needs just a little updating for the next summer, Chuck Hawley from West Marine has offered you some tips in this post.

From updating your jack winch to trailer guides to trailer lights, this post has all the information you’ll need for the upgrade. Also, find all the tools and supplies required at the beginning of the blog. Overall, this post is definitely an informational read!

12. Which aluminum boat trailer is best? Welded VS bolt together

Welded or bolt together – which aluminum boat trailer is the best? If you’ve found yourself wondering this, well, the answer is right here on Barrowed Time’s Youtube video. Watch the video to find out the pros and cons of these trailers and see which one of these two the Youtuber picked.

13.  DIY Jon boat trailer build, With Boat Bunks!

In this Youtube tutorial by Fishing The Odds, the Youtuber rebuilds a trailer for his Jon boat. He further adds carpeted bunks and metal structures to the trailer frame. He truly transforms his old trailer from wrecked to fab!

If you’re a boating and fishing enthusiast, you’ll definitely enjoy more content from Fishing The Odds. It features a range of interesting DIYs and fishing vlogs.

14.  Boat Trailer Plans


To be precise, this is not a boat trailer tutorial. Nevertheless, you’ll find plenty of fantastic boat trailer DIY plans and their respective prices on this site.

What’s more, you can find all the homemade trailer pictures and specifications in the post such that you can make the best decision for yourself.

15.  Revenge- DIY Boat Trailer Build

Matty from Revenge takes inspiration and design ideas from his old trailer and builds a new, stronger, and nicer trailer to fit his new hull. No kit, all from scratch – how great is that?

The Youtuber displays a sequence of documented images throughout the DIY and gives an overview of the process and some tips and suggestions regarding it for those seeking to achieve the same fantastic result.

16.  How to Make a Boat Trailer Guide Post?


If you’re looking forward to building a boat trailer on your own, this boat trailer guide post DIY by Ride The Ducks of Seattle will definitely interest you.

Every step of the DIY process is detailed in this post in an organized manner. If you’ve never built a boat trailer guide post before, this post is definitely a must-read.

17.  Mangrove Jack Folding Boat Trailer

This Youtube video is for those who have by now given up on DIYing a boat trailer. No judgements here – the hassle, especially to beginners, is real!

Here’s a review on Mangrove Jack folding boat trailer by the Youtuber from Western Australia Now and Then. He claims it to be the best folding trailer he has ever owned.

18.  How to convert Harbor Freight trailer to boat trailer

Did you know you could easily transform your Harbor Freight trailer into a boat trailer? Don’t know how to?

Luckily, the Youtuber from Boat Motors walks you through the entire process! The comment section looks more like a Q and A section. Therefore, don’t sleep on useful information exchanged there!


We hope you were able to find out a suitable trailer tutorial for you. Do you have experience in working on projects like these before? Or, maybe some information to share with us? We’re all ears!

Also, a quick reminder – if you aren’t familiar with metal fabrication tools or aren’t confident in your skills, we’d recommend you take help from someone experienced.

If you replicate any of these ideas, share your successes and failures in the comment section with us. We’re excited!

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