17 Homemade Fishing Rod Holder For Boat Plans

If you’ve found yourself constantly complaining about how your fishing rods are kept unorganized – sometimes leaning at a wall and at times on the boat floor completely unattended, we hear you!

It is a sign that you’re in desperate need of a rod holder or a rod rack if you have many fishing rods.

To your rescue, here are 17 DIY fishing rod holders for a boat! And luckily, most of them are very affordable and quick to DIY. Let’s get started, shall we?

1.  How To Make A Float Tube Fishing Rod Holder // Easy PVC DIY

Road and Reel demonstrate to you how you can build a fishing rod holder using PVC pipe fittings readily found at any local hardware store. You can follow this DIY to make a fishing rod holder for any type of flatboat.

The Youtuber mentions all the pipe dimensions and easy-to-follow steps in this video. If you’re looking for a cheap, lightweight, and easy fishing rod holder DIY, trust us, this DIY is the one for you!


2.  How To: Build A Fishing Rod Rack On A Boat

How To: Build A Fishing Rod Rack On A Boat

Now, if you are interested in building not only a fishing rod holder but also a fishing rod rack for your boat, we’ve got you covered! Warren Steptoe from tradeaboat has thoroughly explained why you need a rod rack and how you can build one in this blog.

The good thing about this DIY is it doesn’t cost you a lot and is easily buildable even with beginner’s skills. Find every step of the DIY detailly explained in this blog!

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3.  DIY Rod Holder for Baitcasting Reels: Kayak / Boat / Bank Fishing 🎣

This video from Wendell Fishing teaches you to make DIY fishing rod holders using inch and a half PVC pipes, a bottle, and a few tools.

What’s more, he brilliantly utilizes a kayak crate for this purpose. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, as this Youtuber has the perfect video to DIY a kayak crate with rod holders.


4.  Homemade Fishing Rod Holders for Boats

Homemade Fishing Rod Holders for Boats

Outdoor Boat’s blog on DIY fishing rod holders not only guides you towards making excellent homemade rod holders but also has plenty of information on rod holder functionality, designs, and types.

Read on the blog to find out the supplies you need and the steps to follow in order to build simple and quick fishing rod holders.

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5.  Vertical Fishing Rod Rack For Catfish Boats: DIY, Simple, Portable

The Youtuber from Catfish Edge mentions how he uses vertical rod holders using Aluminum stock to keep his fishing rods and reels readily accessible and in good condition in his SeaArk ProCat 240.

While the Youtuber doesn’t demonstrate the step-by-step how-to, he does advise his viewers to build the frame high enough such that you can easily rotate the rod rack. In case you’re interested, find more details regarding this DIY on Catfishedge blogs.


6.  Rod Holders 101: A Guide Every Novice Angler Needs To Read

Rod Holders 101: A Guide Every Novice Angler Needs To Read

Are you aware of what type of fishing rod holder is apt for your boat? The metal and the design for your rod holder should be selected with much consideration depending upon your boat, the type of water you fish in, and your personal preferences.

Fortunately, this blog by SMALL BOATER has all the information you need if you’re new to fishing. Further down the post, find all the information on an easy-to-follow DIY PVC fishing rod holder tutorial.

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7.  How to make a DIY Fishing rod holder| CRAZY DIY Fishing Episode | EP. 4

CRAZY DIY’s Youtube tutorial on building a DIY fishing rod holder uses PVC pipes, some woodworking tools, and small wooden boards to create a rack that fits three rod holders. On the downside, the measurements are not clearly mentioned in this video.

When it comes to the rod rack, the good thing is that once you get the core idea of this DIY, you can easily size up or down the wooden rack as per your preference.


8.  DIY Boat Fishing Rod Holder

DIY Boat Fishing Rod Holder

The blogger from Insourcelife DIYed a boat fishing rod holder for under $7! How great is that? If a single rod holder is enough for you, and you aren’t interested in building a whole rod rack, this video is perfect for you.

All you need is a PVC pipe, PVC cap socket, hex bolts, nuts, adhesive, and a few tools. Find all the measurements and step-wise illustrations on this post.

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If you own a Bass or Deep V boat, this rod holder tutorial is perfect for you. And you don’t have to drill on your boat either!

The Youtuber stacked two store-bought rod holders on top of each other on his boat pedestal to accommodate his rod length. In total, this setup holds in 7 fishing rods. If you’re interested in this DIY, find the link to the rod holders in the video’s description box.




Gather your supplies, namely, a PVC pipe, two plywoods, plywood screws, hacksaw, power drill, and a screw gun, and get ready to DIY one of the simplest fishing rod holders with Debbie Hanson from TAKEMEFISHING.org.

Just 6 easy-to-follow steps, and your garage fishing rod holder is ready! Find all the measurements and instructions on the blog.

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If your boat is too precious to you and you want to avoid drilling at any cost, here’s another no-drill DIY fishing rod holder tutorial for you!

In this Youtube video, Adam Ryan shows you how he builds a no-drill rod holder for his fiberglass boat. He elaborates on all the dimensions and the steps in the video. So, go check the video out!


12. How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder? [Guide and Ideas]

How to Make a Fishing Rod Holder? [Guide and Ideas]

Now, if you’re a beginner in fishing, this blog post by Slo-fishing.si is highly recommended. From the types of fishing rod holders to the materials you need to 7 different fishing rod holder DIYs, this post has got it all covered!

If you’re planning on building a ceiling mount fishing rod holder, this post is for you, and if you want to DIY a carp fishing rod holder,

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13. How to Install Monster Rod Holders on an Aluminum Jon Boat Gunwale – EASY WAY!

By now, if you have decided that DIYing a rod holder is not for you, this tutorial is just for you! In this Youtube video by The Weekend Angler, the Youtuber installs a monster rod holder on his 14-foot long Aluminum Jon Boat.

You can purchase the products from the links mentioned in the description box and follow the video tutorial to obtain similar results as shown in the video.


14. DIY Rod Storage Part 2 – Built-in Rod Rack for Boats

DIY Rod Storage Part 2 – Built-in Rod Rack for Boats

If you plan on building a built-in rod rack for your boat, look no further! In Depth Angler has got you covered! You’ll need skin fittings, PVC pipe, manufactured board, countersunk screws, bungee cord, and a few readily available tools for this project.

For all the designs, plans, and step-by-step instructions to build the rock rack, make sure you follow this blog by In Depth Angler

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15. DIY Catfish Rod Holder for Bass Tracker – Mount only when needed!

Do you want to DIY a catfish rod holder? If yes, Boone Down South has the perfect tutorial for you! The Youtuber DIYed a catfish rod holder for his Bass Tracker in this video.

What’s more, the best part of this DIY is that the setup is completely portable, and you can easily mount and unmount the holder on or off your boat as per your need. How great is that?


16. The Best Fishing Rod Storage Rack You Can’t Buy

The Best Fishing Rod Storage Rack You Can’t Buy

If you’re a fishing fanatic, you probably have plenty of rods lying on your boat or around your house. If you’d like to organize your rods, this rod storage rack DIY blog is a must-read for you!

If you’d ask us one specialty about this project, we’d definitely point out the fact that it can be adjusted to any location you’d like to mount it on. Read the blog thoroughly to get a deeper insight into what adjustments you need to DIY a rod rack perfect for your location.

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17. How to flange a PVC surf rod holder + Plus bonus surf fishing! Easy DIY 5 min project

This video is not an in-depth tutorial on making a boat rod holder. Nevertheless, if you want to DIY a surf rod holder, the Youtuber teaches you how to perfectly flange a PVC pipe to transform it into a handy holder.



From a simple PVC rod holder to a rod rack that can hold multiple rods at once, we’ve provided you with all fantastic DIY ideas.

Now, the ball is in your court. Gather your supplies and DIY an amazing rod holder to mitigate your fishing rod organization issues once and for all. We wish you all the very best!

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