18 Homemade Boat Anchor Plans You Can DIY Easily

Losing an anchor is not surprising news in the field of boating, is it? In fact, for this reason alone, many recommend going on a voyage with two anchors on the boat.

Unfortunately, anchors can be pretty expensive. So, why not DIY your own homemade boat anchor?

Whatever your handyman expertise is, we’ve got your back! From a simple concrete mix anchor idea to weld or no-weld metal anchor DIYs, here are 18 fantastic DIY boat anchor ideas!

1.  Small Craft DIY Clamp Anchor – Quick Release

This quick-release homemade anchor for kayak or a small boat tutorial by Aksmaniyak is perfect for those of you who own a lighter craft!

All the parts you’ll need for the project are listed in the description box. You can clamp and release this DIY clamp anchor to and from a branch or any heavy structure with ease. A brilliant idea indeed!


2.  6 Steps to DIY a Boat Anchor

6 Steps to DIY a Boat Anchor

DIY a brilliant boat anchor for your craft for around $10-20. This tutorial is beginner-friendly and can be completed in a few hours.

Once you have your supplies ready – a coffee can, eye bolt, chain, cement mix, rope, and some bolts and screw snap, follow the 6 easy steps in this blog by Doityourself to make this cost-effective DIY anchor.

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3.  DIY Boat Anchor – No Welding Necessary!

This no-weld homemade anchor by Fishin N Stuff is truly ingenious! The supplies you need for this project are – a thick-walled pipe, flat stock, eyebolts, a thickness gauge, coupling nuts, washers, and J-B Weld. Check out the full video for the dimensions and instructions.

The comment section is full of appreciation and applaud. Let us know what your thoughts on this brilliant DIY are!


4.  Make a DIY Boat Anchor Using Concrete Mix and a Bucket

Make a DIY Boat Anchor Using Concrete Mix and a Bucket

While the blogger from Sky Above Us does recommend his readers to own a commercial anchor for the primary anchor of the boat, he encourages everyone to DIY a secondary boat anchor on their own for under $11.

All the supplies and tools you’ll need for this DIY are listed at the beginning of the tutorial. This DIY project is not only fun and functional but also quick to complete.

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5.  Cost-effective Concrete Boat Anchor

All you need is a carabiner, an eyebolt, nylon rope, concrete bix, water, and a 5-gallon bucket for this DIY. The DIY is extremely simple, and the Youtuber from Samsworthwatching elaborates the entire process in detail.

The Youtuber claims that one can make two of these brilliant anchors for under $30! How great is that?


6.  Emergency Boat Anchor Using a Basketball Net

Emergency Boat Anchor Using a Basketball Net

Better to be prepared now than to be sorry, isn’t it? If you ever lose your boat anchor, you’ll be thankful that you decided to give this emergency boat anchor DIY tutorial a watch. What’s more, this DIY is quick and costs you only a few dollars.

Find out how to DIY a basketball net boat anchor in the tutorial video embedded in this post by Gink and Gasoline.

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7.  Homemade Reef Anchor Build

The Youtuber from Designed 2 Build claims that his DIY reef anchor does not damage coral reef like the commercial ones does and, therefore, suggests every boat owner who wishes to anchor on the reef to build his DIY reef anchor.

What’s more, you don’t have to cut your anchor line when it gets stuck, as the Youtuber mentions that you can pull this homemade anchor free with enough strength. So, if you are into metalwork, this tutorial is for you.


8.  How To DIY a Boat Anchor – Q&A

How To DIY a Boat Anchor – Q&AHow do you size a boat anchor? Can a cinder block serve the purpose of a boat anchor? Well, this post on SeniorCare2Share has all the answers relating to a DIY boat anchor.

If this is your first attempt at building a homemade boat anchor, this post is definitely worth the read!

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9.  Build A Metal Boat Anchor For A Raft or A Small Boat

The Youtuber from Matsuba Industries DIYs a chene anchor using steel bars. The Youtuber takes you along the process and provides you with all the dimensions you’ll need.

He further explains how this homemade anchor works using an illustration video and tests how the anchor performed at the end. As one of the comments suggests – remember to keep a length of chain on the ground to help the anchor bury faster in case you replicate this boat anchor design.


10. DIY Concrete Mix Boat Anchor – 5 Simple Steps

DIY Concrete Mix Boat Anchor – 5 Simple Steps

For some boats, heavy stones or iron pieces do mimick an anchor quite efficiently. Unfortunately, these items were too sharp to use on the user Korvinst’s inflatable boat. Therefore, he decided to DIY a cost-effective boat anchor for himself, and here’s how he did it!

He poured the concrete mix into a plastic tube and let a bent iron bar set in the concrete for a week. Give this written tutorial a good read to replicate the project. And, do not discount the ‘How to use’ this DIY anchor section at the end.

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11. DIY Homemade Anchors For Under $10!

Reel Therapy Fishing has come up with a brilliant no-weld boat anchor DIY idea using a scaffold and threaded rods.

They elaborate on all the supplies and tools you need for the homemade anchor, along with their prices, at the beginning of the video. The Youtubers demonstrate the process in great detail and further spoil their viewers with a bonus welded boat anchor DIY tutorial at the end.


12. DIY Sandbar Anchor Using PVC pipes

DIY Sandbar Anchor Using PVC pipes

If you’re looking to DIY a sandbar anchor, this cost-effective and brilliant DIY idea by NIC is definitely one of the best ones. All you need is two large pieces of half an inch PVC pipe, a rope, and a few tools.

The overall cost of the DIY is around $42, and the Youtubers claim to have used this anchor on multiple occasions. Do give this tutorial a try!

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13. Inexpensive DIY River Anchor Tutorial

Looking forward to DIYing a solid river anchor? If yes, we’ve got just the video for you! However, this project requires metalworking tools, including a welding machine, and not to mention at least basic metalworking skills.

The Youtuber is great at instructing the project. What’s more, Fishin N Stuff has plenty of boating and fishing DIYs and vlogs. You’ll thoroughly enjoy them!


14. Homemade Raft Anchor Ideas

Homemade Raft Anchor Ideas

Now, if you want great alternatives to a commercial anchor, this thread on Washington fly fishing is full of brilliant homemade anchor ideas.

The user Harryw has asked his fellow users about DIY anchor recipes for his raft. One user has suggested a coffee can filled with concrete mix idea, while the other has suggested using a 25 lb dumbbell for the purpose. An informational thread, we must say!

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15. Homemade Boat Anchor Using Empty Paint Can And Concrete Mix

Affordable, easy, and functional – what else would you want from a homemade boat anchor? This paint can anchor DIYed by the Youtuber from Adventure Outdoorz weighs around 21 lbs. You’ll find all the materials and tools you need for this project displayed at the beginning of the project.

Simple, easy, and a great homemade anchor for a small light watercraft! What do you think?


16. How To DIY A Boat Mooring?

How To DIY A Boat Mooring

Now, instead of an anchor, if you believe building a permanent boat mooring will be a better option for you, here’s a perfect homemade boot mooring written tutorial by GONE OUTDOORS.

All the supplies you’ll need for this project are mentioned at the beginning of the post, followed by 5-step instructions on the DIY process. This DIY features concrete blocks as the weight and a Norwegian buoy.

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17. DIY Cement Anchor – Does It Work?

DIY Cement Anchor – Does It Work

If you’re planning to make a homemade cement anchor for your boat, we definitely recommend you read this thread on iBOATS beforehand. This thread provides you with information on what situations a coffee can cement anchors work and when it doesn’t.

Many claim that it works for lighter crafts in a small lake but is worthless for bigger boats and larger water bodies. Give this thread a good read for more insights.

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18. Cost-effective and Simple Homemade Boat Anchor For Under $20

Here’s what you’ll need for this DIY boat anchor –rebar, PVC pipe, PVC cap, concrete mix, and chain. This DIY anchor idea is affordable, trustworthy, and isn’t too difficult to replicate.

Luckily, the Youtuber from Muddyrivercatfishing thoughtfully elaborates on every nitty-gritty detail of the project for the sake of his viewers. People are raving about the build in the comment section, and rightfully so!



Be it DIYing the main anchor for your small craft or as a fun project to DIY a secondary anchor for your vessel; we hope you succeed!

From river anchors to raft anchors to the most straightforward concrete mix anchors, which of these 18 DIYs do you think would be functional yet easy to replicate? Let us know in the comments!

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