16 Homemade Plywood Boats Plans You Can DIY Easily

DIYing a plywood boat is not just about saving money. It’s about utilizing your craft to create something meaningful that you’ll utilize with pride and joy and savor the memories even if the product is no longer with you.

If you’ve found your new passion in boating and fishing, you’ll definitely want to DIY at least one boat for yourself. And what better than DIYing a plywood boat?

It’s simple, cost-effective, and with these fantastic 16 DIY plywood boat ideas and tutorials, they are absolutely easy to follow along! Let’s begin!

1.  Building Plywood Boat Ep1

Jerry from World boat skiff shows you how you can build a functional boat using plywoods in this tutorial video series.

Brace yourselves, as there are a total of 26 episodes followed by a test drive of the boat on the water. You definitely want to go through all of these videos before you begin working on your boat-building project. Here are Jerry’s boat plans in case you’re interested in this DIY.


2.  How to Build a Plywood Boat? – A DIY Tutorial From Experts

How to Build a Plywood Boat? – A DIY Tutorial From Experts

If this is your first time planning on building a plywood boat, it is imperative you know the ABCs of plywood boat-building beforehand.

Luckily, Ride the Ducks of Seattle has got you covered! In this blog boat, you’ll find all the information on how to choose the best plywood material, parts of a plywood boat, and the plywood boat construction guidelines in detail.

On the downside, if you’d prefer a plan for the project, sadly, it is not available in this blog.

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3.  One Sheet Plywood Boat – GardenFork

Build a plywood boat from one sheet of plywood! In this tutorial by Gardenfork, you’ll be guided to make a one-sheet plywood boat meant for a swimming pool or a pond. Therefore, in order to stay safe, avoid using this boat in open and large water bodies.

In case you’re interested in this project, links to the plans are mentioned in the description box. Also, if you have more plywoods, you can definitely opt to make the boat a bit longer than in the plan.


4.  How to Build a Plywood Boat in Easy and Simple Steps

How to Build a Plywood Boat in Easy and Simple Steps

This blog by BOATING BASICS ONLINE not only gives you detailed insights on how to build a plywood boat but also provides you with some extra tips that would transform your DIY boat result from good to great.

Especially if you’re a beginner in boat-building DIYs, this blog post would definitely be of great help to you. Plans and dimensions, however, are not attached to this blog post, and you’ll have to research them once you finalize the type of plywood boat you want to build.

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5.  Building a Lapstrake Plywood Boat

While this boat design is still one of the simplest, it can be a bit overwhelming relative to one-sheet plywood boats, especially if you’re a wood-working noob.

Also, the only information you’ll find on this Youtube tutorial is a slide show of step-by-step illustrations of the DIY, meaning no plans or dimensions are shared in the tutorial.

Moreover, if you’re wondering about the cost, the Youtuber mentions that this project cost him around £400.


6.  How to Build a Plywood Boat

How to Build a Plywood Boat

Wikihow suggests that if you are serious about building a plywood boat, you should definitely invest in good quality paid plans available on the internet, as freebies are mostly full of outdated information. Rely mostly on plans distributed by esteemed boat designers.

This blog further focuses on the importance of using marine-grade supplies. These are just a few tips. Read this entire post by Wikihow to get all the information you need on how to build a plywood boat.

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7.  How I made a one sheet plywood boat

Are you a wood-working beginner? No worries! Here’s another easy-to-follow DIY one-sheet plywood boat tutorial. This fun DIY boat would be a great weekend project for you. What’s more, if you have kids, they’re going to love to row it in the swimming pool.

The Youtuber completed this project for under $30 and within just a couple of hours. All you need is plywood, silicone, screws, and a few wood-working tools, and your fun little boat is ready!


8.  One Sheet Plywood Boat

One Sheet Plywood Boat

Once again, here’s a great step-by-step tutorial by Instructables on building a one-sheet plywood boat. All the supplies and dimensions are mentioned in the blog.

An important reminder – don’t forget to read the ‘Improvements’ section written at the end of the post. Incorporate as many tips as you think are feasible from this section to build an even better boat than the instructor himself!

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9.  Building a Plywood Boat – Part 1

In this Youtube tutorial by Building Plywood Boats, you’ll be able to witness the documented pictures taken along the way when the Youtuber built a 12” v-bottom skiff designed by Jeff Spira. The plan features 9.9 hp, which allows the boat to sit on the plane effortlessly.

If you believe that you can replicate this DIY, here’s Part-2 of this video series. To those interested, the plans are readily available at the website mentioned in the description section.


10. How to Build a Plywood Boat?

How to Build a Plywood Boat

Do you know what the best plywood material for boat construction is? Are you aware of the elements of a wooden boat?

Do you know from what things one must consider before starting on a boat-building project? If your answers to these questions are ‘No’, this blog is a must-read for you! Only when you grasp these basics will you be able to build a stunning and efficient plywood boat.

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11. Building a Plywood Boat – Start to Finish

If you’re interested in building a plywood sailing dinghy, this is just the tutorial for you! The Youtuber from HANDIY documents how he constructed an 11-foot sailing dinghy in this video from start to finish.

The video might be relatively long. But trust us, it is truly insightful! As per the description provided by the Youtuber, the total cost of the project is around $800, and the total DIY time is two months. Find all the supplies, dimensions, and tools you need in the video.


12. How to build a plywood kit boat !! Step # 1 “The Building Form”

Do you want to build a Zip kit? The Youtuber from ZIP KIT will tell you exactly how you can build one in this tutorial. In this first part, the Youtuber assembles the fixture. You can readily find the rest of the project videos on his Youtube channel.

This DIY uses ready to assemble Glen L. boat kit, which is designed on the basis of ‘The Zip’, Glen L. Witt’s 1954 classic runabout hull design. If interested, the Youtuber has left the link to order the kit in the comment section.

13. Malahini a Plywood Boat being built by Andrew in Tasmania.

Malahini a Plywood Boat being built by Andrew in Tasmania

Here’s a brief tutorial on building a 15 and ½ feet long Malahini-designed plywood boat with a 6 and ½ feet beam. If you’re a boat-building noob, this is probably not the perfect tutorial for you, as the blogger describes the process vaguely using pictures.

However, if you’re confident enough to grasp the concept, it is definitely a useful plywood boat tutorial.

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14. Building a Plywood Boat

Here’s another plywood boat tutorial from HANDIY. The boat constructed in this tutorial is designed by Wave-Dancer Yachts. You can find all the supplies and their affiliate links listed in the description box.

In this first part of the boat-building series, the Youtuber builds the hull. If you found yourself deeply interested in this project, here’s the video with all the steps.


15. The Stitch and Glue Boat-building Method is an easy way for a Beginner to Make a Plywood Boat

The Stitch and Glue Boat-building Method is an easy way for a Beginner to Make a Plywood Boat

For boat-building beginners, the stitch and glue method of construction is probably one of the easiest. In this blog by Christine de Merchant, you’ll find the links to plans, supplies, and any other information you might need throughout the DIY.

Read this entire blog post to build a fabulous Dinghy for you. All the steps of the project seem to be clearly elaborated on this site.

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16. How To Build a DIY Plywood Boat // Part 1

This DIY plywood boat tutorial by Timmy Turtle is truly amazing! If you don’t trust our words, feel free to scan the comment section on how amazing reviews this tutorial has received.

One of the best parts of this tutorial is that all the supplies, dimensions, and tools are listed in the description box. Did you like what Timmy has done in this project? If yes, here are Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 of this tutorial.



When it comes to building a boat, having an updated and clear plan in hand is essential. Also, remember that you can always scale up and down the plan as per your desire.

From beginner-friendly to complex, this list is full of brilliant ideas. Let us know which idea did you like the most among these 16 in the comment section!

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