16 Homemade Boat Swim Platform You Can DIY Easily

If you’d ask us, a swim platform is a must for a boat! Just think about the good times you’ll have while dangling your feet in the mild water during the summer.

The good news is that building a platform is not a difficult DIY project, especially if you’re experienced in woodworking or metalworking.

Do you have the budget to invest in a platform kit? If yes, good for you! We’ve listed a few DIY platform installation tutorials for your ease. And, if you plan to build everything from scratch, we’ve got you covered as well! Here are 16 DIY boat swim platform ideas!

1.  Step Up to a Swim Platform


If you’re looking forward to building your boat swim platform from scratch, this written tutorial is probably not for you. In this tutorial, the blogger from Boating World installs a matching swim platform kit purchased from SwimPlatforms.com for this DIY.

The total cost for this DIY, as mentioned in the post, is $1732, of which a platform with a black trim costs around $1145. The DIY process is broken down into 9 elaborate steps, which are accompanied by demonstrative images.

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2.  DIY Bowrider boat swim platform. Chaparral 180se.

In this tutorial, the Youtuber from Sawing With Sandy demonstrates how he used his woodworking skill to build a swim platform for his bowrider boat, Chaparral 180se.

He explains every nitty-gritty detail that has gone into the project, including the supplies and where he purchased them from. Many users are raving about how this DIY saved them hundreds of dollars. Give this tutorial a watch; you might be the next one to praise Sandy for his creative idea!

3.  Diy fiberglass swim platform.


Wake World’s forums are full of creative individuals. For instance, just take a look at this forum where the user shares in detail about how he DIYed a fiberglass swim platform on his own.

Many other users have complemented this build, and a few have given positive criticisms on how the build could be better. You sure will benefit from these reviews.

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4.  How to build a boat SWIM PLATAFORM and ladder from PVC.

Here’s a tutorial video on how to build a small boat platform from scratch! The Youtuber from GP DIY uses his old platform as a template and traces it to a PVC board. He then cuts the board precisely to build a brand new swim platform for his boat.

Likewise, if you want to replicate your old swim platform, you can definitely follow this tutorial. However, if you want a bigger platform, you might want to invest in an expensive platform kit or look for a complex tutorial than this.

5.  How To Add A Swim Platform And Ladder To Your Boat


How about a swim platform and a ladder combo? You sure would love it, wouldn’t you? This blog post by Boatus will instruct you on installing a fabulous platform.

They further help you with selecting the appropriate swim platform for you. The project takes around 1-2 hours to complete and will cost you around $200, excluding the price of the platform kit.

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6.  DIY Fiberglass Extended Swim Platform

In this tutorial video by Ted, you’ll get to see how the Youtuber custom-built an extended swim platform for his Formula 330 SS.

The design and the measurement of the swim platform are displayed at the beginning of the video, followed by an illustrative and demonstrative slideshow of the DIY process.

Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner, simply looking at the pictures and 1-2 lined descriptions might not be enough for you to follow along with the project.


Why spend hundreds of dollars on a swim platform kit when you can DIY them from complete scratch and for a much lesser cost! In this Youtube video by Sailing Lady Africa, the Youtuber Ricky brilliantly builds a swim platform for a Yacht.

While no supply list, dimensions, or plans are shared, we’d still recommend you to watch this video. The comment section is filled with rave reviews. Who knows, you might pick up multiple tips and tricks for the DIY along the way!

8.  Custom Extended Swim Platform


Tpenfield from Boat Design shares in this forum his idea and design on building an extended swim platform for his Formula 330 such that the boarding ladders are beyond the outdrives.

He has shared all his illustrations, procedure, and updates in this forum and has asked for any further advice. A few other users have given him quite a few suggestions in the thread. This forum will surely come in handy if you decide to build your platform from scratch.

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9.  Easy and Practical DIY Boat Swim Platform – is it a Luxury? (Tampa Bay) (Sailing Satori) S1:E2

If you own a sailboat, Nick from Sailing Satori has a perfect DIY boat swim platform and ladder for you! While this video is more of an entertainment-filled vlog, the Youtuber does take you through the process of DIYing a swim platform.

If you feel like this is a DIY you could replicate, here’s Part 1 of the video, where you’ll be shown the templates and the final products of the platform, which the Youtuber later installs in Part 2.

10. Building a swim platform- teak vs fiberglass weight/strength


In this thread on DOWNEAST BOAT FORUM, the user Toolate plans to build a new 36 inches swim platform for his boat. He has asked other users for advice regarding the fiberglass layup schedule, the amount of glass/resin, and the total weight of the swim platform.

If these are some of your queries, you’ll probably find answers in this forum. What’s more, the suggestions exchanged in this forum are precious.

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If you own a sailboat in desperate need of a swim platform upgrade, this video by NELSON PERRON is just what you need! This tutorial consists of a slideshow of the step-by-step documentation of the DIY process.

While the video isn’t complete, you can definitely benefit from this Part 1. Also, unfortunately, no plans, supply list, or measurements are shared with the viewers.

12. Teak Swim Platform Kit


Follow this written tutorial by Island teak in order to build a 1-5/8” thick x 19” wide x 96” long swim platform using solid teak components. The teak components you’ll need for this project are listed, and other supplies you might need are also mentioned in the post.

Although the tutorial blog doesn’t feature step-by-step images and illustrations, the assembly instructions are pretty clear.

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13. Swim Platform Installation | DIY Swim Platform Repair Pt. 6

This video by Cruising Chris Craft is the final part of the swim platform repair series of their forty-year-old boat. They remove the old platform, sand it, penetrate epoxy, varnish, and finally re-install the platform.

While this is not a tutorial for building a swim platform from scratch, you will surely be able to learn plenty of information from this tutorial series. In case you’re interested, here is the playlist of this DIY swim platform repair series.

14. How to Make the Most of Your Swim Platform


Are you uncertain about what material to use to DIY your swim platform? If yes, this post by POWER & MOTORYACHT might help you make a clear decision.

This guide talks about several material options available for swim platforms, their advantages, disadvantages, prices, and popular commercial options available. In a nutshell, if you’re a beginner in DIYing a swim platform, this post is a must-read!

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15. Massive swim platform upgrade, from rotten to aluminum | My Boat – but not really a DIY

Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner or do not own professional metalworking tools, this video tutorial by PowerBoat Television is not for you. The Youtuber in this video upgrades his platform from rotten wood to a fantastic aluminum platform.

There are no in-detail plans, supplies and dimensions lists, or step-by-step procedure details shared by the Youtuber in this video. He simply briefly describe the process, from the build to the installation, and that’s it.

16. DIY swim platform installation – by swimplatformULTRA

This Youtube video by Transform Plus Inc. guides you through the process of installing a swim platform by ULTRA. The entire procedure is demonstrated in detail. What’s more, important tips and reminders are also displayed at steps necessary.

The only downside is that this isn’t a scratch build, and if you aren’t willing to invest in a commercial swim platform kit, this tutorial is not for you.


A good-quality swim platform can cost you hundreds of dollars. If you have the skill and tools, we’d highly recommend you to save money by DIYing one for your own.

Moreover, if you design and plan the platform on your own, feel free to share your ideas and the dos and don’ts of the project with us. Your fellow DIY boat enthusiasts will applaud you for your creativity and thoughtfulness.

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