10 Best Yacht Manufacturers In USA

Since the 1900s, did you know that the USA joined the list of the nations with the best yacht makers? So, which firms in the USA make quality yachts?

Well, the answers are right here. We’ll talk about the 10 American yacht builders.

In the USA, there’s no rich history of boat making. Though, today, there are builders that make quality yachts.

Starting from the Trinity and down Burger in Wisconsin, you’ll love what these firms do. They are in various states in the USA.

The yachts are in different models and prices. So, get ready as we look at these great USA companies.

Best American Yacht Builders

1. Lyman-Morse


The Lyman-Morse company makes yachts using different hull materials. They build custom and semi-custom boats.

It has been operating since 1978. This firm makes boats with beautiful designs and great technology.

Cabot Lyman and his family own this firm. You’ll get them in Midcoast, Maine, USA. Expect to get boats with wood, aluminum, or fiberglass hull.

Their yachts have a size ranging from 20 to 30.5 meters. One of their new boats in the market is the Stephens Waring. It’s 20 meters long and with a hull made from wood.

This firm also retails yachts. Also, they handle OEM buyers. Besides, Lyman-Morse can refit, service, store, or repair yachts.

Their best yachts include LM46 Hull 2 and Hood 35 LM 1. These crafts have one of the best arts in the interior and exteriors.

Are you low on funds? Don’t worry; Lyman-Morse will make you a yacht that will fit your budget.

2. Christensen Shipyards


Do you want to make a boat according to how you picture it in mind? Then the Christensen firm will make you the best craft that you want.

This yacht firm is one of the best in the USA. You’ll get a yacht with one of the latest designs with lovely finishes.

Remember, many groups get architects from other places. But as for Christensen, they have an excellent art and design team.

Your yacht will have a large vacuum infusion. The feature will make your boat more potent than other steel boats. Also, you can trust this firm to repair and renew your old yacht.

You’ll get them in Vancouver, Washington. Dave Christensen, the founder, began this firm over 40 years ago.

In the 1980s, Dave ordered a fiberglass yacht. After that, many people loved the beauty of the boat. So, that’s how the firm began getting many orders.

Today, this firm has over 35 elegant yachts in the market. One of them is the excellent Silver Lining.

When you visit the Christensen firm, you’ll get them on the land of about 180 000 square feet. They have 120 boat makers that have a fantastic working experience.

3. Hargrave


It’s a firm that has made many yachts since the 1950s. Hargrave is famous for making 80-to-150-foot crafts. You’ll get them at Fort Lauderdale, FL, in the USA.

This company’s legend designer, Jack Hargrave started this company. During those times, this group designed yachts for other firms.

It helped various boat firms to their success. Some of the names are the Hatteras, Praire, Amels, and Burger.

The firm changed from designing to making luxury yachts in 1977. It’s from this point that they had a breakthrough.

In 1997, Jack died, and Michael Joyce took over as the CEO. Michael has similar thoughts as Jack’s.

This current CEO pushes the firm to use computers to bring out the best custom yachts. So, be sure to get an excellent craft from this firm.

Today, Hargrave makes eight to ten crafts at a go. It shows that their makers aim to give the best quality yachts to many people.

These yachts have raised pilot spaces for a better water view. Expect to love their tri-deck looks.

Their yachts have beautiful interiors. Also, Hargrave has won many awards because of their yachts.

4. Nordlund


At the heart of Tacoma in Washington, USA, this firm will give the best true custom yachts. They’ve been in the industry for at least 60 years.

The Nordlund family owns Nordlund in Washington. When you imagine a specific design, they’ll set up to do it and give you the best output.

Remember, they make boats every day. But they make different boats every time.

Each of their new yachts has a fiberglass hull that you can expand. Also, all crafts come with a building item for their super interior looks.

After the launch of a yacht, the maker will destroy the tool. It means that none of their boats will ever look the same. Here, you’ll get crafts from 40 to 115-feet long.

You’ll have beautiful galleys, cozy rooms, and high pilothouses inside the yacht. If you love fishing, the decks will give much space.

Besides making quality boats for you, Nordlund can also repair your yacht. Expect them to do a haul and inspect your vessel.

Never worry when your craft is old. This firm will make it look new.

5. Burger Boat


It’s also another firm that majors the custom crafts. The company has been making boats since 1863.

Burger has offices in Wisconsin, USA. Since Burger have been making boats for many years, expect quality yachts and services from them.

Remember, Burger started to operate from selling commercial yachts to custom ones. So, they sell both custom and retail crafts.

Here, they’ll make you a boat of any design you wish. Whether you want a double or tri-deck yacht, this firm will give it to you.

Their teams make their hulls using steel or aluminum. It means you’ll have strong vessels to use on seas and lakes.

Also, the interiors of these boats are sleek. Most of their boats’ inner parts come from quality wood.

One of their latest models is the Burger 48 yacht. It’s a semi-custom craft that’s 14.6 meters long. This boat has navy finishing done by Vripack.

6. Westport Yachts


You’ll get this group in Vancouver, Washington. It’s the biggest boat firm in North America.

Westport started to work in 1964. Since that time, the firm has made over 200 sporting and classic yachts.

Earlier on, Westport started by making large fishing boats. Today, they only focus on luxury crafts.

The company is best when you want a yacht on time, even with fewer funds. Also, their boats have beautiful designs.

Their teams can make yachts with sizes starting from 112 to 164 feet. Boat makers focus on a tech that makes fast and potent crafts.

Expect your yacht to have infusion and strong materials. These specs will make your craft last for a long time.

Your yacht will have sleek interiors. So, you’ll always feel cozy staying in it.

Each part of your yacht will have many specs. For example, expect it to have some detailed specs on the hull. The aim is to make your boat unique.

Some of their boats in the market are like the W164. It’s a vessel with specs that will make you fall for it every day.

7. Derecktor


This boat firm in New York is among the leading ones to customize a yacht for you. Also, Derecktor makes luxury moto yachts.

Derecktor began to operate in 1947. During the early years, they used to make fishing and passenger crafts. Today, they even make ferries for many cities.

Bob Derecktor began the firm using a simple shop in NY. So, Bob aimed to make the best boats in the world.

Today, the aim is an achievement for him. They also have other yards in FL and Maine, and they make quality yachts.

Here, all yachts have tall and forward structures. You’ll also get an aft deck with ample space.

These features allow you to hold many events and parties on board. Their yachts also have space to design a helipad.

Remember, you’ll get these specs in very few yachts. Well, it’s because the firm has a team that loves to explore different looks.

Besides the beauty of the craft, expect to get a yacht with fast and soft rides. The boat will always give you a wonderful time on the waters.

8. Delta Marine


The Seattle boat company also makes classy motor yachts. You’ll love them because they make crafts with sleek looks on the outsides and insides.

They are in Washington, USA. This firm has made unique yachts according to buyers’ designs for over 50 years.

Delta firm makes many tri-deck yachts with raised pilot rooms. You’ll never get any two Delta yachts that look the same.

The firm’s vessels do well on many lakes and seas. It’s because of their hulls and vital systems.

Remember, the firm uses aluminum and steel hulls. This technology is composite and makes the vessel strong for the waters.

Many captains, customers, and crews love their yachts because of their creative looks. Delta will always become great with every craft they make in the coming years.

Delta Marine’s custom yachts come in sizes of up to 100 meters. Not every boat firm in the USA can make yachts of this size.

Also, Delta works together with other designers to give you the best. The firm won’t let you down with what they make.

9. Horizon USA


Would you love to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea through your yacht’s large windows? Allow the Horizon to make such luxurious yachts for you.

Horizon is one of the most excellent Asian boat firms. They also have a yard in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Their yard is at the North Palm Beach, FL in the USA.

You’ll love Horizon because they make motor yachts with many classic details. Expect to find raised pilothouses and catamarans.

The firm began working in 1987. John Lu, Shan Chiai, and Cheng Shun were the founders.

Today, Lu is the CEO. This CEO has a passion for making dream yachts for you. At Horizon, you’ll get one of the best custom crafts.

Also, Horizon makes yachts that range from 15 to 47 meters long. Remember, these yachts have many luxury specs to make you feel cozy as you cruise.

Horizon can make you a yacht with windows that allow you to spread out your legs. Your vessel will have much light and air inside.

One of their best models today is their power cat (PC). Horizon has designed many models of PCs to meet different customers’ needs.

The firm focuses on great style and safe vessels. When you want to service or repair your yacht, they’ll also help you.

10. Hatteras


As for the Hatteras in North Carolina, they make solid and beautiful speed yachts. You’ll love their crafts because of their sleek hulls meant for sporting activities.

Hatteras has been selling boats for over 60 years. Expect them to make yachts that will give you the best experience on the waters.

Their story goes back to when Willis Slane, their founder, wanted to make a new fishing boat. Willis wanted a craft that would go through the strong waves on Cape Hatteras waters.

After that, the firm started under the name Kit Wits. It made a 41-feet fiberglass yacht. The vessel changed the game in the market.

It was from there that this firm changed its name to Hatteras. Today, they major in making boats with perfect details on many parts.

Hatteras now make excellent sportfish yachts. It’s what brings them many customers.

Also, you’ll find many of their superyachts in the world. One of the best ones is the 100 RPH. This yacht is beautiful and with a 102-feet raise.

Remember, this firm is the house of sporting roots. It’s because of their skilled teams. They’ll make you a boat beyond your imaginations.


Today, there are many boat-making firms in the USA. Most builders make boats in unique styles that make them stand out.

All the boat firms in the USA make custom yachts that will meet your desires. You’ll get much comfort.

The yacht makers will have your back when you have a yacht to repair. Remember, most firms have great designers that will give your craft the best looks.

Also, these companies have rich histories. It shows that they also have a great experience in making yachts.

So, among these firms, which ones do you trust to make your next yacht? Please don’t fear to let us know.

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