18 Homemade Wood Boat Plans You Can DIY Easily

While the blissful and fun feeling a wooden boat offers while cruising in the calm waters is unparalleled, it is sometimes a luxury we cannot afford. Yes, quality wooden boats can cost a fortune!

How’d you like it if we say you can DIY a fantastic wooden boat from scratch all by yourself and for much cheaper?

It is an unmentioned fact that you’ll need a couple of pairs of helping hands and at least a basic woodworking skill, but the trouble you go through is so worth it in the end. We cannot wait any longer! Read on to find out 18 brilliant DIY wood boat ideas.

1.   Build a Boat Out Of Pine Wood

Woodworking Tools in this video demonstrates a fast-forwarded tutorial on building a small wooden boat using pine wood.

On the downside, if you’re a beginner, you might find this tutorial hard to follow, as no specific instructions or step-by-step elaboration is given in this tutorial. Nevertheless, if you’re a fantastic observant, the DIY process is quite clearly demonstrated.

2.   How To Build A Wooden Boat


Are you a DIY noob when it comes to boatbuilding? If yes, we’d highly recommend this guide by Deep Sailing. A major decision one has to make while DIYing a wooden boat is to select the type of wood you want to work with.

Luckily, you’ll not only find step-by-step DIY instructions in this post but will also be provided with details on types of wood and different DIY boatbuilding methods. This post is a gem!

3.   10 Minute Boat Build || Boat Build Start to Finish

With proper tools and mediocre handyman skills, one can easily replicate what the Youtuber from Bourbon Moth Woodworking has accomplished in this video.

The end product is fantastic. So are the comments in this video. What’s more, this channel features plenty of other fascinating DIYs. Do check them out!

4.   How to Build a Wooden Boat?


So, you’ve decided to build a wooden boat from scratch but don’t know where to start? Well, we’d say right here!

Gather supplies as per the list at the beginning of the post, buy a plan or design one yourself if you’re capable, and follow these seven well-organized steps to build a fantastic wooden boat for yourself. If you do, do share your experience with us!

5.   Building a Cedar Strip Canoe (Full Montage)

What are your thoughts on building a cedar strip canoe? If your response is positive, here’s a fantastic DIY cedar strip canoe build video by A Guy Doing Stuff.

What we liked the most about this channel is that the Youtuber has further linked a few other topic-related resources in the description box from where his viewers can benefit. If this build has fascinated you, here are the 18 videos of this DIY series.

6.   The Ultimate 5-Day DIY Plywood Boat Build


This short blog by Totalboat provides its readers with a brief insight on how Jason Hibbs from Bobon Moth Woodworking and Michael Alm from Alm Fabrications DIYed a wooden boat in a span of 5 days.

What’s amusing is that they didn’t even have a plan to start with. Watch the videos attached at the end of this post if you want to see how his DIY process went.

7.   Wooden boat build (part 1)

The Youtuber from Teys Cocset has presented a sequence of DIY images from his plywood boat build. He has used the stitch and glue method for this project. If this design is what you’d like to replicate, here is the second part of the boat build.

8.   How to Build a Wooden Boat Step by Step?


Here’s another step-by-step tutorial on how to build a wooden boat from Ride the Ducks of Seattle. The post features tools and a supply list, followed by 15 organized steps on the DIY process.

What’s more, there are a few solid tips the blogger would like to share with you regarding the project such that it becomes a major success in the first go. Don’t miss out on them!

9.   Fastest Wooden Big Boat Modern Technology

The Youtuber from DIY Wooden Boat demonstrates to his viewers how to build a plywood boat. Unfortunately, the explanation in the video is not in English. Nevertheless, all the steps are clearly shown, and you can definitely take this video as an inspiration.

10.  DIY Balloon-Powered Wooden Toy Boat


The blogger from Adventure in a Box shares with his readers how his family is crazy about ships and boats. Sounds relatable?

If yes, you’ll definitely love this brilliant ballon-powered DIY wood boat idea. If you have children, bring a smile to their faces with this project, and if you don’t, you always have your inner child who’s desperate for fun, playful times. This project looks so fun that we cannot wait to to DIY one for ourselves!

11.  Wooden boat Build – 17ft Flat Bottom Skiff

Here’s a video tutorial on building a 17 ft flat-bottom skiff by World boat skiff!

This tutorial video features a step-by-step explanation of the process accompanied by documented images from throughout the process. The attention to detail is excellent, and you’ll definitely be able to replicate this design.

12.  Build a Wooden Boat



Now, if you don’t have a plan and are in the dark regarding the supplies and dimensions you need to build a wooden boat, look no further! We’ve got a perfect tutorial for you.

Will Shelton from Mother Earth News decided to clone a skiff his father built and has shared with his readers all the plans, designs, and dimensions for the project.

This is definitely one of the most detailed written tutorials for both DIY noobs and experts to follow. We hope Mr. Shelton’s tutorial will be a great help to you.

13.  To Build a Wooden Boat: Chapter One

The description of the video says – This is not a ‘How-to’ series but a ‘Why you should’ series. To all the boating and boat DIY fanatics, you shouldn’t sleep on this content put out by Matt Dean Films.

This is just ‘Chapter one’ of the series, and the further chapters are expected to be published throughout 2022. Stay tuned!

14.  Building a Wooden Boat


For his fellow boat DIY enthusiasts, Msil3070 has shared all his plans and his entire DIY process in detail in this post on Instructables.

You can find all the materials, their dimensions, and tools required for the DIY at the beginning of the tutorial. The project took 4 months for Msil3070 to complete. Let us know how long it took for you!

15.  Amazing Modern Technology Skill Wooden Boat Building Process

The Youtubers from DIY Wooden Boat have built a professional-looking sleek wooden boat in this video. This DIY features a cold-molded hull.

While this is not a serious tutorial per se, you can definitely take ideas and inspiration from this video. What’s more, this channel features plenty of wooden boat DIYs and other boat-related videos. Boat fanatics will surely find them fascinating.

16.  How to build a boat


When it comes to ‘How-tos’, Wikihow never fails to deliver. If you’re a beginner in woodworking DIYs, this 12 ft by 30 inch and 11-inch deep canoe build tutorial using the stitch and glue method is perfect for your first boatbuilding project.

As always, every step of the process is elaborated in detail with clear illustrations. Also, don’t forget to check the tips and warning section at the end of the blog.

17.  Building a Wooden Boat in My Garage

Clint Hauger, in this video, DIYs a 19ft Albion Skiff designed by Jeff Spira. The tutorial is in a slideshow format accompanied by a brief explanation of each step.

Everyone in the comment section is raving about how great the build is. This video is short yet extremely informative!

18.  Building a Wooden Deep V Skiff

Learn how to build a 14’6’’ wooden V skiff by watching this video tutorial by Robin Hodgkinson. The original plan of this build was ‘Little Moby’ by Charles Wittholz to which many changes were made.

The Youtuber elaborates on steps involved, tips, tricks, successes, failures, and warnings in this video. He also shares the plans and designs at the beginning of the video. Overall, this video is surely worth the watch!


So, which among these 18 wood boat DIY ideas did you find most easy to replicate?

While it is important to be honest to yourself regarding your handyman skills while attempting DIYs like these, you can always start small to gain skill and confidence. Also, you can always request a pair of helping hands for the project.

Have you ever DIYed a boat? If yes, what was your experience? What are the Dos and Don’ts? Help fellow DIY enthusiasts out!

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