17 Homemade Jet Boat Plans You Can DIY Easily

Okay, so you’ve decided to DIY a fun and functional jet boat! But where do you start?

Do you buy a kit? Do you build it from scratch? What are the Dos and Don’ts of the project? Well, hundreds of such questions are probably roaming around your head. To your rescue, we’ve created this fantastic list consisting of 17 DIY Jet Boat ideas available on the internet.

Some of these tutorials demonstrate to you how to DIY a jet boat from scratch, whereas the others simply provide you with a step-by-step guide on assembling a jet boat kit. We cannot wait any longer! Let’s begin!

1.   How to build a Jet Boat Kitset

Let’s be honest; not everyone is Bob the builder! Fortunately, with this DIY jet boat build tutorial by Thomas Hewitt, even a beginner in boatbuilding can DIY a fantastic jet boat. The Youtuber simply constructs his boat using a DIY kit.

He has explicitly mentioned in the video that we would very much like to help you with the kit if you e-mail him at the address mentioned in the description box. The kit builds a 73 hp light jet boat, weighing around 150 kg.

2.   DIY Jet Boat: Easy Step-By-Step Guide


Are you planning to build a lightweight jet boat using a kit? If yes, here are all the basics you need to know before you begin the purchase. Information on a hull kit set and an engine kit set followed by a brief step-by-step guide on DIYing the jet boat is given on this blog post by Motion Windows.

They further point out how a jet boat window takes your jet boat looks and functionality to a whole new level. Make sure you check this blog out!

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3.   How to Build a DIY Jet Boat

This Youtuber from Green Lizard USA DIYed a jet john boat using a 1978 Alumacraft John Boat. The boat features two 3’’ water pumps. In this video, you’ll be provided with a brief overview of the process that went into this transformation.

Furthermore, make sure you take note of the few positive criticisms in the comment. For instance, how the boat performance could be better if the pumps worked as in a traditional jet ski by pushing water into the water.

4.   Dyno Jet – An 11’ deep vee jet runabout – Build in Stitch & Glue Plywood


This stitch and glue method to DIY a Dyno jet is perfect for beginners. Fortunately, the blogger by BoatDesigns.com has listed all the plans, stitch and glue kit, fibreglass kit, and other beneficial resources at the end of the blog.

Also, make sure you check out the characteristics of the Dyno jet, the material list, and the cost and time of this build carefully. You can find all this information around the end of the post.

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5.   Mini Jet Boat Build 1 – Stripping Kawasaki Ultra250x

In this episode of the mini-jet boat build tutorial by Localhost, the Youtuber strips his Kawasaki Ultra250x to use it as a donor for his new mini DIY jet boat. This tutorial series consists of 32 videos, where each video is dedicated to a crucial step of the DIY process.

The Youtubers elaborates and demonstrates every step in detail. Consequently, you can follow along with this tutorial with ease, even if you’re a beginner.

6.   Jet Boat DIY Tips


Suppose you finish your dream project of DIYing a fantastic jet boat. Now, you don’t want to spend more of your time and energy repairing it every once and then, do you?

Luckily, this blog by WAVETECH POWERSPORTS shares with you major secretes on DIY jet boat upkeep and maintenance. Jetboat repair is more costly than you imagine. Therefore, make sure you’re well aware of how to keep your boat looking new and well-maintained in the long run.

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7.   Florida Men Hand Build Supercharged Aluminum Jet Boats!!!

Here’s how you build amazing aluminum supercharged mini jet boats! The Youtuber Cleetus McFarland got the boat kits from jetstreamboats.com. Once the kit has arrived, all you have to do is weld and assemble them according to the manual.

If you are invested in this tutorial, here’s Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 of the DIY series. Make sure you check them out!

8.   Homemade R/c Jet Boat, Including Jet Drive


Instructables is the one-stop solution to all your DIY problems. For instance, here’s a written tutorial by the user Nitro-methane to DIY a fun RC mini toy jet boat.

All the plans and steps are elaborated in detail. What’s more, in case you’re interested in video tutorial, the blogger has linked his Youtube videos as well in this post.

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In this video by Dunia tehnik, the Youtuber demonstrates how to build a small water jet boat. He starts by building the hull in this video. Unfortunately, the Youtuber has not released Part 2 of this DIY process yet.

But if you’re interested in this DIY, stay tuned to his Youtube channel. It has quite a few interesting boat-related contents, including various DIY projects.

10.  JET BOAT!! Something different, cheap and fun.


In this forum on Grassroots Motorsports, the user Toyman01, shares his experience of using his 1977 Mitchell Fishmate and his jet ski hull as donors to build a fantastic jet boat for himself. He has explained what he did, in brief, using the documented images of the journey.

What’s more, other users have further given their invaluable input in the comments. Don’t sleep on them.

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11.  DIY Jet Boat Made From FLEX TAPE!!!

The title might have blown your mind! DIY jet boat using flex tape? Yes, you read it right! This Youtuber from JLaservideo wraps a PVC pipe frame using flex tape to waterproof it and mounts underwater EDF propellors to complete the DIY.

While this DIY boat isn’t long-lasting, it’s perfectly fine to occasionally let your inner child have fun in cool projects like these, isn’t it?



Jimmy from GardenFork shares how he build a jet boat using a jet ski in this blog. The downside of this blog is that you will need to use your vivid imagination, as no illustrations or documented images are shared with the readers in this post.

Also, this is not exactly a tutorial. Therefore, you’ll need to filter out the supplies and dimensions from this long post, as they are not listed.

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13.  How To Make a Boat – Double Powered RC Jet Boat

If you’re looking forward to building a big professional jet ski, this is not the tutorial for you. In this video by Datta Benur Creation, the Youtuber DIYs a small toy double powered RC boat. You can find all the supplies and dimensions along with their purchase links listed in the description box.

What’s more, on Datta Benur Creation, your inner child will be excited to see other amazing DIY toys collection.

14.  Building my own jet boat.


Ricardo van Oudenhoven on Jetboarders.net is planning to DIY a jet board from scratch and seems to have plenty of questions on his mind. For instance, how powerful should the engine be? What is the probable final cost for the project?

If you’re a beginner in boatbuilding, this forum will definitely benefit you immensely. Make sure you read all the answers this thread has gotten.

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15.  Predator 212 powered R/C homemade jet boat

The Youtuber from Keyfarm has come up with a brilliant idea. He uses a pumpkin watering pump to jet power his boat. However, if you’re looking forward to building a jet boat from scratch, this tutorial is probably not for you.

If you’re invested in this DIY series, here’s the second part where the Youtuber tests the propulsion of the pump powered jet boat. And in this final part, he performs the engine water test.

16.  Jet Boat (Super Light Build)


Red_LaNOS has shared a forum Boatdesign.net, where he mentions that he wants to convert his Jon Boat hull of 25 Kgs and 2.4m length into a jet boat.

However, there are a few confusions regarding pumps he would like to discuss on the thread before starting on the DIY. Users have provided him with pretty solid information and advice; have a look!

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17.  Homemade Aluminum Jet Boat

Now, if this is not your first boatbuilding project, you might be looking for something bigger and better. Well, we’ve got just the DIY for you. Watch how the Youtuber from TheJessehart05 briefly demonstrates you a 20 feet aluminum jet boat build. Here’s Part 2 of the project, in case you’re interested.


We hope to have made the handyman in you happy with all these fabulous DIY jet boat ideas.

Which of these 17 ideas did you find the most practical yet easy to follow? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you have further information relating to DIYing a jet boat, please feel free to share it with us.

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