18 Homemade Toy Boats Plans You Can DIY Easily

Is your kid looking forward to his next watercraft science project? Or, do you want to build them a fun toy boat that floats for the best bath experience for them? Whatever be your reason, we’ve got your back!

Find 18 DIY toy boat craft ideas in this post. From wooden toy boat DIYs for adults to completely kid-friendly projects for your child to replicate, we’ve got all the fantastic resources. Enjoy!

1.   Make Fantastic Electric DIY Boats – 4 Ideas!

A DC motor, switch, battery, and wood scrap piece or a PVC board – once you have these supplies ready, follow this tutorial by BONG MAKER to DIY fantastic motor-powered toy boats. You’ll not only learn one method of DIYing a toy boat but four in this tutorial.

We must say, a true genius and fun project for your next DIY session!


2.   DIY Wooden Boat – Balloon-Powered!

DIY Wooden Boat – Balloon-Powered

Balloon-powered toy boats – how crazy is that? Be it to please your inner child or your kids, this DIY wooden boat tutorial by Adventure In a Box will pass with flying colors.

You’ve provided all the information you’ll need for the project in this tutorial. All you need is readily available supplies, woodworking tools, and mediocre handyman skills.

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3.   Four Fun Ways To DIY a Toy Boat

This kid-friendly DIY toy boat tutorial by Yuro Ostr is excellent if you’re looking for a fun project to do with your children. From a simple balloon-powered boat to an electric styrofoam boat, this tutorial features four fantastic ways to build a toy boat. Do check it out!


4.   DIY Sponge Boat For Kids

DIY Sponge Boat For Kids

Here’s how you make a fun DIY sponge boat for your kids for their bath time. In fact, with a little guidance, they probably can make this on their own. How great is that?

All the materials and tools required are listed in this post, followed by a step-by-step tutorial and documented images of the DIY process for your ease.

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5.   DIY a Wooden Toy Boat Using Scrap Wood

The Youtuber from Scrap Wood City DIYed a fabulous toy boat using scrap spruce pieces and an oak dowel. Unfortunately, unlike other easy DIYs, this project requires you to have at least basic woodworking tools and skills. If you follow this tutorial, do share your experience with us.


6.   Here’s How You Make A DIY Toy Boat!

Here’s How You Make A DIY Toy Boat

If this is your time attempt at DIYing a toy boat, this post by Seniorcare2share is a must-read!

From a toy boat out of milk bottles to pool noodles, this post features plenty of fantastic ways of DIY toy boat building, along with a brief process overview of each of them. And the great news is that almost all of these ideas are easily replicable, even if you’re a DIY beginner!

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7.   Cost-effective Shampoo Bottle Toy Sail Boat

Do you have some empty shampoo bottles lying around your house? Turn them into toy sailboats to create merry memories with your child! This DIY idea is truly brilliant yet affordable.

All the construction parts and supplies are listed at the beginning of the video. The Youtuber has shared more information regarding the project in the description box. Do give it a read.


8.   Woodworking for Kids – DIY a Simple Wooden Toy Boat

Woodworking for Kids – DIY a Simple Wooden Toy Boat

This DIY wooden toy boat idea by Adventure In a Box is a fantastic project for your next parent-kid DIY session. And the best part is that the process is incredibly easy.

Nevertheless, you might require a few woodworking tools for this DIY. All the materials and tools required are listed in the post for your ease.

This DIY features a simple rectangular boat built by an adorable kid Anselm. But you can always add more components such as exhaust funnels, cabins, or other components to refine the DIY further.

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9.   Making Simple Toy Boats – 4 Simple Ideas

We understand that not every parent’s woodworking skill is on point. So, we present you another tutorial video by Yuri Ostr that features four brilliant toy boat ideas, three of which use Styrofoam and the final one using a soda can.

The great aspect of this DIY is that all ideas are simple, easy to replicate, and very kid-friendly. If your child loves DIYs, make sure you involve them during these projects. They’ll have a blast!


10.  DIY Water Bottle Toy Boats

DIY Water Bottle Toy Boats

Here’s how you make a toy boat out of plastic bottles! This is a brilliant yet easy kid-friendly DIY toy boat. All you need is cardboard, duct tape, two water bottles, a colorful cut-out triangle, and that’s it!

And the best part is that if your kid is old enough to handle scissors with care, they can completely DIY this toy boat on their own. Just a little supervision will be enough.

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11.  Make A Rubberband Powered Popsicle Sticks Boat!

If your kids are into popsicle stick crafts, we guarantee they love this cool elastic band paddled popsicle sticks boat DIY by DaveHax.

Easy to build, fantastic to look at, and is efficient to play with – what more do you want from a DIY tool boat? This tutorial features a clear step-by-step elaboration of the project. What’s more, if you’re a DIY and hacks fanatic, you’ll find this channel truly fascinating!


12.  DIY a Toy Sailboat For Your Next Science Project

DIY a Toy Sailboat For Your Next Science Project

Did you know you could DIY a simple sailboat using wine corks? This project by Science American is great for your science-enthusiast kid. And the best part about this DIY is that the procedure is absolutely kid-friendly.

For your ease, the materials required are listed at the beginning of the project, followed by the procedure. Furthermore, this post gives the DIYer an insight into the mechanism of a boat and why this DIY toy boat works like one. We must say, an informational read!

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13.  A Simple Pop Pop Boat Using Household Materials

DaveHax, in this tutorial, instructs you on DIYing a candle-powered pop pop boat. All you need is an empty cola can, juice cartoon, two straws, and blu-tack.

Supervise your kids on their attempt to replicate this amazing DIY or make them one if they’re very young. The Youtuber suggests his viewers use epoxy glue instead of blu-tack and waterproof paint the boat for this DIY boat to last longer. We hope it helps!


14.  7-step Wooden Toy Boat Tutorial

7-step Wooden Toy Boat Tutorial

For those familiar to woodworking and who own woodworking tools, we’d definitely recommend them to build a wooden boat for their kids, as it lasts way longer. Here’s a written tutorial by Teacherben on Instructables.

The project features 7 steps along with step-by-step images documented throughout the DIY journey. If you’re confident in your handyman skill, this project should be easy to replicate.

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15.  A Candle Powered Homemade Boat – 10 Minutes Easy DIY

Ignited Innovative Indian has come up with a great tutorial video where he builds a pop pop candle-powered boat. The great news is that you can DIY this boat in under 10 minutes! This project is a great idea to keep your baby or toddler busy during their bath times.

What’s more, if you and your kid are a fan of easy and fun DIYs like these, we guarantee you’ll love more videos by this channel.


16.  DIY Elastic Band Powered Toy Boat

DIY Elastic Band Powered Toy Boat

Here’s another child-friendly tutorial on a simple elastic band-powered DIY toy boat. All you is an empty plastic container, glue, scissors, elastic band, and 3 craft sticks!

A great aspect of this DIY is that it can literally be completed in minutes. This DIY undoubtedly is a great science project for your kid.

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17.  How to Make A Cardboard Pirate Ship?

What do kids like more than a boat? A pirate boat! While this DIY can be relatively more time-consuming and demanding, it looks totally worth it!

Follow along Mr S as he DIYs a fascinating pirate boat in this tutorial. One has to be quite detail-oriented to make as beautiful a pirate boat as the Youtuber makes. The only downside to this DIY – the pirate boat doesn’t actually float as some other toy boats we’ve talked about in this post do!


18.  Simple Rubberband Powered Wooden Toy Boat

Simple Rubberband Powered Wooden Toy Boat

Now, if you want to DIY your kid a durable wooden boat but lack the skills to build a complex one, this written tutorial by Queen Bee Of Honey Dos is just for you!

Find all the material required and instructions for this project in detail in this post. Simple, easy-to-DIY yet functional and fantastic! How great is that?

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How to make a toy wooden boat? How to make a toy boat out of plastic bottles? We believe we’ve provided you with all the appropriate resources where you’ll get your queries regarding DIY boat craft like these answered.

Do you have any other DIY toy boat ideas? Or, which of these 18 toy boat DIY projects did you find the most fun to replicate? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to interact with you!

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