9 Best Jet Ski Powered Boats

Are you looking for a jet boat to ride for fun or a race? These boats have become famous in recent times. Jets boats come in many models, but which ones will work well with you?

You are about to find out. Here, we’ll talk about the nine best Jet Ski powered boats.

You’ll enjoy the crafts because they are easy to ride. These vessels are also one of the fastest watersports crafts.

The fun part of it comes when you’ll be flying over water with many friends. Also, you can remove or place the Jet Ski from the boat in a short time.

So, are you ready? It’s time to look at the joy these fun boats will give you.

Best Jet Ski Powered Boats

1. Scarab 285 ID

When you want the best family jet ski-powered boat, choose the Scarab 285 ID. It’s one of the jet ski-powered crafts with lucrative specs.

One of the best specs is the Twin Rotax 300 jet drive machine with an output of 600 HP. Your vessel will move at high speeds.

Besides the speed, Scarab 285 ID has ample space to help you carry many friends. 285 ID has wide bow leather seats to bring more comfort.

The leathers have stainless steel cupholders to give you an easy time when having a small party on board. Also, there’s space for you to keep your items below the seats.

Scarab 285 ID has a beautiful convertible table. It makes the boat suitable for parties or small family events. Expect it to hold four to eight people.

While cruising at high speeds, you can enjoy the beauty of the summer sun. You’ll have a quality sun lounge with flexible backrests. Here, the boats also have seat cushions that give you more legroom.

Remember, the space on these boats allows you to fish. It is because you’ll get the view of where you’ll place your rod.

2. Yamaha 275 SD

Yamaha 275 SD

This boat will give you one of the best memories on the water. It’s a big boat yet easy to handle.

Yamaha 275 SD is 27-feet long and with a wide beam for more space. You can use this vessel to cruise, fish, or have a small party with your folks.

The boat has powerful Yamaha SVHO engines and jet drives for a smooth and fast ride. 275 SD’s wide beam lets you place the silent Yamaha machines on the boat’s opposite sides.

One unique feature about this boat is the system that allows you to drive it at low speeds. You’ll activate it using the beautiful Connext touchscreen look.

Riding this 275 SD is easy even for beginners. It has two pairs of paddles at the steering wheel. You can only get such a feature on supercars.

Docking the boat is also easy. The right paddle moves the engine or reverses when the craft is on drive mode. You’ll use the one on the left to drive the boat forward.

Expect to enjoy your time with the level of entertainment you’ll get on this craft. Yamaha 275 SD has a Wet Sounds Stereo system. It connects with six speakers to play you great music.

This vessel has cozy leather seats to give you a good time. Also, you’ll love the lighting on the dock and deck. It will give you value for your money.

3. Wave Boat 444

Wave Boat 444
Image Credit: nauticexpo

When you want a compact Jet Ski powered boat for watersports, you can rely on the wave boat 444. It’s the best boat to cruise and swim.

This vessel from the Sealver boat firm is 14.5-feet long and with a 7.3-feet beam. It can hold a weight of 882 lbs. So, it means it can carry only five people.

Sealver Boat Company is in France and has yards in Canada. While in the US, you can order for the firm to ship it to you. It’s a boat with a pass from the USCG.

The cushioned seats on this boat are cozy. Under the seats, there are storage spaces to keep your gears.

Remember, you can go for this boat when you are on a budget. Also, you can turn this boat into a floating sunbed. It’s one of the best models to help you bask in the summer sun.

Besides, you can move on the water at fast and smooth speeds using this boat. Expect the Jet Ski’s engine to move at around 57 mph.

Wave Boat 444 gives you the freedom to customize it. Remember, this act comes at an extra cost.

Transporting and storing this vessel is easy. Wave boat 444 allows you to detach the Jet Ski from the main boat.

4. Scarab 165 ID

Scarab 165 ID
Image Credit: lafayettepowersports

Like the Scarab 285 ID, this boat model will give you one of the best sporting features. 285 ID gives you the freedom to customize it.

The boat is 25-feet long and with a beam of 8.4 feet. It can carry a weight of up to 953 kgs. Expect it to carry up to 13 people.

Unlike other jet ski-powered boats, this vessel has engines with an output of up to 600 HP. Its gas tank needs a fuel level of 56 gallons.

Scarab 165 ID has cozy leather seats to make you enjoy your trip. Here, you’ll have ample anchor storage for your stuff.

Expect to get much space on this boat’s fiberglass hull. So, you can use the craft to party, swim, or cruise.

As you plan to swim in the waters, there’s a ladder to help. This vessel has a swimming place on the bow and stern when you prefer to jump into the river, sea, or lake.

Don’t forget to create a playlist of your best songs when you have this boat. It has four Bluetooth stereo speakers with an FM radio and auxiliary input. Scarab 165 ID has 12V USB charging ports when your phone charge is low.

5. 2021 Vortex 2430 VRX

The Vortex 2430 VRX will give the beauty of art and power as you ride on the water. It has the latest specs you’ll love to see on a small boat.

Expect to have one of the best boating experiences using this vessel. You’ll move at high and smooth speeds because of the Twin Rotax jet power motor.

These engines have an output of twin 200 HP or 250 HP. The captain will enjoy the boats’ new standard INR (Intelligent, Neutral, and Reverse) riding system.

So, you’ll adjust the neutral position from the boat’s system. As you do this act, your craft will be still. You won’t get this spec in any typical ship.

Here, the bow seats give you a comfortable armrest. Also, there are guard rails around the boat to make you feel cozy.

Vortex 2430 has a unique v-plane hull. It comes with a Kevlar reinforcement to make the vessel more potent.

Bring your party onto this boat because it has cupholders. The vessel is excellent for holding small events with friends and family.

Yes, this boat is beautiful on the outside and inside. But you’ll still have a chance to customize it in the best way you want it to look.

2430 VRX is 24 feet and 3 inches long and with a beam of 8 feet and 6 inches. So, it can hold eight people on board. You can use these boats for cruising, fishing, or sports.

6. Wave Boat 575

Also, from the Sealver boat firm, you’ll get the excellent and affordable Wave Boat 575. Setting up the Jet Ski to a powerboat is simple.

It’s one of the best vessels for watersports. Wave boat 575 has leather seats to help you sit back and cheer with your folks as you have fun on the water.

Here, you’ll also get much space to keep your items while on your trip. The boat has storage space under the sunbed.

Also, to add more comfort, the vessel has a Bimini sun top. It will shield you from the hot summer sun. You’ll also get a Bimini on the wakeboard.

The craft also has powerful Jet Ski motors that have an output of 90 to 300 HP. So, you can use this craft for speeding sports. Using this boat means you’ll have an easy time maintaining or running it.

Wave Boat 575 is 18.1 feet long and with a beam of 7.1 feet. Expect it to hold a maximum load of 1322 lbs. It means that only eight people can fit here.

Your Wave Boat 575 will also have a fiberglass hull with Hypalon floats. These items will help your vessel have a perfect balance on the water.

While onboard, you’ll entertain yourself using the Bluetooth Fusion stereo system. Remember, the USCG allows you to use this boat in the USA.

7. Yamaha SX190

Yamaha SX190
Image Credit: rivamiami

When it’s your first time to use a jet boat, the Yamaha SX190 will suit you. The best thing about these boats is that they are easy to transport and store.

Yamaha SX190 is best for sports like skiing during summer or winter. Thanks to the boat’s high output single engine that holds up to 1.8 liters.

You can also use this boat for bow seating with friends. It’s because of two lunges that have a pad below them. These leather seats can hold a Danforth anchor quite well.

Below every seat, there’s ample space to keep your stuff. So, you can bring along many items to use for your boating trip.

Your captain will enjoy the cozy driver’s seat with a flip-up bolster. Also, this boat has a passenger seat next to the driver.

Yamaha SX190 gives you much entertainment. It comes with four Bluetooth marine speakers to play music.

The storage space doesn’t end at the seats. You’ll also have more at the port console that goes up to the bow.

This SX190 is 19 feet and 5 inches long. Remember, the boat has a dry weight of 2377 lbs. It means the vessel can carry up to eight people.

8. Yamaha 210 FSH

Yamaha 210 FSH
Image Credit: marinemax

Would you love to have a jet boat that allows you to fish and cruise on the waters? Then, Yamaha 210 FSH should be your best choice.

Expect to get much space that allows you to enjoy your time with many friends. This 21-feet boat has cozy leather seats to help you have fun.

Also, the Yamaha 210 FSH has TR-1 Yamaha marine motors and jet drives to drive you at high speeds. Remember, each engine has a 1049 CC and a 115 HP capacity. So, it’s a boat that will give you excellent performance.

You’ll have much space on your boat because the engines are inboard. You can use this space to get the best angle to fish in the waters.

Sometimes, you can use the space on the boat to tow tubers. It means that there’s no need for a tow pylon or bridle.

As for sport fishing, the 210 FSH has vertical rod cracks to aid you. You’ll also have a bucket stowage of 5 gallons, a live well of 26 gallons, a cooler, and modern fish boxes. These items will make your fishing to be easy.

Yamaha 210 FSH has the design of the center console. You’ll also have more space on the deck to catch more fish on water.

9. 2021 223 Vortex VRX

2021 223 Vortex VRX
Image Credit: boats.com

The 2021 223 Vortex VRX from the Chaparral boat firm is also the best family jet boat. Its unique twin-engine will give you a solid and smooth ride.

These twin Rotax engines have a power of 582 HP. You’ll pay for 52 gallons to fill up the gas tank.

This boat is 22.3 feet long and with a beam of 8.6 feet. So, it can carry up to 10 passengers. Also, it’s the best vessel for sport fishing, cruising, skiing, and swimming.

You’ll get much storage space on the rear part of this boat. Remember, there are quality leather seats to give you a great time onboard.

223 Vortex VRX has a quality Kevlar reinforced V-hull. It means your boat’s body will last for a long time.

This boat has a powerful JL audio sound system to play music as you cruise on the water. It has a beautiful Medallion Viper II &-inch touchscreen dashboard. Such a spec makes your boat beautiful.


When you own or ride a jet boat, you’ll love the boat’s beauty and speed. However, what you’ll choose depends on your budget.

Some of these vessels have a strong hull with much space. It means you can use them to swim, fish, or enjoy the view of the waters.

Also, some jet boats like Wave Boats are easy to fix and detach. These are the ones that will suit you when you are on a low budget. But all the jet ski-powered boats move at fast and solid speeds.

So, which jet boats among all these do you think suit your interests? We would love to hear from you.

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