10 Common Types of Small Boats

Are you among the many people who seek to get their love for water through small boats? Do you know which small boat will suit your interest?

Well, you are about to make your soul happy. Here, we’ll talk about ten different types of small boats.

These boats are nice because they are cheaper and easier to use than large boats. The type of small boat you choose will vary with your needs. You may use it for fun or fishing business.

Once you start looking for the best small boat, the many kinds will overwhelm you. So, to help you, read on to have a closer look at the types.

Types of Small Boats

1. Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat

Do you want a boat to help you improve your fishing skills? Then, look no further than a fishing boat.

The boats come in many sizes and shapes to fish in salt and freshwaters. You can get the general fishing boats for every use. Also, they are taller than those used in fishing in rivers.

These all-use fishing boats have motor systems, rod lockers, live wells, and front bows. So, expect to have an easy time as you fish while on this boat.

There are also alum and bass fishing boats. The ones with alum are stable and strong. This material is light and makes the boat cheap.

As for the bass boats, they have slim bodies. Also, they have two to three anglers for easy fishing. These bass fishing boats also move at a fast speed.

2. Dinghy Boat

Dinghy Boat

Dinghy boats are also small boats that can help you have fun in the waters. Its tiny size and flat bottom make it unique from other small boats.

Most dinghies get the shape after you inflate them. That’s why most of them are called inflatables. Also, some people call them sailboats, inflatables, or rowboats.

Remember, the boats are made from fiberglass, aluminum, or plywood. Also, most of them are eight to ten feet long. Don’t forget that these small boats come in many shapes and sizes.

You can get the ones you move by rowing, sailing, or using the motor. It will depend on your interests and budget.

People use them to move through areas that big boats and ships can’t move. You can also use them in camping and fishing in shallow waters. It’s because they are small, light, and cheap.

3. Skiff Boat

Skiff Boat

These small boats are also simple and easy to move and use. They are called skiffs because they are small and open. So, if you are looking to fish or have a good time on waters on a small budget, get a skiff boat.

Remember, because it’s light and small, you can keep it in your garage. You’ll also have an easy time maintaining these boats. After using a skiff boat, you’ll only need to clean and ensure that the motor is okay.

Thanks to their tiny body, it makes it easy to move on the waters. They are also cheaper than many other small boats.

Since it’s a small boat, it can’t hold many people and items. Remember, you can’t use them in rough waters and harsh weather. But when things are okay, it’s a great boat to use.

4. Personal Watercraft Boat (PWC)

Personal Watercraft Boat (PWC)

If you want a small boat to have fun and move fast on the waters, then pick on a PWC. Since they are fast, you can also call them jet skis or water motorcycles.

The engines have a strong horsepower of 60 to 300. Remember, the fastest PWC can cover 80 m/h in three seconds.

Also, the speeds and motor power allow you to use this boat in many water sports. You can use the boat for fishing in waters with harsh waves.

This small boat comes in two types. There is the stand-up PWC and sit-down PWC.

As for the stand-up Jet Ski, it can only fit one person. The sit-down type can hold a total of two people at least. Remember, this boat is more costly than other small boats because of its engine.

5. Center Console Boat

Do you want a small boat to take you through saltwater bodies? Then, a center console will be the best choice for you.

One unique aspect of this boat is its excellent fishing platform. It’s because the console’s hull has no cabin or foredeck.

Also, the control station is in the middle of the boat. The much space on the console also allows you to store many items or even hold a small party. This boat will enable you to host up to seven people.

You can use this boat for sports, fishing along offshore waters with more fish. Its excellent engine power allows it to move at high speeds. There is a strong power at the deck that acts as a fridge or sound system.

6. Jet Boat

This boat will suit you if you love to speed on the water. What makes jet boats unique is that they use jet engines as their motor. The machine is in a hull to protect it from any damage.

So, as these boats move, expect them to thrill by removing high-pressure water via a nozzle. Well, it’s because they don’t use propellers, unlike other small boats.

Expect them to come in sizes of 14 to 24 feet. Also, a jet boat is one of the best boats to us on shallow waters and watersports. If you use it well, be sure to be a winner in every race.

Remember, a jet boat is best for speed games but not fishing. But it has ample sitting space.

7. Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Boat

Like many other small boats, it’s easy to manage pontoon boats. Also, it can hold many people and items as you enjoy your time on the water.

So, because of their size, you can use pontoon boats in watersports, swimming, or busking in the sun. Most pontoons are about 15 to 30 feet long. But you can only use them in areas with small waters.

Also, these boats have some tubes made of aluminum. These are the things that make it stable on the water.

Pontoons are one of the best boats for fun and fishing. The models range from mini fishing ones to small performance pontoons.

Remember, the shape of these boats allows people to sit well and even leave some space to arrange the goods. But you can’t use them for long distance cruising.

8. Deck Boat

Deck Boat

Are you looking for a speed boat with more comfortable sitting spaces? Well, you might fall for the deck boats.

As the name sounds, this boat has a wide deck that allows you to view the waters. Also, its V shape hull gives you more sitting space to even host a party as you ride. Most of them are between 25 to 35 feet long.

This boat’s engine makes it fast on the waters. Also, the propulsion system on the boats suits them for watersports, long-distance travel, fun, and fishing. Besides the yachts, deck boats are also the best for you to host your family.

The boats are also easy to maintain and operate. So, it suits the boat for many adventures.

9. Bowrider Boat

Like the deck boats, bowriders are the best suited for families who love to speed on waters. These boats have a large space bow area that can host more than eight people.

You’ll see that the boat looks like a runabout and a deck boat hybrid if you are keen enough. A bowrider boat also has a V-hull shape like a deck and runabout boat.

So, it’s also best for family events, watersports, and long way cruising, and fishing activities. It’s because of the speed and the ease of handling it on water.

Also, you’ll explore your more boat riding skills while using this boat. It’s because of the swimming platform on these boards.

10. Kayaks and Canoes

Kayaks and Canoes

Canoes and kayaks boats are similar in the way they work. But you can go for either of them if you want to feel the water while on the boat.

These boats allow you to do things that will make you fit as you have more fun. Riding both boats makes your chest, arm, and shoulders stronger.

Remember, there are some differences between these two boats. Well, with the canoe boats, it gives you an open space to sit or kneel while rowing. You’ll row using a one-bladed paddle.

On the other hand, kayaks deny your leg freedom. While on the boat, you sit inside while your legs go out in front of you.

Also, when riding a kayak, you’ll use a double-bladed paddle for rowing the boat. These boats can only fit one person, while canoes can carry many people.

Kayaks are also smaller than canoes. But both boats come from the same material.


Most small boats help you have fun and explore your boat riding skills. Your choice will depend on your interests and budget.

These boats will allow you to go fishing in deep or shallow waters. Like the Jet Ski, most of them will enable you to participate in watersport races because of their speed. Also, these boats won’t give you a hard time using and maintaining them.

Yes, it can be hard to choose which is best for you. But either way, it doesn’t matter the small boat you pick; expect your love of the waters to grow.

So, which one among these boats is the best for you? Please let us know your choice and why.

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