10 Best Pontoon Boats with Bathrooms

If you want to enjoy a long day on your pontoon boat, a bathroom is an important consideration. Known as a “head”, by nautical types, comfortable facilities can make all the difference. So how do you choose a model that won’t have you heading to shore when nature calls?

That’s where we come in! We’re going to find the 10 best pontoon boats with bathrooms. And we’ll share the other important features you need to know about them too.

So if you’re ready, let’s see what’s out there!

Best Pontoon Boats with Bathrooms

1. Bennington QX Sport

Bennington QX Sport

Benningon’s QX Sport series of pontoon boats aims to offer the last word in luxury. So if you need to go to the bathroom while you’re on the water, it has you covered.

It comes with a porta potti and hanging privacy cubicle. The fabric surround hangs from the bimini top, effectively providing a mini tent to use as a bathroom. When not in use, it’s easy to fold up and stow away.

It’s fair to say that it’s not the most discreet option for nipping to the bathroom. But if you’re caught short, it will be offer you the facilities you need.

There are plenty of more luxurious details on offer here too. There’s a top-notch sound system, soft upholstery with embroidered details, and two touch screens at the helm to control everything. There’s even a kitchen sink nestled underneath a console.

But the QX Sport isn’t just about luxury extras – the fundamentals are here too. The performance is impressive, whichever of the five different engines you choose. And there’s a custom-built Roswell wake tower and impressive windshield for style and comfort.

2. Premier Escalante 350 CL

Premier Escalante 350 CL

The Escalante 350 CL from Premier Boats is one of the largest and best equipped pontoons out there. And when you have these kind of facilities, you don’t want to have to hop ashore to use the bathroom.

Fortunately, you don’t have to. This pontoon has its own changing room, plus a curve porta potti. The changing room here sits beneath the stairs leading to the upper deck – for yes, there are two decks. That means it’s nice and discreet. It has solid, rather than fabric, walls, and a built-in sink.

There’s a second electric sink too, as well as plenty of other features. There’s a refrigerator, composite countertops, and even a paper towel holder.

There’s a water slide to make the most of that upper deck’s height. And there’s a sound system fit for partying, with a JL MM105 stereo with remote control and six speakers, subwoofer and amp.

It all looks just as good after dark. The lighting array includes rail lights, toe-kick lights, furniture and speaker lights. And when you’re tired out, a table with a pad lowers to become a bed.

3. Southland Champagne SX

Southland Champagne SX

The top-of-the-range Champagne SX from Southland comes with a pop-up dressing room as standard.

If you want to add a commode, you’ll need to pay extra. But that will give you a choice between a model that pumps out and one that doesn’t. Both options come with a 10-liter water tank and 18-liter waste tank. And there’s an electric sink and faucet inside the helm console.

This also has the option of a full camper top to provide shelter from either strong sunshine or bad weather. And it also offers privacy and security, allowing you to stay overnight on board.

The Champagne SX comes in a choice of 24, 26 and 28 feet lengths. The 26 and 28-feet versions will carry a maximum of 16 people. For the 24-feet model the maximum is 14. There’s plenty of seating and storage to let everyone travel in style.

4. Harris Cruiser

Harris Cruiser

Harris do a fine line in luxury pontoons. While none have a bathroom as standard, they all offer workarounds in the shape of an optional dressing room.

The fabric sided cubicle provides privacy for you to add a porta potti. The design is slightly different for the top-of-the-line Crowne than for the other models. But it works perfectly well with the more economical Cruiser too.

The Cruiser is a pontoon that’s great for anglers, with all the optional extras you could ask for. These include a Livewell, floor lockers for rods, and a fishfinder with depth finder. This boat is also more accessible than most, with a wheelchair-friendly 34-inch gate on the port side.

It has two tubes and will carry eight to nine people in comfort.

One limitation, though, is that there’s no option of an on-board faucet with this pontoon. If you want one, you’ll need to invest in one of Harris’s more expensive models. The Solstice is the least expensive of their pontoons to offer this as an optional extra.

5. Harris V270

Harris V270

Harris no longer make their V270. But if you’re looking for a pontoon with a really comfortable bathroom, it’s well worth searching on the second-hand market.

The V270 has a bathroom that’s worthy of the name. It’s fully enclosed, with a porcelain pump-out commode and sink. There’s even a shower here too.

The rest of the design is just as good. A central console is combined with a sleek fiberglass hull and a 3-pontoon platform for stability. It’s accessible too, with a double gate and double ladder on the port side. There’s also a gate and ladder on the starboard side, and a power ladder in the aft.

Guests will be able to recline on wrap-around couches in the fore and aft. And the folding armrests provide extra flexibility and capacity.

The seat backrests in the helm adjust electronically. Just press a button and you can make them face fore or aft.

But the star of the show here really is the patented head system. It brings you all the bathroom amenities of a much bigger boat, and there’s nothing like it available brand new.

6. Larson Escape 21

Larson Escape 21

The Escape 21 by the now defunct Larson is another boat that’s no longer being manufactured. But you can still find vessels, first manufactured in 2014, on the second-hand market.

This is another one that comes with a pop-up cabana and optional porta potti. In this case, the cabana is activated electronically for maximum convenience. And it features interior and exterior LED lighting, so you can find your way after the sun goes down.

Press a button and everything simply folds down into the floor. It allows a much more flexible use of your deck space.

Brand new, it came with four different engine options. The problem with buying second-hand, of course, is that you’ll be restricted to someone else’s chosen features.

7. Premier Marine Grand Majestic Rev CL

Premier Marine Grand Majestic Rev CL

Back to brand new boats now, and the Grand Majestic Revolution – or Majestic Rev for short – from Premier Marine. This is another pontoon where the bathroom solution is a changing room plus porta potti.

The Grand Majestic Rev comes in two classes, the CL and DL. The Mirage changing room, however, is only available in the CL models. There’s a choice of two models: the 26 feet 4 inches long 250 CL, and the 28 feet 4 inches 270 CL.

They’re both big pontoons. The 250 CL will seat between 16 and 17 people and has a maximum 500 horsepower. The 270 CL will seat up to 19 people, depending on the chosen floorplan, and has maximum 700 horsepower.

Other features include a power bimini, magnetic surfaces for drinking vessels, and a JL MM50 stereo with four speakers, subwoofer and amplifier.

The lighting is as impressive as on all Premier’s pontoons. It includes cup holder lights, toe kick lights, railing lights and speaker lights. Everything you need, in fact, to cut a dash on the water after dark.

8. Avalon Excalibur

Avalon Excalibur

The Excalibur is Avalon’s flagship pontoon, and it’s packed with luxury fittings. There’s no permanent bathroom, but a “privacy station” does come as standard. That’s a pop-up soft-walled cubicle that sits inside its own ottoman. Pull it up, and you can zip yourself inside for privacy.

It’s admittedly not the most spacious or comfortable option. It’s better suited as a changing room than a toilet cubicle, and even then, it’s on the snug side. But if you’re looking for an emergency solution if you’re caught short, it might do the job.

Fortunately, Excalibur offers much more than this for its sizeable price tag.

You can choose from 25 or 27-feet long models, and four different floor plans. (The position of the privacy station will vary according to the floorplan.)

The Elite emulates a tournament ski boat, with benches at the bow on both port and starboard sides. The Quad Lounge features wrap-around couches at all four corners of the deck. And the Rear Lounger has reclining seats in the aft, plus bench seating in the bow.

All the models have the features and finish you’d expect from a luxury pontoon. There’s soft upholstery, fantastic lighting arrays, and premium sound systems.

9. Avalon Catalina Platinum Entertainer

Avalon Catalina Platinum Entertainer

Down a notch in price from the Excalibur, but still a very impressive pontoon, is Avalon’s Catalina Platinum Entertainer. This too has Avalon’s privacy station in which you could place a porta potti as your bathroom solution.

The issues with this are the same – there’s not much space, and there’s only a curtain screening it from the rest of the boat. Even so, it’s adequate for occasional use.

The rest of this pontoon, however, is top-of-the-line – and it’s built for party animals. There’s a stylish bistro bar complete with booth seating and LED lighting. And there’s a rear prep center with plenty of storage and a useful sink.

You’ll even get stainless moveable cup holders! And there’s a Fusion RA-670 stereo, six lit speakers and a five-channel amp to blast out some tunes.

10. Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle

Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle

Okay, Southland’s Hybrid Recreational Vehicle is more than just a pontoon. But if you’re looking for a home away from home on the water, it’s definitely worth considering.

This is a large vessel. It’s 34 feet long and it has two decks. But a large portion of the lower deck is taken up with a fully enclosed cabin. It’s here that you’ll find your bathroom – and plenty more besides.

There are four different models, depending on the kind of specifications you want. Bronze is the most basic, leading up through silver, gold and platinum. All four have a fiberglass shower cubicle and an electric pump out toilet as standard.

You can also have a wash basin in the bathroom. That comes as standard with the gold and platinum models, and as an optional extra on the silver and bronze. So whatever model you choose, you can ensure it incorporates a fully functional bathroom.

You’ll also get plenty of other amenities. There’s a refrigerator, kitchen sink and faucet as standard on all models. And a propane oven and microwave are standard on all but the bronze, where they’re an optional extra.

There’s a 54 by 68-inch bed, plus a double that can be converted from the dining table and couches. There are more couches outside on both decks too.

If all this wasn’t impressive enough, it’s also a sustainable boat. It includes both solar panels and a wind turbine to provide power for most of the onboard appliances. There’s also a 110-volt shore power outlet, so you can charge up the batteries when you dock.

The water heater, stove and refrigerator are all powered by propane cylinders. These stay outside the cabin for safety.

And while this is undeniably a large pontoon, it isn’t too big to be practical. It weighs about 5,000 pounds and comes with its own custom trailer for cross-country transportation.

Never Be Caught Short on Your Boat Again!

That brings us to the end of our look at 10 of the best pontoon boats with bathrooms. We hope our look at the different options has helped you in your search.

Today’s pontoons, even at the luxury end of the market, tend to see bathroom facilities as strictly optional. They’re usually designed as temporary amenities inside a curtained privacy area. They’re okay for emergency use, but they’re not particularly comfortable.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, the second-hand market is worth considering. Some of the best pontoon bathrooms out there are on models that are no longer in production.

Whichever option you choose, we hope you find the perfect solution to your on-board neeeds.

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