10 Luxury Pontoon Boats with Cabins

Pontoons are brilliant boats for enjoying a day on the water. But what if you want to extend your stay overnight, or keep dry if the weather changes?

The answer, of course, is a pontoon with a cabin. So how do you go about finding one?

That’s where we come in! We’re going to take a look at 10 luxury pontoon boats with cabins – or in a couple of cases, cabin-like shelter.

So if you’re ready to find out what’s available, step this way!

Luxury Pontoon Boats with Cabins

1. Southland Champagne SX

Southland Champagne SX

Southland offer a range of pontoons with an optional removable camper top that provides a cabin. Put it in place, and you’ll get full shelter and the security you need for an overnighter on your boat.

Top of the range of options is the Champagne SX. This premium pontoon offers great performance and a whole range of luxury features.

Two fiberglass boxes at the front give it a sleek and stylish appearance.

You can choose one of three different colors – burgundy, dark marine or chocolate – for the railings.

And there’s a choice of four different shades for the upholstery. Two-tone options are tan and espresso, or cherry and chocolate. Or keep it simple with a single shade. Either cognac or marine are available.

The full-size camper top is available in coordinating colors, so it looks very smart when it’s in place. It features large windows on all sides, so you can still see the views. And they can be covered with integrated roll-down blinds when you want privacy.

If you just want your cabin for privacy at night, there’s also a version without windows.

Both tops are optional extras, so you’ll need to pay a bit more depending on what you choose. But if you want to extend your use of your pontoon through Spring and Fall, it’s a wise investment.

 2. Southland Majesty SX

Southland Majesty SX

The Majesty is another high-spec pontoon. And while its starting price is a little lower than the Champagne, it shares many of the same features.

These include the twin fiberglass boxes at the front, deluxe seating, and plenty of storage. And there’s the same stylish choice of colors for the interiors, gates and tops.

The Majesty is another pontoon that can gain an internal cabin through the use of a full camper top. This extends above the whole boat, and can be purchased with or without windows. Whichever option you choose, it will keep you warm and dry, as well as offering protection from harsh sunlight.

The camper tops are optional, but there are plenty of cool features that come as standard. They include a pop-up changing room, a deluxe captain’s chair with integrated armrests, and a luxurious rear sundeck with lounge.

If comes in a choice of three different lengths – 24, 26 and 28 feet. The 24-feet version has a maximum of 140 horsepower, while the other two models have 150 horsepower.

They all benefit from the addition of the Southland Performance Stem, or SPS. This is a piece of aluminum welded to the front of the boat to help it slice cleanly through the waves. The result is a smoother, more comfortable ride.

3. Southland Mistral

Southland Mistral

The last of the offerings from Southland to make our list, the Mistral is a smaller pontoon boat. It comes in a choice of 20, 22 or 24 feet. And unlike the three-tube Champagne and Majesty, it’s available with either two or three pontoons.

The camper top is available here as an optional extra, either with or without windows. As with the other Southland models, it covers the whole deck space, creating the effect of a snug cabin. And it’s available in a choice of colors to coordinate with the rest of your boat.

While it might not be as long as some of the other Southland pontoons, this has plenty of power. The 24-feet Mistral has a maximum of 220 horsepower, reducing to 150 horsepower for the 20-feet model. The different options carry a maximum of between 12 and 17 people.

Standard features include loads of under-seat storage, a rear sundeck and a 20-watt radio with two speakers.

Optional extras on offer include a barbecue grill, Minn Kota electric anchor, depth sounder and even a toilet. And anglers will appreciate the chance to add a Livewell and RayMarine fishfinder.

4. Lakeland Boating Premier 310 Encounter

Lakeland Boating Premier 310 Encounter

The Premier 310 Encounter from Lakeland Boating was hailed as a game changer at its 2016 launch. Unfortunately, the vessel is no longer in production. But if you’re looking for a pontoon with a cabin, it’s well worth seeking out on the second-hand market.

Lakeland’s idea was to take the layout of a luxury day cruiser and put it on a pontoon. The result was the first ever pontoon with a central cabin. And that cabin is surprisingly spacious.

The boat is 10 feet wide, with a broader 42-inch central pontoon to support the cabin. Inside, there’s a separate sleeper berth with mattress, bedding and pillows. It also contains a full bathroom, sofas and a convertible dining table.

It’s a brilliant option for families with smaller children, allowing for both bathroom breaks and naps. And there’s plenty of space for an overnight stay, or to take shelter if the weather takes a turn.

Out on deck, there’s an integrated lounger in the bow and wrap-around seating in the rear. And even with the cabin to accommodate, there’s plenty of room. The outdoor areas can carry between 14 and 16 people, depending on the model.

5. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

It’s true that we’re stretching the definition of a “cabin” here. Tahoe’s Cascade Funship doesn’t have a fully enclosed cabin. But its double decker design does mean there’s space to shelter on the lower deck.

This isn’t a boat for an overnight stay. But if you’re looking to take refuge from the elements, it’s more covered than most pontoons. And it has some other excellent features into the bargain.

Top of the list is the slide which stretches from the upper deck down to a few feet above the waterline. It’s a great way for kids – and adults – to enjoy the water. There’s also a double-width lounge, a great sound system with remote controls, and towel storage.

Tahoe make two variant models, the Cruise Funship and the Entertainer Funship. Both are available in 25 and 27-feet lengths. The Entertainer incorporates a bistro bar into its floorplan.

All three models include a Garmin 5CV color fishfinder and depth finder. And you’ll also get a Fusion RA 670 stereo with six speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. So whether you’re angling or partying, this boat can do it all.

6. Premier Escalante 350 CL

Premier Escalante 350 CL

The Escalante 350 CL from Premier has a similar layout to Tahoe’s Funships. And this is another case where there’s not so much a cabin as a sheltered area beneath the upper deck.

There’s a spacious main deck with a day enclosure that’s fully under cover. That’s a great place for any little ones on board. Head upstairs and you can enjoy the sun deck, with the option of a water slide to make the most of the extra height.

It’s available in two models and four floorplans – and they’re all big. The 350 CL and DL are 36 feet 4 inches long, while the 310 CL and DL are 32 feet 4 inches long. They’ll carry up to five people on the upper deck. The lower deck will accommodate up to 15 or 16.

They come with Premier’s PTX Performance package, designed to give them plenty of acceleration. And they feature 7-feet long storage areas with 15.5 cubic feet of space. That’s plenty of room for rods, wakeboards, life jackets and water skis.

All Premier’s boats come with a limited lifetime warranty on decks, furniture and bimini frames, gates, tube rails and welds. And there’s a ten year “bow to stern” warranty on pretty much everything else.

7. Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32

Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32

The Sun Tracker Party Cruiser 32 is another camper pontoon that’s no longer in production. But if you can track down a used vessel, it offers a great cabin.

There’s plenty of outdoor seating at the front, and some great features inside. They include a dinette and electric cooktop on the port side. On the starboard side, there’s a head – or bathroom, to less nautical types – complete with a shower. And there’s a berth for overnight stays too.

The maximum capacity is 15 people. Enjoy hosting a party, then say goodnight and head into the cabin for a well-earned rest.

We’ll be frank that this isn’t the most stylish pontoon on the water. The square cabin makes it look a little boxy. But it’s comfortable and a lot of fun. If you can find one, it’s a great bet for extending your stay on the water.

8. Daigno L’Équinoxe

Daigno L’Équinoxe

L’Équinoxe from Daigno is a modern take on a camper pontoon boat. It’s 32 feet long by 9 feet 10 inches wide. And the sizable cabin is supported on three 30-inch diameter pontoons.

There’s also L’Équinoxe D, a double-decker version of the same design. That features additional living space above the front deck, together with an upper tight-net deck for lounging.

The cabin here is impressive. It includes a dining area with benches that fold into a 60-inch bed. Two further folding singles can also be installed as optional extras. There’s a kitchen with plenty of storage, a sink, refrigerator, three-burner propane stove and a ceiling fan.

There’s also a retractable bistro table for dining. A wide patio door opens from the kitchen onto the main deck.

The boat also offers a full bathroom, complete with shower cubicle, mini sink and a large chemical toilet.

Outside, the deck is fully furnished with comfortable lounge seating. And there’s an array of optional extras on offer, including a barbecue grill, mini bar, bistro table and hammock.

9. Daigno Le Koroc V

Daigno Le Koroc V

Le Koroc V is one of three Le Koroc models. The V class is the mid-ranking boat, the P class is the most affordable and the M class is the largest.

The design is reminiscent of L’Équinoxe, with the same stylish wooden framed cabin featuring big patio doors leading onto the deck.

Inside, there’s a double bed, which can transform into a dining table and benches during the day. A fully functioning head includes a toilet, shower and sink. There are two options for the toilet – either bio-controlled litter or a chemical commode with integrated reservoir.

In the kitchen, there’s a two-burner stovetop, another sink, a refrigerator, a cupboard, and a bistro table. There’s also an optional heater to keep everything warm and snug on cooler days.

Outside, the deck includes a folding bistro table and two swivel chairs. Wrap around couches face each other. And an innovative retractable hammock is available as an optional extra – surely the best seat in the house.

10. Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty

Southland Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty

Southland’s Hybrid Recreational Vehicle Liberty is a real home away from home. Indeed, Southland market it as a more affordable – and portable – alternative to a waterside residence.

The cabin features a kitchenette with dining space and a smart head with porcelain WC, sink and full-height shower cubicle. There’s an inner cabin housing the bed (a snug double), and plenty of storage throughout.

The impressive range of on-board amenities are powered mainly by green energy. That comes courtesy of the integrated solar panels and wind turbine.

A few of the kitchen appliances – the stove, refrigerator and water heater – are powered by propane. The cylinders are stored outside for safety.

Out on the deck you’ll find wraparound couches. And the whole front deck can be covered with a camper top for all-weather boating in comfort.

Despite all these amenities, this pontoon isn’t as heavy as you might expect. It weighs in at 5,000 pounds, and there’s a custom trailer for transporting it cross-country.

Shelter and Privacy on the Water

That brings us to the end of our look at the ten best luxury pontoons with cabins. Whether you’re looking for every home comfort, or just need shelter on a stormy day, there are options to suit.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what’s available. And if you’re thinking of buying your own luxury pontoon, we hope it brings you many hours of boating pleasure!

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