9 Best Double Decker Pontoons

Do you wish to have the best boating time on a pontoon this summer? You should go for the one with a double-decker. But which are these pontoons with this fantastic feature?

Well, you are in the right place for your answers. Here, we’ll talk about the nine best double-decker pontoons.

These crafts are in many shapes and sizes. What you’ll use them for depends on your interests. Expect to use the extra space on top for many activities.

The pontoons allow you to customize them to what can please you. Most of them come with water slides.

You’ll also love other beautiful specs on these boats to make you enjoy. Now let’s jump into the details about these vessels.

Best Double Decker Pontoons

1. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship

Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship
Image Credit: avalonpontoons

This double-decker pontoon has many luxurious specs that bring you fun and good times. You can only get the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship when money isn’t a problem.

Avalon Catalina comes in either 27 or 25 feet. It’s one of the best pontoons for lounging and partying with friends on the water. The craft can hold 14 to 17 people.

You’ll get lounging spaces at the top and lower deck. Each part has cozy seats and a bistro bar table to make you enjoy your time. Also, you’ll have benches and a sundeck.

Every seat has long arms and much storage space. You can bid bye to dirty seats because the vinyl makes them easy to clean.

There are Garmin Fusion RA-670 Stereo speakers on this boat to play the music of your choice. You can bask in the sun on the top decker as you enjoy good music.

The boat’s slides with a water pump make this boat a waterpark. Remember, you can customize the boat to suit your interests.

Your captain will enjoy the grip on the Burano soft wheel. Avalon also has a windshield to cover the captain from the spraying water.

Expect to enjoy more time on the water because of the boat’s potent engine. These motors have a capacity of 150 to 250 HP.

2. Premier Sunsation 240

Premier Sunsation 240
Image Credit: boats

When you want to experience different kinds of fun, the Premier Sunsation 240 will have your back. It has a sleek and modern look that you’ll love.

Premier Sunsation comes in three types. You’ll get the touring, fish, cruise, and luxury.

It has a size of 24.5 feet. So, expect it to hold even up to 15 people.

On the front part of the boat, there are lounging areas. You’ll also get soft vinyl seats with a table at the back of the boat on both decks.

These seats will make you and your children feel cozy. Remember, with the vinyl chairs, never worry about pet and children stains. Even if they get dirty, they’ll be easy to clean.

Every seat has room below them. You can use the space to keep your stuff.

You’ll also get a flexible ottoman with cupholders and a cooler. So, you can store drinks to use for the events.

On the lower deck, there’s a changing room under the lounge. This spec gives you more privacy when you want to change.

Still, there’s a Humminbird fish finder on the lower deck to help you fish. Also, you can bring your music along because the boat has a Bluetooth Stereo.

You’ll have ample space to help you bask in the sun and relax on the upper deck. Expect to have a water slide to help you swim. When the sun is too much, you can enjoy the shade on the lower deck.

Remember, its outboard engine can give a 250 HP. The gas tank holds 30 gallons.

3. Jungle Float Sport

This vessel has one of the most creative specs. The best things about it are the trampoline and the slide to help you move around the boat and water.

Jungle Float Sport is 26-feet long and 11-feet high. It’s a lightweight and compact craft.

You can use the trampoline as a cot when you aren’t using it to bring more balance when jumping off. It has an aluminum hull which makes it have a great performance.

The boat’s bumper trim is an anti-slip and anti-scratch. It will keep you safe for a long time.

Jungle Float Sport’s teak floors can resist scratches and mildew. So, you can use it for many events like partying.

You’ll love the beauty of their luxury wood-free chairs. Expect the craft to carry up to 15 people.

Here, you’ll get much lounging space even if the boat is small. You’ll only enjoy the shade on the boat’s lower deck.

Jungle Float Sport doesn’t have any shade on top. It is because this top part holds the trampoline and the slides.

Also, the boat has an engine that holds up to 115 HP. It will help you enjoy the waters for many hours.

4. Premier 310 Escalante

The Premier 310 Escalante has one of the best seating arrangements. This pontoon will make you relax and enjoy your time on the water.

It’s a beast of a pontoon with four seating places. Premier Escalante has a lounge in front of the boat and next to the captain’s seat. Also, there are back seats at the back.

You can carry the fun to the boat’s party area on the top deck. Here, there is a beautiful lounge.

Besides partying, you can use the upper deck sunbath or swim. Remember, the boat has a slide to help you move into the waters. You can use the space to jump into the waters.

With this new edition, the party on board should never end. It has a small kitchen on the lower deck to allow you to cook your meals.

During summer, the sun can be too much. But the Premier 310 Escalante will help you with a Bimini top when you are on the upper deck. As for the lower part, you’ll have shade from the upper deck.

Premier Escalante is 34-feet long. Expect it to hold up to 24 people.

Since it’s a large boat, the Premier 310 Escalante has a powerful engine to run it. You’ll move around the waters for many hours. The tank needs 47 gallons to be full.

5. Tahoe Cascade Funship

Tahoe Cascade Funship
Image Credit: charlotteskiboats

When you want a luxurious and surreal time on the water, then let Tahoe Cascade give it to you. The boat has many seats and much space in the lounging area.

On the top deck, it’s where you’ll enjoy the sweet summer sun. Tahoe Cascade’s lower part has large tables where you can hold parties.

You’ll get cupholders to help you enjoy your drinks on these lounges. When you want to change, Tahoe Cascade has a privacy curtain.

You can play music on the boat’s Infinity sound system as you enjoy your time. Its vinyl seats are comfortable, dirt-resistant, and easy to clean. So, you can carry your child and pet without worries.

This Tahoe’s Funship comes in 25-feet sizes. It can hold a weight of up to 3000 lbs. So, expect only 12 to fit well here.

You can use this craft for a night during your trip on the waters. Tahoe Cascade Funship has quality lighting. Also, the boat’s motor is powerful and with a fuel tank that can hold 58 gallons of fuel.

Remember, you’ll have a chance to customize the boat. Here, you’ll pay some more dollars for these changes.

6. Harris Solstice RD 260

Harris Solstice is also another beast when you want a funship. The best thing about it is the sound system. You’ll have six speakers to play the music of your choice.

Solstice RD 260 is 30.1-feet long and with a beam of 8.6 feet. It means that the boat can hold up to 15 people.

It’s one of the best boats to hold parties, swim, tour, and explore the waters. You can call it a waterpark because of the fiberglass glass slide.

Also, Harris Solstice RD 260 has some specs to help you if you’d love to fish. It has a Lowrance Fishfinder and quality docking lights.

Here, you’ll get cozy seats that cover all the edges. On the upper deck, you’ll bask in the sun as you to music through two quality speakers.

As the boat’s captain, you shouldn’t worry about water splashing you. The craft has a removable windscreen to help you.

The boat’s engine will allow you to spend more time on the water once the tank is full. Only motors of 115 to 300 HP can be on this boat.

7. Premier 220 SunSpree Sky Deck

Premier 220 SunSpree Sky Deck
Image Credit: crowsurvival

This 21-feet long Premier boat firm’s funship will also bring you more fun. Though it is small, expect it to have an upper deck and slide.

The 220 SunSpree Sky Deck is also the best funship, especially when on a budget. You’ll still get quality specs on this craft even at a low price.

You’ll have two lounge seating in the front. At the back, there’s an L-shape seating.

The boat has a round table on the lower deck with cupholders to place your drinking vessels. So, you can use this pontoon to hold a party with your folks.

The party doesn’t end at this point. You’ll listen to music using the stereo MA300 that has four speakers.

After you party, you’ll not need to make the marine life dirty. You’ll have a trashcan where you’ll dump the waste.

When it comes to the captain’s area, there’s much comfort. Here, the driver will enjoy the tilt steering wheel and a cozy helm seat with a flexible pedestal.

8. Solid Craft Funship

Solid Craft Funship
Image Credit: solidcraftboats

Would you love to own a Funship that gives you much freedom to customize it? Then pick one from the Solid Craft Boat Firm.

You’ll get a pontoon with quality materials. Expect to get much space to play, party, and stand.

The Solid Craft Funship doesn’t have any seats. So, you’ll bring in the seats of your choice and place them the way you want. Here, the boat has a great engine size of 300 HP.

Remember, the boat firm can make you custom seats. Also, you can allow their designers to choose the way they’ll look on your pontoon.

Solid Craft Funship comes in two sizes. The sides of the boat are also open to letting you feel the breeze.

This boat’s floor comes from tongue and floor aluminum to make it strong for a long time. It means that the craft can support much weight. Only 15 people can fit well on this boat.

If you’d love to swim, Solid Craft Funship has one slide. Still, you have room to add another slide to the boat.

9. Catamaran Pontoon Beast

Catamaran Pontoon Beast

If you want a funship that comes in the form of a boathouse, then choose the Catamaran beast. You can use this craft for cruising the waters for several days. It’s because of the strong sidings.

Expect it to have L-shaped sidings at the front and back. The smaller seats are at the back.

Aluminum railings on the upper deck make the boat beautiful. Also, they’ll protect you from any possible fall.

This boat also has room for seating and changing. So, after swimming, you change to your normal clothes without any worries.

Catamaran Pontoon also has ample space for you to hold your parties. You can do it on the upper and lower decks.

On the upper part, you can bask in the summer sun. After that, you can choose to jump or slide into the water. It’s a vessel to help swim well in the waters.

Like many other double-decker pontoons, you’ll have a chance to customize them. Remember, it’s safe to allow the boat’s firm to do it for you.

It has a Yamaha 60 HP outboard engine. This machine is strong enough to take you through the water for many hours.


Everyone loves to have fun with friends and family on the water. You’ll enjoy your time when you ride on the water using double-decker boats.

These vessels come in large sizes to hold many people. Most of them have quality seats covering the boat’s edges.

Fun on water using these boats becomes better because of the water slides. The Jungle Sport Pontoon will make the experience better because of its trampoline.

Swimming will be fun and easy using these boats. Every funship has a private changing room or curtains to change your clothes.

So, are these boats the best to use during the summer? Please share with us your honest thoughts.

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