10 Best Small Pontoon Boats

Do you fantasize about spending endless hours enjoying the sun and water?

Do you fancy the idea of chilling with good friends and family in a small, towable boat with a comfy deck?

A small pontoon boat might just be your best choice!

These little boats come with big advantages. For one, pontoons are comparably affordable, making them popular luxury boats. They are also perfect for beginners; they are lightweight, no-fuss, and easy to operate in shallow waters.

Despite their small size, pontoon boats have plenty of space to host a party of friends or family. Passengers can comfortably lounge, read, and play on the roomy deck.

There are many small pontoon boats from which to choose. In this guide, I will take you through some of the best small pontoon boats.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Here are the best small pontoon boats:

Best Small Pontoon Boats

1.  Princecraft Jazz 170 Pontoon Boat

Princecraft Jazz 170 Pontoon Boat

The Jazz 170 is the smallest of all Princecraft pontoon boats, but it will definitely jazz up your weekends. The square shape is a bit unusual, but this sweet little boat might be a great choice if you don’t mind being different.

Coming in at 17 feet, the Jazz 170 comfortably accommodates up to seven people. The boat weighs only 600 kg when fully equipped, making it easy to transport.

Onboard are three double sofas flanking the boat’s sides. Underneath each seat is ample, out-of-the-way storage for personal items, leaving passengers enough space to lounge, play, and even walk around.

There is enough space to set up a table for seven at the bow, while the stern hosts a convenient bath/toilet spot. A small cooler can be found at the control spot, where you can safely store your food.

On the deck, a bimini top provides shelter from the sun and rain. You will also find an awning, which covers the saloon entirely. This comes in handy for storage or transporting items that need protection from the elements.

2.  Starcraft EX 18 F Pontoon Boat

Starcraft EX 18 F Pontoon Boat

Starcraft has a great reputation for producing high-quality aluminum and fiberglass boats. In addition to their surf, deck, runabout, and Jon boats, they also produce some of the best small pontoon boats for a family on a budget.

The EX 18 espouses the best of Starcraft’s craftsmanship. Standing at 18.8 feet long, this pontoon accommodates nine people and is the perfect companion for cruising along coastlines, rivers, and lakes.

This pontoon features a stylish console located along the starboard rail. It is fully loaded with charting and fish-finding screens, and analog gauges. There is plenty of room on the dashboard from where you can place a remote for the stereo and auxiliary gauges.

The fishing enthusiasts on board will enjoy the front half of the LX 18F. The bow area of the boat is equipped with two high back contoured pedestal fishing chairs, leaving lots of space in between. A padded, plumbed livewell box provides an additional seating area.

The LX 18F’s aft section has a more traditional layout suitable for day cruising. A triangular-shaped bench seat fits perfectly in the corner of the helm chair and curves around to the entry gate at the stern.

Towards the stern entry gate, a J-shaped lounge bench seat spans the aft port side of the boat. A folding aluminum boarding ladder can be found on the starboard side of the stern platform. The upholstery is dark tan and plushly padded throughout the boat, and the portside lounge features recessed cup holders.

A particularly impressive feature is the Convenience Package. This comes with volt and trims gauges, a GPS speedometer, tilt steering, mood lighting underneath the seas, and a stereo that supports Bluetooth and AM/FM.

3.  Harris Cruiser LX 160 Cruise

Harris Cruiser LX 160 Cruise

The Cruiser LX 160 by Harris is our top choice for pontoons offering the best value for money. For such a small boat, this one checks all the boxes for a luxury cruiser.

Whether you need a boat with which you can slow-cruise, go fishing, or prowl the lake, the Cruiser LX is versatile enough to get the job done.

This cruiser pontoon measures 5.10 feet long but has a surprisingly expansive and roomy floorplan. There is plenty of space for the kids to play and passengers to move up and down the boat.

You also don’t need to worry about storing your personal items. There is more than enough room underneath the seats and helm for out-of-the-way storage.

There are gates at the bow, port, and stern, allowing you to easily pull over at your favorite beach or lakeside restaurant.

4.  Bennington 188 SVL

Bennington 188 SVL

Bennington commands respect and admiration whenever it is mentioned. The boating manufacturer is known for its stylish and elegant boats, with the 188 SVL being among them.

The Bennington 188 SVL won’t come with all the bells and whistles you will find in other high-end boats. Still, it offers some amazing perks that will make your weekends out in the water hassle-free.

This isn’t the tiniest pontoon, but at 21 feet, it is considered a relatively small boat. Still, the 188 SVL will comfortably fit ten passengers, with everyone having enough space to lounge and enjoy the scenery. There’s ample seating at the back and front of the boat. You will find enough storage for food, drinks, and personal belongings underneath the seats.

A noticeable feature of this boat is the high-quality aluminum side panels that flank the vessel. They strengthen the boat, especially in harsh weather conditions, but keep the boat light enough to stay afloat and sail safely.

This boat comes with one outboard motor, giving the pontoon so much power that it can easily move at fast speeds while maintaining an even plane while on water.

The 188 SVL is the perfect premium luxury boat if you are on a budget and are looking for top-quality finishes and amenities.

5.  Godfrey SR SW160F

Godfrey SR SW160F

The Godfrey SR SW160F is designed with comfort, utility, and speed in mind. At 17 feet, this pontoon is roomy enough to accommodate 12 people, and with a 150-horsepower, you can expect your boat to move far and wide, fast.

You can relax on the L-shaped stern-mounted couch while catching up with good company. Guests can stretch out in the bow-mounted lounge seating and enjoy the open water and the sun’s rays.

As with other Godfrey models, the SR Cruise features a composite stylish and useful console that gives you intuitive control of the vessel.

The Godfrey SR Cruise offers ample deck and seating space, it is equally delivers when it comes to storage. The extensive corner-stern compartment also serves as comfortable bench seating and contains storage compartments.

6.  Crestliner 160 Sprint

Crestliner 160 Sprint

The Crestliner 160 Sprint is all about style, elegance and craftsmanship, giving you a well-rounded boat to be enjoyed by the entire family.

This pontoon is compact, measuring just 16 feet in length, but it comfortably hosts a party of five. Its small size and light weight make it easy to maneuver in the water.

Anglers will love the 160 Sprint for its cruise and fish floorplan, which comes with a room 15-gallon livewell and other angling amenities.

At the bow is ample storage and elegant fishing seats. The 160 Sprint also comes with a modern helm station through which you can easily access the rocker switches and storage. There is also enough space to install electronics of your choice.

The deck features a comfortable lounge sofa with plenty of storage space for personal items and foodstuff. There is a fully loaded console with a horn, no-feedback steering, speedometer, tachometer, and analog trim gauges. You will also find a removable windscreen, rocker switches, a throw tray, and drink holders for added comfort.

7.  Avalon Venture 1675

Avalon Venture 1675

Comfort, stability, and practicality are what the Avalon Venture 1675 is all about. The makers of this boat take pride in installing high-quality yet functional features that will facilitate all your family’s fun needs.

The Venture 1675 was built to last a long time. Made from aluminum and fiberglass, this pontoon is double-wrapped with heavy-duty materials. It features double-bolted crossbeams and a motor pod for added stability, comfort and safety.

The seating layout is what sets this pontoon apart. The boat comes with Flo-Thru Ventilation Seating in which the seat frames are aluminum welded for adequate airflow, which helps keep the seat compartments dry and free of mildew and fungus.

Seats are covered with stain-proof marine covers, making them durable, low maintenance and easy to clean. The boat also has keels that protect your pontoons from side impact damage. The keels also minimize water spray and keep your pontoon strong to enjoy your time in the boat longer.

8.  2019 Paddle King Lo-Pro Cruiser

2019 Paddle King Lo-Pro Cruiser

Whether you are looking for a fishing boat or quiet cruises, the Paddle King Lo Pro Cruiser is the ultimate choice in luxury and deluxe features.

This pontoon features an expansive deck and roomy, comfortable seats that make it great for hosting family and friends over drinks and great conversation. The marine woven vinyl flooring has a touch of luxury and practicality, providing comfortable, low-maintenance flooring.

The Lo Pro Cruiser features a steering console loaded with steering cables, USB ports, a glove box, and drink holders. There is an aerated livewell large enough to store your catch for the day.

There is also enough storage under the seats, stern area, and bow. The rear transom can support a gas or electric motor of 20 horsepower. Long and short shaft motors are also supported.

Other impressive features include a canopy top to provide shade, LED canopy lights, and LED navigation lights. The pontoon is also outfitted with drink and rod holders and rail spaces for easy clean-up and airflow. The rail-mount hinges allow you to adjust the canopy to a lay-back position, which comes in handy when trailering.

9.  2020 Princecraft Brio 17e Electric Pontoon Boat

2020 Princecraft Brio 17e Electric Pontoon Boat

The Brio 17e Electric pontoon boat is your perfect companion for prowling small lakes. This little boat follows in the footsteps of other Princecraft boats, defined by luxury, careful design, and attention to detail.

The Brio 17 E is an electric pontoon boat and is suitable for use in enclosed water bodies in which the use of gasoline motors is not permitted. With the Brio, consumers can choose between a 2.0R and a 4.0R version of the Torqeedo 24 V electric engine. Your helm will include a unique control box while the display panel in the control box shows the battery power, voltage, speed, and input power consumption. Its ultra-light-weight design sets it apart, making this boat easy to trail and maneuver.

Although it is made using fewer cross channels than other Princecraft boats, the Brio is far from weak. It comprises thick aluminum cross channels supported by aluminum rails, pressure-treated wooden flooring, chromed deck cleats, sealed bulkheads, and aluminum rails.

Plush, heavy-duty upholstery, a swiveling driver’s seat, and plenty of storage characterize her interior. Besides the rotomolded steering wheel, the helm features lighted switches, a 160-watt Jensen stereo with four speakers, a 12V charging socket, a smoked windscreen, cup holders, navigation lights, a stern ladder and a unique throttle. Other optional features include a snack table with a bow design, raised rails, and anti-skid vinyl flooring.

The Brio Electric pontoon boat is definitely the way to go if you want to enjoy the water environment-friendly.

10.  Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise

Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise

If you think boating is expensive, the Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise might change your mind. This affordable boat comes with all the bells and whistles you want in a family-friendly pontoon.

The 180 Cruise features a forward boarding deck, making it easy to anchor the vessel. Regardless of the position you dock the boat, the middle, aft, and forward gates offer enough access in and out of the boat.

There is a chaise lounge behind a forward bench for reclined seating, while the side-by-side lounges allow several passengers to sit comfortably. Additionally, the skipper and first mate have a swivel bucket seat, and several additional seats are available on the aft bench. The cruise can accommodate nine passengers altogether.

Summary: 10 Best Small Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats are popular with water lovers whose idea of fun is leisurely exploring blue crystalline waters in great company.

In the end, your choice will depend on factors such as your budget, desired boat size, preferred pontoon boat style, and of course, your lifestyle. I hope this guide on the best small pontoon boats will make your choice easier!

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