7 Types of Boat Lights

Do you ever wonder if the boat lights are suitable for your boat safety? Which kind of lights should you never miss on your boat?

Stick around for you are about to find out. We’ll cover all you need to know about the types of boat lights.

Just like cars, trains, and planes, your boat needs lights. It’s because lights are one of the key things your vessel should never miss.

Lights will help you cruise between dusk and dawn. Also, they’ll keep you safe when there’s rain and fog in the waters.

Every type of boat has different messages that it brings to every rider. So, here is the info about seven different types of boat lights.

Types of boat Lights

1. Powered Boat Navigation Lights


Everywhere you’ll go, be sure that you’ll need the powered navigation lights. Yes, collisions are one of the accidents that you’d never want to get. So, these are the lights to help you avoid accidents.

You can use them on a large commercial or recreational boat. Also, the international marine laws dictate that your boat should have navigation lights. Remember, if you violate these laws, you’ll pay fines and even get an arrest.

Also, these lights will help the nearby water vessels to know your boat’s position. It’s one of the ways to keep you safe.

Navigation lights come in four types. The all-around lights are white and serve as the anchor lamps for your vessel. You’ll get them on powerboats less than 39. 4 feet.

As for the masthead lamps, they are white. They are common in power-driven boats less than 39.4 feet. The exact specs apply to the stern lights, but only that you’ll get them behind the boat.

The sidelights are always in red and green on the boat’s sides. These lights show that an engine doesn’t power your boat. Also, the red ones are on the left side, while the green ones are on the right side.

Expect the prices to range from 76 to 440 dollars. It will depend on the size of your boat and the brand of these navigation lights.

2. Underwater Boat Lights

Image Credit: powerandmotoryacht

Recently, many people have preferred to use underwater boats for water safety. They are much used by people who go fishing and travel at night.

It’s because such people need more light in the water. Yes, the regular board lights provide lighting, but it’s never enough.

Thus, besides providing more light, the underwater boat lights make your boats look beautiful in the waters. Remember, you’ll only enjoy this beauty in the night.

Like any other boat’s part, you’ll need to install the boat lights. Most boats don’t come with these lights.

You’ll need to spend some cash to buy and hire someone to fix them. But if you can do it yourself, you’ll save some money.

So, you can place them on the surface or inside the hull. Ensure you buy the ones that withstand the harsh marine conditions. It’s because they’ll always be in the water.

Expect these lights’ prices to range from $199 to even more than $1000. Mostly, when you choose the costly ones, they tend to last longer. Also, the size of your boat will decide how much you’ll spend on these lights.

3. Strip and under Gunnel Boat Lights

Image Credit: apexlighting

You can get the lights to place under the boat’s gunnel. So, be sure to get them in the form of a light rope.

These lights can light your small boat or the yacht. Also, the strip lights can illuminate your boat’s insides and outside parts. They’ll help you avoid any possible slips in the vessel.

Apart from making your boat brighter, it gives you and your family a sweet sensation. Expect to have a good time as you move in the boat early in the morning or night.

Also, the strips and gunnel lights come in many LED colors. You can get the ones in red, green, blue, and yellow, among many others. These colors give you more freedom to choose the best style to match your boat’s décor.

Installing these flexible lights in your boat is easy. Most firms will sell them to you, plus an adhesive to stick them on the boat’s surface.

Ensure you choose light strips waterproof lights that are durable. The lights will also give you an easy time to maintain them.

Remember, these are some of the cheapest boat lights. Depending on the length of strip you want, you can get them for as low as $10. Also, the price will depend on the voltage of the lights.

4. Dock Pilling Lights

Image Credit: dekorlighting

You’ll need these lights at the top of the dock post. Dock lights allow you to place them on any wood or concrete post on the boat.

The power source of these dock lights is solar or batteries. You can charge the solar during the day and use it at night. So, be sure that it won’t consume much of the boat’s energy.

Dock pilling lights come in different shapes and finishes. Also, these lights come in many LED colors to make your boat look more beautiful.

These lights will give you a warm surrounding to have fun with your family. The lights will also allow you to come out, sit at the dock, and enjoy the breeze.

In the evening or during the rains, these lights show you the direction to move your boat. They’ll be an excellent investment if you use your boat for adventure but not fishing.

These lights will cost you from $99 to $688. It will depend on the style of the dock light you’ll pick and the voltage.

5. Recessed Lights


Would you love to see that little taste of illumination to make your boat beautiful at night? Well, the small recessed lights will suit your boat.

It will make the inside of your boat look lively. Also, you can use the lights to replace the old or damaged bulbs in the vessel.

So, whenever you plan to hold a party in your boat, go for the small recessed lights. They work nicely in small boats, yachts, and other water vessels.

Also, expect these lights to be a great source of safety like many other boat lights. You can consider them to indicate the steps on your boat.

You’ll have an easy time installing these lights. There won’t be any need to call for an electrician to fix them for you.

The lightings are also cheaper than most of the other boat lights. But you can’t use them for fishing at night. Remember, the price will vary with the brand and type you’ll choose.

6. Courtesy Lights

Image Credit: apexlighting

These lights will help provide direction of the rooms and steps inside your board. You can place them on walkways, stairs, and the deck.

Also, you can use these lightings to give your boat an identity. It’s because the vessel will have a sweet look inside and outside.

Courtesy lights use less power from the batteries. So, you’ll conserve more and spend less. Remember, these lights have a lifespan of over 50 000 lighting hours.

The lights can also work well in tricky water areas. It’s because they are waterproof.

Expect to get them in many colors for you. There are multicolored lights and dimmable ones. So, you can choose what you think it’s best for your boat.

You can get these lights for as low as $45. But it will depend on the brand and voltage of the lights.

7. Spreader and Flood Boat Lights


These boat lights also provide much light as you move in the waters. Mostly, you’ll see the floodlights on a console and near the control area.

As for the spreader lights, you’ll place them on the spreaders on the sailboat’s mast. The spreader and floodlights will cost you less cash to install them.

You shouldn’t have many worries about marine problems. It means that it’s easy to maintain these floodlights.

The flood and spreader lights will help light the front areas of your boat. So, they won’t be the best ones for fishing, unlike the underwater boat lights.

Also, this light will give you an easy time to maintain and service them. Well, it’s because you’ll access these lights easily.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ll sail; these lights will provide bright light for your deck. Besides the safety, people find it sweet and fun to have these lights. So, you and your family will always feel comfortable as you sail in the night.

Don’t worry about the fuel usage of these lights. These lights won’t use much of your boat’s energy. It allows you to keep having fun as you cruise.

You’ll get these lights in many voltages. They include the 220v, 110v, 24v and 12v.

Expect them to cost you from as low as $59 to $1000. The prices will rise depending on your boat’s size and the voltage of the light.


Boat lights are vital parts of your vessel. You should never ignore their purposes.

Whether inside or outside the boat, every light will make you safe. Most of these lights are LED and use less battery or fuel.

Also, many boats are easy to maintain and install. But as for the underwater lights, you’ll need to hire an expert.

The most important lights for your boat are the navigation light. They’ll help you avoid any collisions on the waters.

So, besides the navigation lights, which are a mandate, what other lights do you have on your boat? We would love to hear from you.

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