How Much Does It Cost to Dock a Boat? (Price Chart)

When you have a vessel, you probably wonder how much does it cost to dock a boat. Renting a slip (berth) in a US marina typically costs $12 to $240 per 1 foot (0.3 m) of the boat’s length a year. Roughly, most marinas will rent a spot for $50/ft a year on average.

In most cases, you will probably need to pay $800 to $1,800 per year for an average sailboat. Remember that this number can significantly vary depending on a boat’s length, location, and season. However, you can find alternative berth types that can save you money. Let’s see.

Factors Affecting Docking Price



Believe it or not, you can secure your boat in a fixed spot in a few ways. This service price will differ depending on the berth type you choose.

Anchorage – It is a place where you can drop the boat anchor without access to the shore. In this case, you need to provide your own anchor.

Mooring – It is a permanent spot for your boat in the water. In this case, you need to use an anchor fixed to a buoy or seafloor to pin the vessel without direct connection to the land.

Docking – It is tying the boat with slips or berths to a particular spot in a marina. The primary advantage of this method is access to the land with a slip or berth to secure your boat.

In all cases, you need to pay the required fees for keeping the boat at the place. It is possible to take:

  • Transient moorings when booking a docking place per day
  • Permanent moorings when booking a docking for the entire season

As you can guess, annual berths are less expensive options, and you will typically pay three to four times less than for renting a berth daily. You can also have an opportunity to buy a berth in some marinas, and prices will vary depending on location.



Location will always significantly affect docking price and depend on standards in the particular region. Typically, prices will be higher in city marinas than in small-town docks.

For instance, a budget-friendly Fort Lauderdale will charge $1.50/ft monthly, while you need to pay $23 for the same boat and period in Miami.

Docking prices in the US

Marina Location Per night Per month (annual) Per month (transient)
Marina Village Palm Beach, Florida $2.9/ft to $3.9 $25/ft to $29/ft $32/ft
Miamarina at Bayside Miami, Florida $5/ft $23/ft $42/ft
Dinner Key Marina Miami, Florida $5/ft $23 to $24/ft $42/ft

Even docks in the same city have different fees. For example, docking a boat in Yacht Haven Marina in Los Angeles is $10.50 to $12.95/ft a year. On the other hand, Marina del Rey in the same city will charge $192 and $240/ft per year.

The same is overseas. The highly desirable Mediterranean has high slip fees, while marinas in the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Africa will be more affordable. However, you can expect that Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Singapore as key cities are expensive.


Slip cost in the US and Canada

Slip cost in the US and Canada

Most boat owners look for seasonal or annual slips. You can pick out:

Regular docking slip

It is a berth in a small marina located in local towns along the coastline. An average boat slips rental cost in such a place is typically $2 to $3 per hour.

If you want to stay overnight, you should pay $4 to $6 for this service. On the other hand, it is necessary to set aside $20 to $25/ft for a monthly bill or $23 or $24/ft when you need a spot for a year.

In this case, you will have a spot for your boat but without premium services available or direct access to the most famous sailing waters. However, it is an excellent solution when you don’t plan to stay long.

Prime location

These marinas are located in cities and famous bays in Florida, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. They are more costly but typically offer premium services and quick access to popular sailing waters. Premium services include:

  • Boat maintenance and necessary repairs
  • Fuel station
  • On-site restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Laundry service
  • Wi-Fi and TV
  • Docking assistance
  • Wintering cleaning and storage

Winterizing a boat can cost you a few hundred dollars, but the most expensive marinas can charge even $2,000 for this service.


Slips costs in Europe

Slips costs in Europe

Since the Mediterranean is a popular destination, you should count on high slips costs. Depending on location, you will need to pay annual fees of:

  • $50 to $450/ft (€135 – €1,350 per meter) per year in France
  • $75 to $175/ft (€225 – €525 per meter) per year in Greece
  • $100 to $440/ft (€285 – €1,350 per meter) per year in Italy
  • $160 to $350/ft (€435 – €1,050 per meter) per year in Croatia

Docking prices in the Mediterranean

Country The most expensive marina Max price
Italy (Capri) Marina Grande €4.5 per m2 ($0.5 per sq ft)
France Port Saint Tropez €3.5 per m2 ($0.4 per sq ft)
Spain Marina Ibiza €3.5 per m2 ($0.4 per sq ft)
Croatia Marina Rovinj €3.1 per m2 ($0.35 per sq ft)
Montenegro Porto Montenegro €2 per m2 ($0.2 per sq ft)
Greece Gouvia Marina €1.2 per m2 ($0.1 per sq ft)

Greece has not many marinas since Greeks prefer free or cheap moorings and anchorages. On the other hand, you should count on a $4,500 annual fee in Italy and France on average if you have a 32 feet (9.75 m) long yacht.

Remember that prices will vary depending on the marina in the same country. For instance, the most costly port in France is the Old Port of Saint Tropez. It is double in price than the Port of Cannes.

The most expensive marinas worldwide are in Monaco, so you will need to pay $9,000 to $43,500 for a slip monthly. However, a rate can reach up to $100,000 per month during the Grand Prix.

European marinas with the highest mooring fees

Country Marina High season Low season
Italy (Capri) Marina Grande €200 ($225.5) daily €130 ($145) daily
Croatia Marina Rovinj €150 ($170) daily €115 ($130) daily
France Port Saint Tropez €135 ($150) daily €25 ($28) daily
Spain Marina Ibiza €105 ($120) daily €28 ($30) daily
Monaco Port Hercule €90 ($100) daily €53 ($60) daily
Montenegro Porto Montenegro €65 ($75) daily €30 ($35) daily
Greece Gouvia Marina €45 ($50) daily €25 ($28) daily

Most marinas in Europe have high and low seasons because of harsh weather in winter. In this case, renting a mooring can cost you 70% less in the low season.

The peak season in this destination is from July to the beginning of September, making this period the most expensive in the year.




Be prepared that boat size is everything when it comes to docking prices, and most marinas will charge their fees by your boat length in feet/meters.

Be prepared that marinas measure your boat differently, so you should be careful when calculating. You can recognize four measurements by feet:

  • LOA (length over all/over air)
  • LOH (hull length)
  • LOD (deck length)
  • LWL (the loaded length at the waterline)

LOH is a documented boat size without extended non-living spaces, like the swim platform or bow pulpit. However, it is not the same as the space your boat will take up in the marina, so you will typically pay a fee regarding LOA.

To make things more complicated, there are a few LOA variances. That is the boat length from the bow spirit tip to the swim platform in most cases. However, some marinas also include dinghy length.

Keep in mind that a marina can charge a higher rate for wider boats like Catamaran. An average width for a slip is 16 to 20 feet (5 – 6 m), and you will pay an additional fee for a wider vessel.

Average prices in the US per boat length

Typically, you will pay more for a longer boat. For instance, the dockage fee in the US can be only $150 a year for regular anchorage if you have a 30 feet (9 m) long boat. The price will be $800 at a standard dock and $5,120 in prime locations.

On the other hand, the annual price of regular anchorage will be $250 for a 40 feet (12 m) long vessel. You will need to pay $1,280 a year for a standard dock, while prime locations charge about $7,200 annually.

Annual docking costs per boat length

Boat length 24 feet (7.5 m) 32 feet (9.75 m) 40 feet (12 m) 48 feet (14.5 m) 72 feet (22 m)
Regular anchorage $150 $150 $250 $250 $250
Regular dock $290 $800 $1,280 $1,900 $3,600
Prime-location dock $2,900 $5,100 $7,200 $9,600 $17,300

Remember that marinas always offer a discount on slips for docking a boat during the year. If you want to get a permanent spot for an average 24 to 72 feet (7.5 – 22 m) long boat, you should count on an average slips that will cost you:

  • $12 to $50/ft per year for regular docking slip
  • $120 to $240/ft per year for prime locations like Florida and Los Angeles
  • $102/ft per year for a prime Toronto dock location
  • $192 to $384/ft per year in Marina del Rey, one of the most expensive marinas

You should also set aside an additional $25 to $50 deposit for a car parking card and security key. Remember that docking a Catamaran is always about 20% more costly because this boat type takes up more space.




Night vs. month docking

Marina costs are typically two to even five times the cost of an average RV campground when you need overnight docking. However, marinas and local RV parks have similar monthly prices.

In most cases, you will need to pay $20 to $45 for transient moorings per night in the US, regardless of the boat’s length.

Marinas are often cooperative when staying a few days more than a paid week or month. They will charge you a daily rate based on the previous rate in most cases.

Unfortunately, some marinas will charge a higher rate for an extended period, so you need to be informed to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Long term docking

Many marinas are liveaboard friendly, and you can ask for long-term storage for discounted rates. There is no rule about pricing, and savings can be considerable or only a few percent.


Things to Consider Before Docking

Things to Consider Before Docking

Once you start looking for a slip for docking in a marina, you should calculate a few things, like:

Docking or mooring – A mooring and anchorage are excellent options for you if you prefer getting privacy. On the other hand, docking is a more secure option.

Availability – Be aware that a few top-rated marinas have waiting lists, particularly at peak season. Therefore, you need to pay a waiting list deposit to get in. For instance, the famous Marina del Rey will charge $150 for that service.

Travel time – You should know in advance how long you want to travel. That will determine a marina location, significantly affecting the final price you should pay.

Marina accessibility – You should check on time whether a mooring is accessible at any time or at a particular tide time. The second option will significantly reduce costs.

Marina security – A marina should provide a security guard and controlled access to the docks to keep your boat safe.

Marina condition – It is crucial to check how secure is a marina you want to use. Therefore, you should know about large tidal waves or possible strong currents nearby.

Work policy – Many marinas won’t allow access to unknown people for possible professional service. You need to pick out one of their professionals to help you maintain or repair a boat.

Yacht club marinas – Always check whether a marina is within the yacht club. In this case, you need to become a member, which is typically expensive.

Additional charges – Besides regular marina fees, you need to pay a tax in some countries when using it for less than seven months.

Electricity will cost you $10 to $50 per day, and you should add $5 for the pump-out fee. Finally, you should pay a tip of $5 or $10 to a person who will catch the line and help you plug the boat.



Once you decide to purchase a boat, you should consider docking coast beside the vessel price. Berthing fees will depend on the berthing type, boat type and length, location, and season. The price range is wide, and you should expect to pay $80 or even $17,500 for this purpose annually.

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