10 Best Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

Are you in the market for a pontoon boat?

Buying your first boat can be overwhelming. There are so many brands and models from which to choose, in addition to factors such as your lifestyle and budget considerations.

There is no denying that a pontoon is a high-ticket item. So, you want to invest in one that comes with all the bells and whistles that truly meet your needs.

In this guide, I will take you through the 10 best pontoon boat manufacturers. As you will find out, each manufacturer boasts their own technology and custom features. In the end, your choice will depend on the amenities you are looking for in a boat.

So, let’s look at the best pontoon boat manufacturers.

Best Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

1.  SunChaser


SunChaser pontoons have a reputation for being affordable while still delivering on reliability, performance and excellent features.

This manufacturer offers several models from which to choose but their pontoons come with standard, unmistakable features. In every SunChaser pontoon, you can expect a roomy deck with maximum seating capacity, a color coordinated lounge and changing room, under-seat storage, and a durable Bimini top made from anodized frame.

Other standard features include a fiberglass console, windscreen, and fuel gauges.  There is an aerated livewell, bucket swivel helm seats, and a step ladder for easy access. All these features ensure that you stay in the water for longer, while enjoying ultimate comfort and convenience in the company of family and good friends.

2.  Sylvan


Sylvan boat manufacturers are some of the oldest in the industry having started operations in 1903. They take pride in building high-quality, innovative, and affordable boats backed by an impressive warranty and top-of-the class customer service.

Sylvan pontoons are associated with luxury and comfort. In a typical Sylvan pontoon, you will find plush seating including adjustable helm chairs and lounge seats with luxury arms. Your passengers will enjoy a home away from home experience with accessories such as iPod connections, elevated speakers, and integrated cup holders.

The boats are constructed using cross-channel technology for durability and stability. Skid bars protect the pontoon tubes while the vinyl upholstery that adorns the boat’s interior offers premium comfort.

Sylvan pontoons run on the Revolutionary Planing Technology tubes that glide through the water, delivering impressive speeds. No need for extra tubes or additional lifting strakes.

These pontoons are designed with an elevated console for extra legroom and comfort. Other pertinent features include power ports and cradles for your phones, as well an adjustable helm seat.

3.  Harris


Harris are the recipient of numerous awards recognizing the manufacturer’s customer service, innovation, and excellence in the construction of their boats.

This boat manufacturer has come a long way from constructing basic wooden sailboats to building high-tech, sleek pontoons for the modern family looking for luxury, class, and comfort.

Their pontoon boats feature an open floor plan with plenty of room to play, relax, and dine. The plush lounges offer comfortable seating, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings in peace. There is ample storage under the seats where you can keep your gear and personal items.

Harris boats make getting in and out of your vessel safe and fuss-free. A swim platform at the boat’s aft makes it easy to get in and out of the water. This platform can be converted into a sunbed. The boat’s interior consists of safety railings and retractable ladders for maximum safety.

The pontoons built by Harris are not just floating watercraft; the modern models are built with ease of use and agility in mind. Their new boats are significantly easier to operate and boast noticeably higher speeds. The joystick controls and twin engine are just some of the additions that give these boats additional power.

When compared to other manufactures of its class, Harris takes the crown for building maneuverable boats that prioritize safety, versatility, and comfort for the whole family.

4.  Manitou


The mention of Manitou conjures visions of high-end luxury, plush features, and performance. This pontoon boat manufacturer sets itself apart with its use of cutting-edge technology to deliver superior watercraft for the avid fisher, angler, or family that wants a boat for lounging in the weekends.

Manitou pontoon boats come with V-Toon, a patented technology that delivers innovative hull design for greater speeds and more stability and safety on the water. Features such as an innovative center tube and angle lifting strakes give these boats remarkable handling, speed, stability, and ride quality.

With thicker aluminum tubes, raiser, and extruded crossmembers, Manitou has built pontoon models that boast high horsepower, and a robust deck that can withstand the highs and lows of water.

It is also impressive that this manufacturer takes its time to build solid boats out of welded aluminum billet, ensuring that each watercraft delivers on integrity and longevity.

If you are looking for sporty pontoons, Manitou doesn’t disappoint. Its Luxury and Sport boats are built to deliver high levels of control, allowing you to operate your vessel using a smartphone or key fob. From fetching diagnostics to controlling the lights, and even powering the boat on and off, you can do it all at the touch of a button.

5.  Godfrey


Godfrey have made a name for themselves for building simple, functional and practical pontoons for the family on a budget. Still, even with their affordable boats, you get access to top-of-the class features comparable to other boats in their class.

Why choose a Godfrey pontoon boat? For starters, these boats are built with enlarged saddle brackets and tubes, which enhance the ride quality in rough waters. The chambered tubes ensure stability and maximum performance.

The concave-shaped spray rails are the hallmarks of Godfrey pontoon boats. These large, sturdy spray rail direct water away from the boat’s interior, ensuring that passengers are dry and comfortably enjoying the ride. Meanwhile, the rub-rail offers a long-lasting finish around the deck’s edge, protecting your boat from dings and cracks.

Godfrey pontoons feature sealed transoms designed to serve you for many years and backed by a lifetime warranty. The oversized lifting strakes allows the boat to get on plane faster, reducing drag and increasing overall efficiency.

The boats have anodized rails that prevent corrosion and corrugated rail skins that reinforce the boat for a quiet and smooth ride.

6.  Bennington


Founded in 1997, Bennington prides itself in being a leading manufacturer of luxury pontoon boats. The company incorporates design, attention to detail, and innovation into its construction which is evident in the high-quality Bennington boats that many boat lovers desire to own.

What sets Bennington apart is its Thru-Bolt patented technology, in which the bolt’s hull is bolted together as opposed to being screwed together as is the case with other manufacturers. This technology lowers the amount of flex, ensuring a high ride quality that is also safe for your passengers.

Bennington pontoons are built using thick cross channels that deliver ultimate strength. The Bolted deck and M-deck brackets ensure a quiet and stable ride. At the same time, the boat’s aluminum construction provides a rigid and strong outward structure for extra integrity and safety. These pontoons are definitely stronger than single or double welded standard pontoon boats.

The boats come with well-thought out design element including ergonomic lounges and helm seats, moisture and mildew-resistant furniture, iPod and phone ports, self-draining channels and more.

Bennington is so sure of its construction technology and materials used to build their boats that it offers a 10-year bow to stern warranty and a lifetime warranty for the hull and deck.

7.  Sun Tracker

Sun Tracker

Sun Tracker is all about keeping costs low and performance high. The company takes pride in using well-known quality control models such as the Lean Six Sigma process to design high quality features with as minimal impact to the environment while striving to minimize waste and keep costs low.

Being a small and intimate company, Sun Tracker enjoys the ability to build their pontoons in-house. This allows them to control and streamline quality and eliminate extra costs to produce high quality, affordable boats. The use of equipment such as plasma lasers and cutters ensures precision in construction and promotes less waste.

Sun Tracker pontoon boats feature innovative multiple chambered pontoon logs that provide a stable and safe ride. On each log are M-shaped brackets for additional support along the deck.

At the same time, the deck is positioned on top of cross members to support adequate support. Sun Tracker claims that they use more cross members than other manufacturers, ensuring the boat is strong and stable enough to safely stay in the water.

TEK fasteners welded to the Z-bar keep the deck safe and stable in the water. The safety gates open out of the way to ensure user-friendliness. There is also a port gate that offers wheelchair access.

The pontoons’ seating is custom-made in-house using marine-grade upholstery. This prevents moisture and mildew, keeping the seats looking as good as new even after many years of use.

8.  Avalon & Tahoe

Avalon & Tahoe

Avalon started building boats over half a century ago. Even though they are relatively new in the boat building industry, they have done a good job of building a reputation for performance and quality.

This manufacturer takes pride in building pontoons that can be considered a work of art. Each boat is created with special attention to detail, high quality materials, and superior construction. The result is unmatched longevity and performance.

Each pontoon by Avalon comes with the standard features the company has come to be known for. These include wide and full-length crossbeams that offer ultimate support and stability, keel protectors for better ride quality, and an easy-snap Bimini cover. You will also enjoy plush seating with ample storage, suspension seating, and lifting fins powered by Waveglider technology for a smoother ride.

9.  Princecraft


Princecraft sets the standards for high-quality, high-performance boats. Their pontoons are built for speed and are the ultimate companion for the water-loving adrenaline junkie.

With more than ten configurations to select, you are spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking for a configuration for extended trips, fishing, angling or just lounging in good company, the ideal Princecraft pontoon is waiting for you.

Each Princecraft pontoon features double pontoon tubes that deliver superior maneuverability, comfort and stability on the water. An option to add reinforced tubes and lifting strakes will raise your wide-open throttle speed by a significant margin, allowing you to get to your destination faster.

The sportier pontoon in this line features an outboard motor with up to 200 horsepower. Lifting strakes, tubes noses, and bow central logs will power your boat to unimaginable planning speeds. This is the ideal option for the water-sports fan.

Other features that make Princecraft pontoon boats worthwhile include reinforced pressure points, which deflect the impact from waves and other objects in the water, ensuring a smoother and better ride quality. With hydraulic steering, you can safely and comfortably maneuver the boat at high speeds.

Avalon and Tahoe pontoons are your best choice for boats that can be customized to your lifestyle and personal needs.

10.  Starcraft Marine

Starcraft Marine

Starcraft Marine have been building boats for more than 100 years and have built a tradition of functionality and style. This manufacturer has a wide selection of pontoon boat models whether you are looking for a luxury boat, an over the top sporty boat, or a practical fishing pontoon, there are plenty of options to go around.

Each Starcraft pontoon has the manufacturer’s signature luxurious furniture, top of the class upholstery, various floor plans and configuration, and a convertible swim platform. You get to enjoy elevated consoles and the option to choose the seating layout that best meets your needs.

Other impressive features include walk-through windshields on the different pontoon models, a spacious deck, a stylish Bimini top, docking lights at the bow, swivel fishing seats, and an aerated livewell. Fold-up cleats, V3 gauges, a touch screen display, and lockable storage all add to Starcraft’s appeal as a top-class boat manufacturer.

Summary: 10 Best Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

Not all boat manufacturers are built the same. When planning to purchase a high-ticket item such as a pontoon, it is important to take your time and compare the different brands in the market.

Consider factors such as the company’s reputation and experience, the boat’s performance, ride quality, watercraft integrity, and of course the aesthetics. Comparing the different manufacturers based on such criteria ensures that you get the best pontoon boat your money can buy.

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