27 Boat Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to creating the wow factor for your boat, the interior is just as important as the exterior. And if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re going to look at 27 boat interior ideas to create comfort and visual impact in any kind of space.  And there are loads of tips and tricks you’ll be able to use in your own design scheme.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some fabulous boat interiors …

Boat Interior Ideas

1. Elegant Teak

Elegant Teak

In this elegant interior, the beauty of the natural teak flooring and cabinetry takes center stage. The powder blue upholstery and cream counter add subtle color, whilst keeping the design scheme serene and low key.

The curved sofa makes efficient use of the bow to create a convivial area for rest and chat. And the curved edges of the small kitchen make the best of the compact space.

2. Old-School Luxury

Old-School Luxury

This luxurious yacht interior harks back to olden times, with its dark wood panelling and chrome portholes. The glossy finish to the wood and the pale blue upholstery add light and ensure it’s cosy, rather than oppressive.

The angled edges of the desk and kitchen counter create a comfortable space to move around. And sweet pictures of sea-life add interest to the walls.

Each area is clearly zoned for cooking, eating, lounging, and sleeping.

3. Cosy Charm

Cosy Charm

This beautiful narrowboat interior shows how to create all the charm of a country cottage on the water. Beautiful unfinished timber floorboards, a cast iron wood burner and rustic cabinetry work together for a coherent look.

Every detail here has been carefully chosen – note, for example, the old-fashioned whistling kettle and rag rug. The result is the perfect space to relax and unwind.

4. Classic Cream

Classic Cream

Below deck spaces can be dark, but that’s not the case with this beautiful interior. Although the area is quite small, the use of cream counters and soft furnishings creates a light, airy space.

The polished furniture also helps reflect the light. And curved edges ensure there’s nothing to injure passengers as they move around the cabin.

Clean surfaces and minimalist door furniture add to the sense of space. And we love the clever way a room divider doubles as extra workspace for the kitchen.

5. Comfortable Curves

Comfortable Curves

Curves can be particularly striking in boat interiors, working well with the lower ceiling heights. Here, a table is surrounded by a sofa that, together with a separate bench, almost forms a circle.

This is another case where powder blue has been chosen for the upholstery. Blue is a favorite for maritime interiors, and the pale shade works beautifully in darker spaces.

6. Social Space

Social Space

We love the sociable feel that’s been created inside this elegant sailboat. Two curving sofas with tables provide a comfortable space for people to get together over food and drinks.

Here a white ceiling and pale floor help bounce the light around. That’s allowed a darker shade of blue velvet to be used on the sofas, creating a luxurious feel. Subtle detailing like the chevron woodgrain on the wall panels adds to the upscale finish.

7. Compact and Comfy

Compact and Comfy

This sweet interior shows how some bright accessories can add charm to the smallest of spaces. White upholstery provides a blank canvas against which multicolored cushions really pop. And the colors in the fabrics are echoed in the retro prints on the walls.

Other details add to the nautical charm – a porthole mirror, fishing net curtains and glass floats all work brilliantly.

8. Kitchen With a View

Kitchen With a View

This stylish modern kitchen is configured to make the most of the views from the interior of this catamaran. The high gloss cabinets and white worktops keep the space bright. And the large glass windows tempt the eye to the horizon beyond.

The space isn’t huge, but there’s nevertheless a four-ring hob, oven and separate microwave. And there’s a double sink and generous island. The clever design fits everything in without feeling cramped.

9. Sophisticated Neutrals

Sophisticated Neutrals

This super-elegant interior shows how a neutral color scheme effortlessly creates a feeling of sophistication. The gray and cream cushions work beautifully with the honey-toned cabinetry and flooring. Details like the gray rug tie everything together.

We love the wall-mounted wood-burning stove too. It’s a great way to create a cosy atmosphere without taking up valuable floor space.

10. Spotlight on Luxury

Spotlight on Luxury

Lighting can add a whole new dimension to your boat interior. In this stylish cabin, an array of spotlights on the ceiling highlight sparkling accents like the chrome pedestals. The contrast with the matte upholstery creates a feeling of high-end glamor.

And this is another interior where opposing seating creates a sociable space. This would be the perfect spot to get together for evening drinks.

11. Glamorous Cruising

Glamorous Cruising

The curved lines and quality finish in this glamorous cruiser interior make the best of every inch of space. And a combination of recessed spotlights and downlighters creates a snug and cosy atmosphere.

Adding plants can be a very effective way to add softness to what might otherwise be a masculine space. Here a small potted ivy brings a touch of shore-life below deck.

12. Dramatic Contrasts

Dramatic Contrasts

We love the way this cruiser interior uses strong colors for a dramatic look. There’s no sign of the usual marine blue here. Instead, black wall cabinets and sofa backs contrast with cream upholstery and white walls.

The look works because the dark shades don’t overpower the space. The lower cabinets are finished in natural wood, and the countertops are white. And there are plenty of spotlights at both floor and ceiling height to maintain the light levels.

13. Dual Levels

Dual Levels

This luxurious yacht interior shows how using different levels can get the best from a small space. An upper platform provides a comfortable lounging spot, whilst the kitchen and dining area are below. And whilst they’re right next to each other, the varied heights provide an illusion of space.

The caramel upholstery, polished wooden cabinetry and white walls work beautifully together. The result is a calm and relaxing cabin.

14. Maritime Chic

Maritime Chic

This interior is open to the elements. That means everything here has to be weatherproof – as well as smart enough to impress passers-by!

The navy and white pinstriped upholstery looks super-smart, as well as hiding any stains. And the contrast with the white walls and polished wood creates a luxurious and unmistakeably nautical look.

15. Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

This stylish contemporary kitchen shows you don’t need a large space to include showstopping design elements. We love the contrast between the walnut cabinetry and white walls. And adding spotlights around the top of the cupboards turns the whole kitchen into a focal point.

Clever touches make the most of the available space. Mounting the microwave on the wall frees up counter space. And the basin cover provides extra room for food preparation.

16. Luxury Facilities

Luxury Facilities

Few things spell out luxury on your boat quite as well as a stylish head! And this boat interior has it in spades.

The staircase separates a commode and basin from a wet room, all with matching fixtures. A large mirror helps create a feeling of space in the WC. And spotlights in the ceiling provide bright light without impeding headroom.

Plants work particularly well in bathrooms – on water as well as on land. Here a small plant in a rattan container adds to the spa-like feel.

17. Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition

Pale wood can create a stunning interior, as in this attractive cabin. The blonde tones don’t absorb the light, and they look great punctuated with contrasting dark doors.

The small kitchen nevertheless manages to fit in a good-sized fridge and freezer. Its stainless steel doors work perfectly with the metal surrounds and frosted glass of the wall cupboards.

18. Superior Lounging

Superior Lounging

We love the way the generous interior space here has been given over to luxury. The two modular low-level sofas follow the lines of the boat, leading the eye out onto the deck. Mounting the TV at an angle allows it to be viewed by those in any seating position.

The central table is hinged to provide an extra-long surface, but it’s narrow enough not to obstruct walkways. And we love its decorative compass motif.

19. Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic

This cleverly styled interior showcases how effective lighting can be at creating zones within your space.

The downlighting in the kitchen area provides a bright space that’s perfect for cooking and washing up. But in the lounge area, the lighting is more subdued, creating a tranquil and relaxing ambience.

20. Stylish and Elegant

Stylish and Elegant

This fabulous boat interior has all the elegance and comfort of a high-end hotel.

The look is achieved by keeping the color scheme simple and consistent. Walls, carpet and upholstery are all the same shade of cream. Cabinetry and beams are all finished in the same honey-colored teak.

An entertainment center and cabinets act as functional yet beautiful room dividers. And generous sofas invite you to kick off your shoes and relax.

21. Silver Accents

Silver Accents

This unusual interior shows that bold choices can work brilliantly. Galvanized metal trunks make striking coffee tables, while aluminum panels on the armchairs add to the space age look.

The silver tones are replicated in the rug, and even in the outdoor seating on deck. The result is both unique and stylish.

22. Captain’s Table

Captain’s Table

In this boat interior, the captain’s seat is integrated with the on-board living area. Matching cream upholstery on both the captain’s chair and adjacent sofa keeps the space feeling coherent.

Spotlights cast a warm glow over the space, making it feel snug and cosy. And cabinets along the side walls provide plenty of discreet storage.

23. Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

We love the way this elegant interior transitions smoothly onto the deck, creating a feeling of space. Smart chrome accents add sparkle – whether from the stylish table legs, the kitchen faucet, or the cabinet handles.

The cream cabinets have a smart gloss finish to bounce around the light. The contrast with the matte cream upholstery makes the sofas seem even more inviting.

24. Glossy Finish

Glossy Finish

This interior highlights the way that combining matte and gloss finishes can create a feeling of luxury. The woodwork here has a deep lacquer – almost a mirror finish. It could appear gaudy, but against the matte cream sofas it instead looks incredibly classy.

A couple of cushions add a pop of color to the design scheme. And a white ceiling with multiple spotlights adds a sense of height.

25. Cool Blue

Cool Blue

In this interior, blue accents are paired with white leather upholstery to create a classic nautical palette. The blue here appears in the accessories – everything from a sweet ceramic vase to elegant rugs, cushions and throws. The result is a crisp, fresh look.

A glass-topped coffee table is both useful and beautiful. Chrome legs mirror the guardrail beyond the windows. And because the light travels right through the glass, it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the space.

26. Ultra High End

Ultra High End

The interior of this luxury yacht shows what can be achieved if money is no object. All the items of furniture here are one-off creations. We adore the unusual bar and matching coffee table, their curves reminiscent of a beehive.

Cream leather upholstery tones perfectly with the blonde wood. And large vases of orchids enhance the glamorous look.

27. Space for Entertaining

Space for Entertaining

This spacious interior includes several features we’ve seen in other schemes. Luxurious cream leather upholstery? Check. Highly varnished surfaces? Check. And a glass topped coffee table to avoid the space looking cluttered. Check, check, check.

But there are quirkier touches too. We love the metallic upholstery on the 1920s shaped armchairs. And the spectacular chandelier above the dining table is a pleasing addition to the more usual spotlights.

This interior shows that you can mix different design ideas to create a unique and spectacular result.

Feeling Inspired?

That brings us to the end of our look at 27 boat interior ideas. From glamorous yachts to charming narrowboats, there are designs here for every taste and budget.

Whether you’re planning your own project, or are just keen to see what’s possible, we hope you’ve enjoyed our tour. And who knows – perhaps soon you’ll be applying some of the ideas to your own boat.

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