Bass Hunter Boats vs. Jonny Boats vs. Aleko: Which Is Best?

Have you ever found the best fishing boat around as the best angler you are? Well, you must have come across either Aleko, Jonny, or Bass Hunter boats, but which one among the three is the best?

Relax; you are the right place for your answers! Here, we’ll cover everything about Bass Hunter boats vs. Jonny boats vs. Aleko.

You have to use the best boats to get a good fishing venture like any other fishing tool. Always consider your budget, the boat’s performance, and how you can handle it.

Sometimes, you have to pick on the best ones to suit your interests. So, let’s get deeper and see which one will be best for you.

What is a Bass Hunter Boat?

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These vast boats give you balance on the water as you fish. For over 40 years, the Bass Hunter firm has been making great fishing boats.

The boats are molded in one piece to make them stable and sturdy. This solid piece comes through the use of superior molding technology.

Unlike some other firms, Bass Hunter doesn’t make their items using the top and bottom half by gluing them together. Remember, using a boat made from many pieces isn’t safe. The pieces can break away and make you drown in the waters.

Also, the boats will give you comfort because they come with many specs. So, they are one of the best small boats to help your fish on a pond or lake.

What is a Jonny Boat?

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With Jonny boats, they come with the modern aspects of boats. It’s because the firm makes them using the Kayak technology.

So, a Jonny boat comes as a hybrid between Kayak tech and the classic boats. Also, the vessel has the looks of a Jon Boat.

You can change it to whichever way you want it to look. Jonny Boat’s firm aims to give you the best feeling as you fish in the waters.

Remember, these boats shouldn’t confuse you. Sometimes Jonny boats look like a skiff, a kayak, a speed boat, or a powerboat.

What are Aleko Boats?

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If you love to fish on inflatable boats, pick on the Aleko boats. Since 2005, the Aleko Family has been making Aleko boats and other fishing items. The firm is in Washington State.

It means you can be sure that these boats will care about your fishing needs. Many anglers love them because they give great specs at lower prices.

Besides fishing, you can also use this boat for water sports, family events, and even holidays. It won’t matter if it will be your first time or not; this boat will always excite you. You’ll never hate their quality.

The Aleko boats allow you to use them on salty or freshwater. Aleko wants you to enjoy fishing in every type of small water mass.

Bass Hunter Boats vs. Jonny Boats vs. Aleko – The Difference in Their Specs

It’s open that these boats have different features that keep them apart. So, below are the specs that will make you fall for either of these boats.

1. Machine to Use


Before buying any boat, it’s safe to know the type of motor it can hold. So, let’s see the engines these boats can use.

  • Bass Hunter Boats

Even if they are solid and stable, the outboard motors are the ones to suit these boats. Choose an engine with a thrust of 55 lbs.

These boats need motors with horsepower ranging from 2 to 5. You’ll also need an extension kit to fit the engine.

The boat doesn’t come with a machine, so you have to buy it. Don’t forget that you can paddle or row the boats.

  • Jonny Boats

Jonny boats allow you to use outboard motors that are either gas or electric powered. As for the gas-powered, choose the ones with a 2.5 horsepower rating.

Choose the electric-powered motors with a 3-horsepower rating. You’ll need to buy these machines at an extra cost.

  • Aleko

The boats come with two aluminum oars when you buy them. But you can place an outboard motor that is less than 150 lbs.

If you want your boat to move faster, choose a 15 inches short outboard shaft. Remember, it can balance well on your boat.

2. The Body


You can be sure that all these three boats have a great body both inside and outside. But which one among the three will impress you?

  • Bass Hunter Boats

All models of Bass Hunter boats have a great make to give you’re a great fishing experience. The firm makes these boats with bucket seats, grab handles, storage bags, and deep sidewalls.

You’ll have an easy time when you go fishing. But you’ll need a truck to transport it. Remember, it’s not the same for the Aleko and Jonny boats, which you can quickly move to your garage.

Remember, the materials of the body are durable. So, you can even hit some rocks, but you’ll still be safe.

  • Jonny Boats

The bodies of these boats are also firm and aim to give you an easy time on the waters. Expect the vessel to have storage for the deck rod and open bow, cup holders, a rod tip acre, among other specs.

Also, the seat foam on these bodies will give you more comfort. You’ll also get a big store to keep your items on the boat.

These boats have sturdy handles to help you carry the boats easily. So, you can move them to your garage after using them on the waters.

  • Aleko

Here, the bodies will depend on the style you’ll choose. All of them are inflatable, but the difference comes from the floor. The models have either aluminum, wood, or air floors.

Remember, all the Aleko boats’ bodies have rod holders and good leg space. The wood floors have keel chambers between the base and outer layer. It makes the boat more rigid.

It’s safe to choose the ones with aluminum floors if you plan to inflate your boats for long. Also, the air floor middles are only marvelous during hot weather.

3. Stability

When choosing a fishing boat, pick something that will keep you safe and steady on the waters. Well, you are about to find out how these boats differ in these aspects.

  • Bass Hunter Boats

If you are looking for the strongest fishing boat amongst the three, choose the Bass Hunter boats. These boats are one of the best to help you fish, especially on lakes and ponds.

The vessels are long and wide. Most Bass Hunters models range from 8 to 10.5 feet long and 4 to 4.5 feet wide.

They’ll allow you to carry some weights as you fish. So, you won’t see the boats dangling from one place to another.

  • Jonny Boats

Every boat at least 10 feet long, like the Jonny boats, is stable. Be sure that Jonny boats will always be steady on the waters but not like the Bass Hunter ones.

So, the strength of these boats will be best when you use them for short distances. Also, they’ll be great in the Kayak fishing competitions.

Remember, they’ll only be safe to handle one person at a time. The boat also gives you flexible foot pegs to make you more stable as you ride.

  • Aleko

The boats will give you an outstanding balance on the waters. It’s because most of them are 8.4 to 12.5 feet long. This size is long enough to make them stable.

Also, these long sizes show that the boats can carry 1 to 6 people at a go. So, it allows many people to fish simultaneously, unlike the Jonny boats, which can only hold one person.

4. Styles and Colors


Besides checking on the quality of a boat, you would also love to get a vessel with different colors and styles. Keep reading to see what these boat brands offer you.

  • Bass Hunter Boats

Expect the Bass Hunter boats to be in many colors and models. These boats have different sizes and the number of people they can hold. You can get the Bass Bay boat, Bass Hunter EX, or the Bass Hunter BH-120

  • Jonny Boats

The Jonny boats only come in one model. It’s the Bass 100 kayak boat.

Also, you shouldn’t expect much when it comes to colors since they are only 4: army green, charcoal, orange, and blue-gray. But among the three boats, Jonny boats allow you to modify how they look in any way you want.

  • Aleko

Here, the styles will vary with the type of floor, sizes, and motors you can use. The ones with the aluminum floor are in black, red-black, dark green, hunters, and camouflage.

Air floors come in blue, black, gray, and red-black. As for the wood floor, there is green, red-black, camouflage, gray, and blue.

5. Price


Finally, it’s essential to look at the costs before getting any boat. If you are on a budget, you’ll have to restrict your freedom.

  • Bass Hunter Boats

The prices will depend on the model and color you’ll choose. Bass baby boats and Bass Hunter EX will cost you $1049. You’ll part with $1199 to get the Bass Hunter BH-120.

  • Jonny Boats

These boats aren’t costly in the current market. Since it only has one variety, the price is the same.

Expect them to cost you at least $999. If you want to change how these boats look, it’s when now you’ll spend more dollars.

  • Aleko

You can get the Aleko Air floor boats from as low as $619. As for the wood floor boats, the prices are $699. If you want the aluminum floor ones, they range from $1089.


The three boats, Aleko, Bass Hunter, and Jonny boats, are great for fishing. Your choice among the three will vary with your budget and interests.

Bass Hunter and Aleko boats come in many styles and colors. But it’s different for the Jonny boats.

If you love to customize your boat, choose Jonny boats. Remember, all the three don’t come with engines, you’ll have to buy them.

So, what’s your choice among the three boats? Please share with us your thoughts.

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