10 Best Deep V Fishing Boats

As an angler, would you love to own a boat that would go through water waves with ease? Which are these fishing crafts with a deep v body?

You are about to know more about the vessels. Here, we’ll talk of the 10 deep v fishing boats.

These crafts will always be stable while sailing at low or high speeds. Once a boat is stable, you can fish with more ease.

Most of them are cheap and with excellent specs. Deep v fishing boats also give you one of the best angles to allow access to the waters and fish.

These boats also move fast on different waters. Here’s more info about the deep v fishing vessels.

deep v hull boats Fishing Boats

1. 1950 Super Hawk

Like its name, expect this boat to move as fast as a hawk on water. The 1950 Super Hawk’s specs will interest you even if you aren’t into fishing.

It has a length of 19.9 feet and a 9.8-feet beam. This size shows that the boat can hold up to nine people.

You’ll have cozy leather seats on this boat and a cockpit depth of 2.6 feet. Your fishing experience will be fun.

Here, your boat will use an outboard engine. The HP output ranges from 150 to 225.

Also, this boat from the Crestliner firm will ensure you get much entertainment. The 1950 Super Hawk has a stereo Boss Bluetooth player. You can listen to cool music as you fish.

You’ll get breaker switches, port, glove box, three places to keep your rods, and two live wells. These items will help you enjoy fishing.

Remember, you can also use the boat to party with friends and for sports. You’ll have six drink holders and a throw tray.

Also, the boat has four other storage places for your stuff. The deep v aluminum hull will suit you for the watersports. 1950 Super Hawk also comes with the basic 4000 LB trailer.

2. Smoker Craft Pro Angler 171 XL

This deep v hull boat is one of the best of the Smoker Craft’s boats. The vessel has a simple look that will help you enjoy your time on the water.

Besides using it for fishing, the Smoker Craft can also be a nice vessel for family activities. There’s much space on it to allow you to do your small events.

The boat’s split rear bench will make you enjoy your time. Under the bench, there is a 25-gallon live well.

Also, for your fishing, there’s a bait bucket. This boat has a gunnel system to help you keep your fishing tools like the rod holders.

As the angler, your bow and stern are higher. It’s to help you have a better view of the water as you fish.

This vessel uses an outboard engine with an output of 150 hp. So, the fuel capacity is 22 gallons of gas.

Smoker Craft 171 XL has a length of 17.3 feet. Expect it to carry up to seven people.

3. Legend 20 XTR Troller

Legend 20 XTR Troller
Image Credit: masselsmarine

The troller carries many specs to help you get the best time from your waters. So, it’s more of a fishing boat.

Some features are on this XTR Troller aren’t on any other deep v small boat. You’ll have a captain’s chair on this boat and swimming place.

This captain’s seat is in a way that will allow the driver to have the best view of the waters. It means you can use it for watersports.

When it comes to fishing, with the Legend 20 XTR Troller, you’ll get a depth finder. You’ll also have two deluxe rode holders.

Legend Troller has a live well on the boat’s deck that holds 37 gallons of water. The tools will help you know the right spot to fish in the waters.

Also, this Troller’s hull has a strong aluminum body. Your boat’s quality will last for a long time.

You won’t miss having some entertainment on this vessel. There are two speakers to listen to your favorite songs.

This boat has 20 feet with a beam of 9.7 feet. It can hold from 4 to 6 people on board.

4. Skeeter WX2200

Skeeter WX2200
Image Credit: theboatcenter

Yes, this vessel might seem very small but will do well on the waters. When you are looking for a boat to help you in sport fishing, choose the Skeeter WX2200.

The only parts on this boat with aluminum are the grid inserts. So, expect the other parts of this boat to have fiberglass. Remember, the body has a Hamby’s Keel protector.

Skeeter WX2200 comes with a Humminbird Helix GPS tracker. As for your entertainment, you’ll have Bluetooth stereo speakers.

Since it’s a fishing boat, you’ll have two live wells to help you. One holds 25 gallons, while the other one holds 9 gallons.

You’ll also store your stuff and the rods in the center box. The box has mega tubes.

This craft uses a Yamaha T9.9 kicker outboard engine. It can give out a maximum of 300 HP. Also, its gas tank can carry 51 gallons.

Skeeter WX2200 is 22 feet long and with a beam of 9.9 feet. So, it can carry up to six people and weighs 1760 lbs.

Expect the boat to have a beautiful interior. Its firm builds the boat in many colors. Besides fishing, you can use the boat for swimming and have some food and drinks with your folks.

5. The 1850 Raptor

The 1850 Raptor
Image Credit: itboat

With 18 feet, this boat with an aluminum hull will push you through the water waves. Besides the water waves, the weather problems won’t affect you that much.

You’ll also be comfortable as you fish. This fishing boat has seats that will give you the best angle to reach the waters.

The seats and the steering wheel are comfortable. So, the driver and the passengers will enjoy the trip on this boat.

1850 Raptor has a beam of 8 feet. Only seven people can fit on this boat. It has a transom height of 2.1 feet. Expect to carry a weight of up to 1700 lbs. The boat has Yamaha or Mercury engines. Its gas tank has a capacity of 32 gallons.

Also, there are many other specs to make you enjoy fishing using this boat. The 1850 Raptor has a wide deck with ample storage. There’s a 12-tube illuminated rod locker.

There are two live wells to keep your fish. Each comes with a quality console.

These specs make the boat best for fishing competitions. Sometimes, the wide deck can help you enjoy swimming in shallow waters.

6. 2050 Commander

2050 Commander
Image Credit: kenssportsgreenbay

Still from the Crestliner boat firm, the 2050 commanders will carry you through the freshwater areas. It doesn’t matter whether there are waves or not.

This boat has 18.8 feet and can hold from six to eight people. It comes with a 7.1-feet beam.

Expect it to use an outboard engine to move. These motors can give an output of at least 90 HP.

The gas tank can hold up to 33 gallons. 2050 Commander also has the basic 3000 LB trailer.

The boat’s aluminum hull makes it strong to move on different waters. It will also make the boat last for many years.

As for the anglers, the boat has an aluminum console, rod handles, and live wells. This boat can handle the strong waters because of the tough windshield.

Your boat will come with comfortable leather seats. Expect to have fun as you swim, fish, or even tour the waters. It also has a boarding ladder.

Besides, the boat comes in different colors. So, you’ll be able to choose what will please you.

7. Cobalt R3

Here, you’ll get many features on a small craft. The boat’s deep v hull allows the boat to move very fast on different waters. Expect it to move on the roughest waters without shaking or rolling.

Cobalt R3’s deck is small, but there’ll be much foot space for everyone on board. So, as you move, you’ll always feel cozy.

There are leather seats on the boat to make you feel nice. As for your entertainment, the boat has Transom speakers and a stereo remote. You’ll always love the boat’s beauty.

It has a length of 23.1 feet and an 8.6-feet beam. Expect it to hold up to 12 people. You’ll get a live well with a freshwater capacity of 10 gallons. Cobalt R3 gives you much space to allow you to fish easily.

This boat has an anchor locker and a bow scuff made of steel. There’s also an extended running surface to give you space to fish.

Another tool to help you are the stainless-steel Ski Pylon. Never worry about the sun as you fish because the boat has a Bimini top.

8. Lowe 1810 Machine Pro WT

Lowe 1810 Machine Pro WT
Image Credit: boatguide

This craft from the Lowe boat firm is one of the best for sport fishing. Also, it suits those who love to the river, lakes, and offshore to fish.

The leather seats have enough foot space for everyone. Remember, Lowe is a boat firm that cares about buyers’ comfort.

Lowe 1810 WT will give you a bow and stern to help you during your fishing activities. Also, you’ll have one large live well on each deck to keep your fish fresh.

Expect to get enough space for the stuff you’ll have onboard. There’s a locking center and rod locker to give you an easy time as you fish.

It comes with a deep v aluminum hull. The windshield is strong to protect the driver and for a clearer vision.

Lowe 1810 WT uses an outboard engine with a maximum output of at least 150 HP. The tank’s gas capacity is 26 gallons.

The boat can hold seven people. Remember, these boats come in many models.

9. StarCraft Renegade 178 DC

StarCraft Renegade 178 DC
Image Credit: powerboating

StarCraft Renegade 178 DC fishing boat has a beautiful design. It has some specs that help in many tournaments. Also, it’s one of the best-budgeted boats with amazing specs.

It has an aluminum deep v hull to help it move one many types of waters. The boat’s sides have a solid 0.080-gauge side.

You’ll also get two bow decks that can hold only two fishers. Each deck side has a strong windshield.

The Renegade boat has two live wells. One holds 18 gallons, while the other holds 25 gallons of water. You’ll also have a bait bucket to help you get more fish.

Expect to have ample storage space for your fishing gear on the boat. There’s also a rod locker, each with six tubes.

Your comfort is key on this boat. StarCraft also has a split-bench seat and a cozy hull. It will give everyone on board a smooth ride. Remember, it can only carry seven people.

This boat uses an outboard engine with a 150 HP output. The fuel capacity of the gas tank is 22 gallons.

10. Ranger VX1888 WT

Ranger VX1888 WT
Image Credit: boatingmag

Getting this boat means you’ll have a powerful beast on water. You can use it even in the roughest water waves.

You’ll have the true feeling of a deep v hull when you use this Ranger boat. Also, besides the hull’s shape, the Ranger WT has an aluminum hull.

There is no part of this boat that has wood. So, the vessel will be strong for a long time.

Besides giving you balance on the water as you fish, you’ll get much fishing gear. Expect to have the rod holder and live wells.

Ranger VX1888 WT is 5.77 meters long and with a 2.59 meters beam. Only up to seven people can fit on this small beast.

Don’t worry about the state of your fish. This vessel has a fiberglass cooler on the floor. Remember, this isn’t a feature you’ll get on any craft.

The boat uses the outboard 4-stroke Evinrude, Mercury, or Yamaha motor. It can move at high speeds.

You can also use this boat for sports or swimming. There’s a Bluetooth stereo onboard to play cool music. It also has a storage box for your items.


The deep V fishing boats are the best to help you fish in the deep waters. Most have an aluminum body, while some have a fiberglass hull.

These vessels can go through strong water currents and at high speeds. They come with powerful outboards that have less fuel capacity.

Their interiors are beautiful and with ample space. It shows you can use the vessel for other things besides fishing.

Remember, these crafts can be great for your small family. It will vary with your interest in the boat you want.

So, which deep v fishing boat amongst all these has touched you? Feel free to tell us your choice.

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