11 Best Family Boats for the Money

Does it ever get hard for you to pick the best cheap boat for your family? Which crafts will help your folks make pining memories for many years?

Well, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Here, we’ll tell you about the eleven family boats for the money.

These vessels are cozy and with many specs. They also come in many sizes to fit your family size.

Each boat can do many things because of its features. What you’ll choose will vary with how your family will use the boat.

Most boats that fit family use are pontoons, decks, consoles, bowriders, and cruisers. Let’s now see what these boat models can offer.

Best affordable boats for families

1. Cobalt 23SC

Cobalt 23SC
Image Credit: itboat

The Cobalt 23SC is the best boat for a family that loves watersports. This craft has beauty, size, and performance.

It has a V hull and a powerful motor to move at fast speeds. Cobalt 23SC’s Mercury or Yamaha Outboard machine allows you to ride on even much shallow waters.

Also, this bowrider is 23.2 feet long and with a beam that’s 8.6 feet. So, it can hold even up to 12 people at a go. You can use it to fish, party, or swim.

Cobalt 23SC comes with a sun pad to help you sun-bask, a flexible backrest, and storage places. You’ll have a place to keep food and drinks.

There’s a fiberglass Kevlar hull, cockpit liner, and steel windshield braces. It shows that this boat is strong.

Its engine will always need 59 gallons to be full. Cobalt firm sells this boat cheaply even with all these specs. You’ll only pay $67 626 to get this boat.

2. Bayliner Element E16

Bayliner Element E16
Image Credit: kenssportsgreenbay

Your family can also enjoy the beauty of the waters using one of the boats from the Bayliner family. This deck boat has ample space to hold many of your folks.

The Bayliner Element E16 goes for only $15,806. So, you don’t have to be rich to go for it.

Remember, this firm is famous for making quality and lasting crafts. Each boat comes with specs that will make you enjoy the waters. Element E16 suitable for small parties, fishing, and even swimming.

Also, expect to find comfort and safety features. Riding this boat won’t be tricky since it’s easy to handle.

Element E16 comes in 2017, 2019, and 2022 models. Bayliner gives you’re a vessel with one of the latest specs in the market.

This boat is 16-feet long and has a 7.42-feet beam with a fiberglass hull. Element 16’s tank only needs 12 gallons to be full.

The costs will vary with the model you’ll pick. For example, the 2017 model goes for $17000.

3. Chaparral 2021 19 SSI

It’s one of the best bowriders you can get on a budget. The Chaparral 2021 19 SSI is sleek and with a steel body.

Expect it to have many storage places and quality leather seats. It has 19.4 feet, and a 7.6 feet beam. With 2540 lbs., the boat only carries 11 passengers.

Also, on the Chaparral, expect to get a great audio stereo. Play some great music as you move along the waters.

Its deck has a vast place and a ladder to help your family swim. Since it has ample space, you can also use it to have a party and fish.

There are stainless steel drink holders and grab handles. You can get this vessel in various colors.

All these specs will cost you at least $34,195. The cost includes a trailer.

4. Everglades 235 CC

Everglades 235 CC
Image Credit: sportfishingmag

You and your family will enjoy the most from this boat’s flexibility. Here, you’ll get a big sun pad and a bow ladder.

Everglades 235 CC is the best vessel to tour an island. While on water, the boat’s specs allow you to fish, sun-basking, party, and do sports.

You’ll have a fishing box, a live well of 27 gallons, rod holders, and a yeti cooler on this boat. Also, the seats will give you the best angles to help you fish.

Remember, this craft best suits anyone who loves fishing. Don’t worry if only one person in the family enjoys fishing. The other members will also have a lot of fun.

The boat is 24-feet long and with a beam that’s 8.6 feet. Its interior parts are beautiful and with potent materials.

Expect to get amazing LED lights. Also, you’ll get the boat in many colors. Its latest model goes for $169,329.

5. Bayliner Trophy T20CX

Still, on the Bayliner family boats, you’ll get a Bayliner Trophy T20CX for your family. This boat in the Trophy Series goes for at least $35 046.

While the other family members enjoy their party on the water, you can also enjoy fishing. It’s because the T20CX has many specs to bring joy on board.

It has a deep V-hull, live wells, rod holders, an aft bench, a bow for longing, and a dry riding area. So, your trip will be cozy.

Also, your family will love it because of the simple design on the outside and inside. Cleaning it will be easy.

The boat is 20.6-feet long. It also has a beam of 8-feet long. So, it can carry up to 8 people.

You’ll have powerful outboard motors that give 175 HP to move the boat. Expect to use a few gallons to fill the tank.

If you love to explore and sport, this model will help you. Bayliner gives you an optional ski tow.

Like other Bayliner boats, you can customize the Trophy T20CX to fit your needs. It shows that buying it will give your value for money.

6. StarCraft CX 21 R

StarCraft CX 21 R
Image Credit: smartmarineguide

When looking for the best pontoon for your family, this boat should be on top of your list. Your family can use it to enjoy sea views, lakes and explore the rivers.

This boat gives you much comfort and luxury at a low cost. Expect to pay $30 000 at most. Remember, the craft comes in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 models.

The CX 21 R has many excellent features. You’ll get unique boat fencing, rails, quality spacious seats, beautiful lights, a changing room, and Rotocast furniture.

You can also use the CX 21 R for fishing and swimming. It’s because the vessel has a wide deck and rod holders.

Expect it to have an outboard engine that can give 125 HP. You’ll only need 20 gallons to fill up the gas tank.

Also, the pontoon has a dry weight of 1410 lb. The CX 21 R is 20 feet long with a 10.2-feet beam. So, expect to hold up to 10 people.

StarCraft CX 21 R also has a GPS tracker with a pigtail. It shows that your trip to different waters will be safe.

7. Lowe SS210CL

Lowe SS210CL
Image Credit: loweboats

When you want a pontoon that satisfies most of your needs cheaply, you should go for Lowe SS21. The Lowe firm is famous for giving the buyers what they need on their boats for fun.

Lowe SS210CL has specs that will suit a family with many members. This craft from Lowe firm is 22-feet long. So, with this size, it can from nine to eleven people at a go.

Also, expect it to have many places where you can keep your drinks as you cruise. You can hold family outings and go fishing using this boat.

Lowe SS210CL’s beauty doesn’t end at this point. You’ll love its convertible shade and lounge.

The lounge has a high fence with classic furniture on the inside. These items make you and your family relax as you explore the waters.

Expect the conversion place to have a queen-size mattress. It allows you to bask in the sun. There’s a stereo to play you different music.

This boat’s outboard engine can give up to 115 HP. The gas tank needs 24 gallons to move.

So, at what price will you get this fantastic pontoon? You’ll only need at least $35,577. Remember, Lowe allows you to customize it more to suit your style.

8. Scout 175 Sport Dorado

Scout 175 Sport Dorado
Image Credit: boats

This center console boat will bring to your family as you ride along the offshores. It comes with many specs and at a low price. The 175 Sport Dorado will help you do many things on the water.

Also, on this boat, you’ll have many leather seats, a Bluetooth stereo, rod holders, and ample space to help you swim. So, you can use it as the best fishing vessel for your family, for sport, and even cruise.

Sport Dorado comes from the Sport boat firm. It’s a company that makes quality crafts.

The 175 Sport Dorado is 5.3-meters long with a 2.3-meter beam. Its fuel capacity for the Yamaha outboard motors is 28 gallons.

Remember, the boat’s engine is potent. It will give your boat a max of 115 HP at a top speed.

You can use it for speeding since it’s a V-Hull and has a Yamaha engine. It can only carry six people. Dorado’s price starts from $42,772.

9. Tahoe 2150 Deck

Tahoe 2150 Deck
Image Credit: boats from usa

The deep V-shaped deck boat will also give your family members much fun on the water. One of the best specs is the space for the seats and storage.

If you and your family love swimming and watersports, this is the best boat. Tahoe 2150 Deck has wide spaces on the stern and bow.

These vast spaces come with a 21.1-feet length and a beam that’s 8.8 feet. There won’t be any need for congestion on the waters.

It has a ladder on the deck. So, it will be easy to swim in shallow waters.

This vessel has many other specs to make your folks happy. You’ll get a refreshment port with a sink and a changing curtain.

Also, expect to have an adjustable table. You can fix it at any place of the craft.

There’s a Mercury outboard motor that has a 225 HP. This engine’s tank needs 46 gallons.

Tahoe 2150 goes for $14,995. When you want to customize it more, you’ll add more cash.

10. Sea Ray SPX 230

Sea Ray SPX 230
Image Credit: searay

When you have at least $45,000, this boat will give your family many beautiful specs. The Sea Ray SPX 230 will provide you with much space and comfort.

Its interior has a touch of the great Sea Ray art. So, the vessel is there to ensure you spend more time on the water.

You’ll sit on quality Sea Ray leather seats. Each seat has a slide and swivels to make you relax.

The cockpit allows people to talk to the captain with ease. SPX 230 will make everyone on board enjoy.

A trip on the waters with some tunes will be boring. But SPX 230 boat gives you the quality Fusion stereo to enjoy music.

Seas Ray SPX 230 is 5.9 meters long and with a 2.54 meters long beam. It can hold only ten people.

That’s not all for this craft. There’s also a Vessel view spec. Through Bluetooth, you can check your boat’s safety on your phone.

It uses a Mercury outboard motor. This engine needs a tank of up to 30 gallons.

11. Robalo R160

Robalo R160
Image Credit: boats

The Robalo 160 is also another beautiful console that your family will love. It’s one of the best for fishing along the shores.

The Robalo 160 has a long hull without a cabin like the other consoles. You’ll only have the helm station at the center.

Since it’s great for fishing, expect it to have a live well, rod holders, a fish locker, and seats to allow you to reach the waters. Also, you can have a party or swim with your folks using this craft.

This 2020 boat model has a 16.4-feet hull and a 7-feet beam. It weighs 1600 lbs. So, it can only carry six people.

Though it’s a small boat, expect it to have a fantastic performance on the water. Robalo 160 uses an outboard to move around.

Robalo boat firm gives you the boat in many colors. Remember, Robalo 160 goes for at least $20 695. Also, you’ll only need 12 gals to fill up the tank.


Sometimes you can plan to buy a family boat, but the prices may scare you. But these boats here will help you get boats with great specs and at the best prices.

Most of them are pontoons, decks, and consoles. You can use them to fish, explore the waters, hold a party, and swim.

Remember, many of these boats have strong engines with tanks that need a few gallons to run for long. It will be easy to maintain them.

So, among all these crafts, which one do you think your family can afford? Please let us know your choice as you plan your next family trip.

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