8 Best San Diego Boat Tours

Are you among many people who would love to visit and explore San Diego’s large waters? You’ll need an expert guide to show you around as you enjoy the views. So, which boat tours will give you the best services?

Well, you are at the correct place for your answers. Here, we’ll talk about the eight best San Diego boat tours.

These firms have many types of quality boats. You’ll have comfort as you go through many areas of the city through the waters.

Some boat tour firms are costly, while others are cheap. Be sure that the ones listed here will give you value for your money. Read on to see more about them.

Best San Diego Boat Tours

1. Flagship Cruises and Events, San Diego

Flagship Cruises and Events, San Diego

For over 105 years, this firm has been one of the best, offering boat tour services. Expect the staff to give you the best customer care.

This cruise line company is at North Harbor in San Diego, California. Booking a trip with them will help you know and see the best sights in the city.

You’ll see San Diego’s maritime museum, Coronado Bridge, different bays, the Star of India Ship, among others. Your tour will be memorable with Flagship cruises.

The firm has large cruise boats and ships to help you move around. Also, they have one that can hold up to 600 people.

Their guides are caring and fun. Be sure to enjoy your time. Flagship Cruises firm has whale watching tours, prime rib dinner and wine brunch cruises on Sundays, guide tours, and other events.

One has to check the firm’s schedule before booking a tour with them. The rates vary with your tour interests. For example, riding on a triple-decker is $33 for adults and $16.50 for children 4 to 12 years.

Also, you can hold your work or family dinners, weddings, and other parties. Besides the ample space, these vessels have a bar to sell different drinks and snacks.

2. San Diego Seal Tours, San Diego

When looking for the best boat tour firm for your kids, think about San Diego Seal Tours. Together with your kids, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the seals.

The tour starts from land and later on into the waters. So, you’ll view San Diego’s best areas both on land and water using a boat with wheels.

You’ll get their offices at Seaport Village, San Diego. A trip with this agency allows you to visit many places from the Seaport village up to San Diego Bay.

Expect to see sea lions, seals, and different birds during the tour. Also, their tour guides will help learn about San Diego’s history. Get ready to fill up your gallery with amazing pics.

What you’ll pay varies with your interest for the tours. You can choose a tour from the Seaport village to the San Diego bay’s waters for 90 minutes. It will cost you $43.70.

If you want a day of unlimited boarding the terra boats, you’ll pay $87. Remember, their guides are experienced and lovely.

3. La Jolla Kayak, San Diego

La Jolla Kayak is the best for the lovers of kayak tours. During the summer, you’ll enjoy the sunset views of the city while on this small boat.

The boat tour firm is at Avenida de la Playa La Jolla, San Diego. You’ll get this fully guided tour from 5 or 5. 20 p. m when the weather allows.

It will be great to spend a warm evening with your friends and family. Remember, the guides will take you through the Seven Seas caves and the Underwater Park.

Also, the beauty of marine life will be lovely to your eyes. La Jolla Tours will help you ease yourself after a tough day too.

The rates vary with the date, time, and boat’s size. A single kayak tour costs $44, while a double one costs $69.

Children of six to 15 years can board a tandem kayak with an adult. Each tour ranges from 90 to 120 minutes.

4. San Diego Harbor Speed Boat Adventure

San Diego Harbor Speed Boat Adventure

If you love riding on speedboats as you explore the waters, choose Speed Boat Adventure tours. You’ll have a chance to see the great military ships, pass the Coronado Bridge, submarine, Seaport village, and other places.

Also, you’ll have fun as you ride through the San Diego harbor. The firm will give you a guide to show you the beautiful areas.

Expect to also go through the USS Midway Museum. So, you’ll see many sea animals.

You can drive yourself on the speed boat. When you are new to the waters, you’ll need to learn the boat-riding basics and follow the guide’s vessel around.

Remember, the tour guides will help you learn facts about the lovely sights in San Diego. Be sure to get a warm customer treat from these staff.

Each tour goes for 90 minutes for 13 miles. The rates depend on the number of participants and the type of boat. So, for the 90 minutes, you’ll pay $142.

5. Hornblower Cruises, San Diego

Hornblower Cruises, San Diego

At this tour agency, you’ll enjoy different city views and many seals, whales, and dolphins. You can see blue, gray, fin, or pilot whales as you ride on their boats.

Also, Hornblower cruises have captains and guides from San Diego Natural History Museum. These staff will tell you about the whales and marine life.

Besides the animals, you see the many San Diego landmarks. They have quality boats that can host many people. You’ll also have a great angle to take amazing pics.

When there is no sight of the whales, you can receive a pass for the next cruise. So, expect to have more knowledge at the end of your trip.

The ticket prices here depend on the person’s age and the time to spend on the tour. As for adults, tickets go for $55 and $27.50 for children of 4 to 12 years.

6. San Diego Sailing Tours

San Diego Sailing Tours

This firm will help your tour on the waters using their quality yachts. With the help of their tour guides, you’ll view the city’s skyline, Point Loma, and Coronado Island.

You can get them at Sheraton buildings on Harbor Island Cabrillo Isle Marina. It’s where you’ll begin your tour to many places in the city.

Their licensed captains and guides have more facts about places. Also, they are much friendly and ready to help.

It’s best time to sail with them in the evening during sunset. San Diego sailing firm also gives private tours.

The agency allows you to hold parties and events as you enjoy different sites. Besides getting the boats for tours, San Diego Sailing tours give you live music, photography, and drinks.

Remember, the firm has boats that can even hold up to 48 people. You can also fish on these boats.

Each ticket starts at $99 per adult. You’ll get a free craft beer or a glass of white wine.

7. Adventure Whale Watching, San Diego

Adventure Whale Watching, San Diego

Do you always wish to have the great site of whales at the San Diego Tours using the Rigid-hull Inflatable Boats (R. I. B)? Then Adventure Whale Watching will give you the best services.

At the agency, you’ll sail using these safe pontoons. Each has a stiff fiberglass hull. It allows you to view many dolphins and whales while on the boat.

While on the vessels, expect to have bumpy rides. They are small, and the military used them earlier on.

You’ll have three different tour options. There’s the whale and dolphin watching, a tour of the Los Coronado Islands, and San Diego Bay’s Wildlife and Naval heritage outing.

Adventure Whale Watching has pro captains and guides. Many people keep praising them for the knowledge and facts about places.

Tours occur twice a day, and the ticket prices aren’t costly. You can also get a private tour.

Adults pay $85, and children between 5 to 12 years pay $70. Every tour pontoon can only carry up to six people.

8. Sail Stars and Stripes USA-11, San Diego

At this agency, you’ll get one of the most enjoyable public sails across San Diego’s Bay. They have quality boats, including the America’s Cup Yacht.

Each tour goes for 3 hours as you move fast past other sailboats. During each trip, you’ll get free drinks and pro photography.

You can also take their sailboats for private events and tours. This firm will modify it to the best way you’d want it to look. It’s the best for having events like team building and birthdays with friends.

The prices will depend on taking the boat for a public or private sail. A boat for team building of up to 12 people costs $1800.

Getting a boat for a private tour will cost you $1500 a day. As for each public sailboat tour, adults pay $125 while children with five to12 years pay $75.


When planning a trip to San Diego waters, it’s good to look for the best boat tour firms to help you. You might know the areas well, but the guides can surprise you.

Yes, there are many other boat tours in San Diego. These boat tours listed here will give you the best services and value for your money.

You’ll see different historical places, marine life, and bays. Some will give you free photography, drinks, and food while on tour. Pick one that’s cheap for you and fits your interests.

So, as you plan to explore San Diego, which boat tour has amazed you? Feel free to tell us.

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