9 Best Outer Banks Boat Rentals

Do you know that nothing beats the view and sounds of Outer Banks waters when you visit North Carolina (NC)? But you can’t enjoy these waters without a boat. So, which boat rentals do you think will give you quality services?

Stick around for you are about to get your answers. We’ll talk about the nine best Outer Banks boat rental firms.

The area has many boats rental companies to give you different watercraft. It won’t matter if you want a boat to fish, swim, sail, or have parties.

You’ll find most Outer Banks boat rentals next to the waters. Let’s now look at the detailed info about these boat rentals.

Best Outer Banks Boat Rentals

1. Nor’ Banks Sailing and Watersports

Nor’ Banks Sailing and Watersports

This boat rental company is over forty years old. Choosing it means you’ll get quality boats and services from their staff. You can get them at Duck Road in Duck.

Nor’ Banks will help you have much fun on the waters, especially if you love watersports. Also, you can use their boats to sail around, fish, have parties, or even swim.

They have pontoons, Hobie catamarans, SUP, kayaks, jet skis, tubes, wave runners, and sailboats.

If you pick a pontoon, it comes with many great specs to allow you to hold small events. They come with leather seats, rooftops, and pads to help you sunbathe.

Their rental rates are cheap. A pontoon goes for at least $195 per 2 hours.

Sailboats here go for $65 per hour. Remember, the rates here vary with the type of boat you’ll pick, the season, and how long you plan to rent it.

2. Restless Native Boat Rentals, Outer Banks

Restless Native Boat Rentals, Outer Banks

Are you interested in fishing on the beautiful Ocracoke’s sound side waters? Allow the Restless Native Boat Rentals to sort you out.

This agency is at Irvin Garnish Highway, Anchorage Marina in Ocracoke. You also get a chance to visit and view Portsmouth Island.

Restless Native has pontoons with great specs. All will help you hold parties with family and friends, fish, sunbathe, cruise, and swim.

These boats are large enough, 16 to 24 feet, to hold many people. Together with friends, you’ll relax as you fish in Teach’s Hole and view different shoals.

Later on, you can finish at the famous Springer’s Point. Each boat comes with a Bimini top to shade you from the sun.

Your safety is vital at this boat rental. Children can use the boats, but all less than 13 years must have USCG-certified lifeguards.

Their rates mainly vary with the size of the boat and the time for renting the boat. For example, a small skiff holding four people is $200 for 4 hours. You’ll pay for the fuel cost.

3. Charlies Boat Rentals, Outer Banks

Charlies Boat Rentals, Outer Banks

At Charlies Boat rentals, be sure to find different latest models of pontoons and skiffs. It’s a firm that will also give you many types of boats to choose to use on your trip.

They are at Rodanthe, but you’ll sail with their boats from Waves, NC. It’s from here that you’ll visit many parts of Hatteras Island.

Come and enjoy the Pamlico sounds using boats from Charlies. Here, you’ll use the paddleboards, kayaks, and jet skis as you enjoy the sweet sunset.

You can also hold small events, fish, swim, and explore the waters. Expect to use the pontoons and skiffs on the south end for these rides.

Remember, pontoons here can hold eight to 16 people. So, you can allow your adventure at Outer Banks to begin.

Charlies Boat Rentals allows you to be the captain of your boat. You’ll only need a valid driver’s license.

Renting with them is also affordable. Expect a single kayak to go for $25 per hour. The 16-seater pontoons go for $325 per 2 hours.

4. Kitty Hawk Watersports, Outer Banks

At Kitty Hawk Sports, be ready to get more from their boat rentals. They pride themselves in having many boats for you and boat riding lessons.

This firm is at Croatan Highway in Nags Head. They are over 21 years old.

Kitty Hawks’ main goal is to make customers happy. It means you’ll get warm and kind services from them.

You’ll be able to ride with their boats around the Roanoke Sound. It’s a place with a small island and marine animals like dolphins, birds, sea turtles, and many more.

The firm has tiki boats, jet skis, kayaks, sailboats, surfboards, paddleboards, and many more. So, all your sporting activities will go well. Also, Kitty Hawks allows parasailing.

Payments will depend on the type of boat you choose, the season, and how long you’ll use it. You can rent a jet ski for three people at $80 for 30 mins. Every rider must be at least 16 years.

5. North Duck Watersports, Outer Banks

North Duck Watersports, Outer Banks

Visit this company when you want to rent the latest models of jet skis. This agency aims at giving you a clean and fun venture on these waters.

You’ll get three miles from the Duck Village, NC. Besides the jet skis, you’ll get stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and pontoons.

Here, you’ll enjoy more sports. The powerful jet skis are for racing on the waters with friends. North Duck also allows parasailing.

You can use the kayaks to do some fishing and kayaking on the waters. Paddleboards on the shallow waters make you exercise well.

Their pontoons have ample space for beautiful Currituck Sound travel. It’s easy to hold small parties like birthdays and family events.

Also, you’ll view more marine and birdlife. These pontoons have comfy seats. Be sure to have a good time.

Their rates vary with the season, the boats you’ll choose, and the hours on the boat. You’ll need to call or mail them to get the prices to rent their boats.

6. Nags Head Watersports, Outer Banks

Nags Head Watersports, Outer Banks

At Nags Head Watersports, you’ll also get great watercraft to help you enjoy the waters. They are between Roanoke Sound and Albemarle Sound.

The firm will give you pontoons, jet skis, paddleboards, and kayaks here. So, expect to enjoy your parties, sports, and cruise on the waters.

They have offices at Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head. It’s the ideal place to view Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills.

Besides getting boats with impressive specs, be sure to enjoy more customer service. These staffs are ever ready to help in case you are stuck.

Remember, Nags Head aims to give every family member a good time. It means all ages can ride on their boats.

Like other firms, the payments depend on the boat you’ll pick, the season, and how long you have it. So, to get the exact prices, ensure you send them a mail or call their care office.

7. Fishing Unlimited Boating Center, Outer Banks

Fishing Unlimited Boating Center, Outer Banks

Fishing Unlimited has your back if you want to get the best boats for fishing at Outer Banks waters. They are at Virginia Dare, NC.

Here, you’ll only get pontoons boats. They range from 17 to 26 feet.

Yes, they won’t give you many boats, but these pontoons are high quality. The firm has designed to allow you to fish with ease.

Fishing equipment here is cheap. Also, as you fish, you’ll have time to enjoy the marine life and birds around North Carolina waters.

Getting a 17-foot pontoon will cost $99 for 2 hours. As for the 23-foot boats, you’ll pay $149 for 2 hrs. The 26-foot pontoons start to rent for $299 for half a day.

8. North Beach Watersports, Outer Banks

This agency is also great when you want to spend time on the waters with your folks. They are at Corolla, North Carolina.

You’ll get many types of boats to suit different types of activities. Expect to get tubes, banana boats, kayaks, jet skis, pontoon boats, and many more.

Each boat comes with the latest specs in the market like motors, Bimini tops, quality seats, among other things. Their pontoons carry up to 10 guests.

As for the small boats like jet skis, they can hold up to three people. The banana boats can even hold four people.

If you and your friends love sports, the firm will give you proper boats for the events. When you only want to cruise, party, or fish, you can use their quality pontoons.

Rates vary with the season, time, and type of boat. Pontoons are the most expensive boats at this firm because of their size.

9. Hatteras Watersports, Outer Banks

If you love watersports more than anything else on the Outer Banks waters, allow Hatteras Watersports to rent you boats. For at least thirty years, the firm has been giving superb services to its customers.

Hatteras Watersports is at Salvo, Hatteras Island. You’ll get boats like paddleboards, jet skis, kayaks, and sailboats here.

So, besides sporting, you can use their boats to explore the beauty of the waters and island. Also, they have a lovely waterfront location.

As you wait for your boat or after your trip, Hatteras has a place to hang out and enjoy yourself with friends. The firm allows you to hold sports events with your friends or family.

The costs vary with the boat you’ll pick, the hours you’ll rent it, and the season. For example, a double kayak goes for $25 per hour during the season.

This firm allows all ages to ride their boats, even children. An adult should be with the kids as they ride.


The Outer Banks in North Carolina has many places to visit using a boat. Many boat rentals help you when you don’t have a boat.

These boat rentals will give you quality boats and services. You’ll get a boat for fishing, sports, and exploring the waters.

Choose the one that will be comfy for you and your friends too. After that, ensure you enjoy your time in these NC waters.

So, which boat rental here do you think will help you have fun? Please share what you think with us.

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