Top 10 Best Boat Rentals in Washington

Are you a visitor or resident of the Washington area that wants to go out on the water at any time? Would you love to rent a boat for hours or days but aren’t sure of the best options?

Well, that should be the least of your worries. Here, we’ll cover the top 10 best boat rentals in Washington.

Most people think that boat renting is for the rich in society. Today, if you plan yourself well, you’ll only need a few hundred dollars to rent a boat for yourself or your family.

Pick the one that you can afford, give you comfort and joy. If you are ready, let’s take a broader look at these boat rentals.

Best Boat Rentals in Washington

1. San Juan Sailing and Yachting

San Juan Sailing and Yachting

It’s a firm specializing in boat rentals and other matters regarding boat travel. San Juan will be the best to rent a vessel to travel to different places.

This boating firm allows you to sail across many beautiful places on the earth. Also, here you’ll get many types of boats to rent.

Well, unlike most rentals, the San Juan sailing firm allows you to rent the boats for more than 24 hours. So, it will be easy to exploit the waters using their boats.

Remember, you’ll get many sweet amenities like a refrigerator, kitchen, bathrooms, sleeping places, among others, on the boats. But it will be costly to hire these boats.

2. Hot Tub Boats

Hot Tub Boats

Do you ever imagine a boat with a hot tub on it? Yes, it’s possible, and that’s what the Hot Tub boat firm gives you at only $350 for two hours.

If you want anything more than two years, you’ll pay $100 per hour. Most of their boats can handle up to six people.

You’ll get them at Lake Union, Seattle Metro place. Also, the boat is unique because you’ll have joystick navigation, space for drinks and food, and Bluetooth speakers.

Remember, you’ll get this boat every day of the week. So, it can be the best option for you want to use it during winter days with friends or family.

3. Lake Escapes Boat Rentals

Lake Escapes Boat Rentals

This boat renting firm will give you a selection of many boats to use on the waters. Expect to get yachts of different sizes, jet skis, and speed boats, among others.

Also, the firm allows you to rent boats on different lakes in Washington. They’ll also deliver the boat of your choice to you.

Besides bringing to you great boats with good specs, be sure to get quality customer service. The company will also give you boats that are ever clean.

If you choose to rent one of their pontoons or wake surf boats, you’ll get some discounts. Also, on every rental, you’ll get surfboards and tubes.

Pricing depends on the type of boat you’ll choose. But the more days you’ll rent the boat, the cheaper the rates you’ll get.

4. Lake Roosevelt Vacations

Lake Roosevelt Vacations

If you have many friends and want to rent one boat, choose the Lake Roosevelt Vacations. Be sure to enjoy your parties or holidays when you rent one of their boats.

You’ll get them on William Street, Kettle Falls in Washington State. The firm allows you to rent them at any lake in Washington.

Also, you can get the boats with a caption or not. Remember, the choice is in your hands.

This firm mainly rents houseboats. Each can host up to 13 people. The costs will vary with the type of boat, season, and the days you choose to rent.

You can also rent the water toys like runabouts, kayaks, jet skis, and tubes. Renting them for a day will cost you $30, $90 for four days, and $160 for seven days.

5. Ocean Shores Boat Rentals

Ocean Shores Boat Rentals

Would you love to see the hidden beauty of the Ocean Shores in Washington? You should then choose to hire boats from this boat rental company.

Also, you can choose to get a boat with a captain or not. Most Ocean Shores’ boats can hold up to 10 people per trip.

The firm gives you to rent the Duffy electric 21-foot electric boat, Kayaks, paddles boats, and hydro water bikes.

All their vessels are eco-friendly and are from the U. S. Also, the prices will depend on the types of boat you’ll hire and if you are going with the captain or not.

Besides the quality boats, the firm can sell you food and drinks cheaply. So, they strive to ensure you enjoy your time on the waters.

6. Seattle Boat Share

Seattle Boat Share

It’s one of the unique boat rental companies in Washington. Here, you’ll fully own the boat experience but not the vessel.

Before renting a boat under this company, you must get your membership. After that, the membership will get you a share pass to 30 vessels.

It’s from here that you’ll go through the available fleets and rent one. You should hire your boat with this firm if you aren’t on a tight budget.

The vessels you’ll get here are of high quality. Expect to get most boats like the yachts to have sleeping rooms, a kitchen, and even bathrooms.

Also, you have the freedom to change boats based on the type of experience you’d want to get. So, expect to get value for your money when you hire any of these boats.

7. Carefree Boat Club

Carefree Boat Club

You can be a Carefree boat club firm member like the Seattle boat share company. It’s costly, but you’ll enjoy the serenity of the waters in luxurious boats.

It means that you shouldn’t go for these rentals if you have a low budget. Once you are a member, you’ll access over 30 vessels.

You can use their boats in six locations across Washington State, even if you aren’t their member. But you can rent the private fleet of luxurious boats only if you are a club member.

Also, when you are a member, you’ll enjoy your ride on new boats with high horsepower. If a boat pleases you, there’s a plan to allow you to buy the boat from the firm.

The company will give you boats to use in fishing, adventure, fishing, surfing, or simple sailing. Remember, the price will depend on the type of boat you choose.

8. Fritz Boat Rentals

Fritz Boat Rentals

This boat rental company is always ready to rent you a boat whenever you need one. Do you need a vessel for fishing, cruising, camping? Fritz will help you create good memories in the waters.

It doesn’t matter if the lakes in Washington are small or large, salt or fresh; this firm has the best boats to give. Also, Fritz has the best boats for each lake in Washington.

Sometimes, you may rent a boat but realize that it’s not fit for that water environment. With Fritz, you’ll forget about that problem.

The prices will depend on the types of boat you choose and the period you’ll rent the boat. You’ll also pay a rental security fee of $250 before hiring any boat.

If you damage any part of the boat, the costs will be on you. Fritz delivers the boats to any part of Washington. This fee will depend on where you stay.

9. Greenlake Boat Rentals

Greenlake Boat Rentals

This company will give you one of the best kayaks, paddle-up boards, or water bikes. Greenlake boat rentals are in Seattle, Washington.

Ever since 1974, this firm has been renting out its boats. So, be sure that they have experience in giving quality customer care. Today, their goal is to ensure you have fun safely at the Greenlake.

You’ll get this house along Greenlake’s 2.8-mile path. It’s the best company to rent you a boat for sporting events. Remember, this lake is a fun spot for bikers, runners, swimmers, among many other athletes.

How much you’ll pay varies with the vessel you’ll pick. Most small crafts like the quad pedal boat will cost you $25 per hour.

A sailboat for two adults will cost you $30 per hour. Greenlake firm also offers happy hour rates at $18 per hour for every boat you rent before noon.

10. The Electric Boat Company

The Electric Boat Company

You can have lovely views of the Seattle skyline in Washington using this firm’s boats. The electric boat company gives both regular and luxurious electric boats.

Don’t worry about weather issues because they won’t be a problem. These Duffy boats allow you to close them fully. So, there won’t be a problem when you rent the boat during winter.

You can rent the boats with a captain. But the firm allows you to control the boat only if you are 25 years and above. It’s because their boats are easy to use and cruise at six mph.

The firm also gives you onsite catering foods and beverages. Remember, the boats can allow you to have lunch or dinner with up to 12 people. You’ll pay $125 per hour for the regular Duffy boat when it comes to the prices.


You can get a great boat rental in Washington with ease. It will vary with your interests and money.

Be sure to get firms that will give boats to enjoy with your family friends, or even do your sporting activities in the lakes. Remember not to go beyond your budget.

Also, you can pick a boat with a captain or not. The listed companies will give you value for your money when you rent their boats.

So, which among these boat rental firms has interested you the most? Please let us know your choice.

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