Top 7 Best Boat Rentals for Lake in Austin

Are you a visitor or a resident near Lake Austin who wants to enjoy the waters but has no boat? Which boat rental company do you think will give you the best boats around this area?

Worry not because we are here to help. We’ll talk about the seven best boat rentals for the lake in Austin.

This beautiful lake is in Travis County, Texas state. It’s a place where you can have your water sports activities or fun with your family.

You’ll need a great boat to help you cruise through these waters. Choose a company that will give you pocket-friendly rental rates. So, read on to see more about these boat rental companies.

Boat Rentals for Lake in Austin

1. Austin Rental Boats


When you rent your boat with Austin rental boats, you’ll get high-quality services as you enjoy the waters. You’ll get them at Lake Austin or Lake Travis. Also, their location is just 10 minutes from the downtown.

Here, expect to get modern pontoons, ski boats, cruisers, and other party boats. These vessels can hold a significant number of up to 22 people. You can have fun and enjoy the sweet waves on Lake Austin with family and friends.

When you are in a larger group of even up to 32 people, the firm gives you a party badge. Besides, you’ll get a dual rental boat to keep the fun alive.

The pricing of the rental boats comes with experienced captains. Be sure to have a safe time on the waters.

Remember, the prices will depend on the number of people the boat can hold, the season, and the day of the week. For example, the least one that can hold 11 people will cost you $160 per hour on Fridays or Sundays.

Also, these boats have a cooler for your drinks and a floating pad. Austin Rental boats place Bluetooth speakers for recreation if you are a music lover.

2. Nauti Side Boat Rentals


This boat rental company in Lake Austin is one of the cheapest you’ll get. So, don’t worry if you love to rent a boat, but you are short of funds.

Also, this firm gives you a captain for free for each boat you’ll rent. These captains have a license which is according to the U. S coast guards’ laws.

The navigators from this company are also people from Lake Austin. It shows that you won’t get lost in the waters.

As for the music lovers, there’s a music stereo for you. Every boat also comes with a free lily pad that is 18 by 6 feet. You can use it as a floatable dock on the waters.

Your drinks will also remain cold. Thanks to the cooler that’s in these boats.

So, you can have parties, family fun days, party barges, among other activities. Remember, this company is one of the best in Texas State.

The rental rates will depend on the type you choose and the number of people it can hold. The cheapest is the 12-passenger pontoon. You’ll pay 190 dollars per hour.

Nauti side only allows you to rent for at least three hours. But you’ll get a 10% off if you rent a boat for at least 4 hours.

3. ATX Boat Rentals


It’s also one of the best boat rentals you can get. They’ll allow you to have the best experience of Texas in Lake Austin and Travis.

Like other boat rental companies, ATX will give you a trained captain. Be sure to have a great experience of the lakes as you cruise. These captains are part of the rent you’ll pay for the boats.

Their boats suit different parties, company outings, and family events. Also, ATX provides free wake surf and wakeboard lessons that you rent.

Booking for the available types of boats is easy. After that, be ready to be like a boss for the time you’ll rent the vessel.

You can only rent the wake boats on Lake Austin from Monday to Thursday. You’ll pay $225 per hour.

As for the pontoon boats, you can only hire them from Monday to Thursday. The rates are at $200 per hour.

4. Austin Boat Rentals


This firm is highly rated on Lake Austin and Lake Travis for boat renting. Besides the great boats they rent, this firm gives you excellent customer care.

Austin boat Rentals Company has the saying, float on and discover fun. It means that you’ll have all it takes to have fun on the waters of Lake Austin.

Here, you can get different types of pontoons and other boat fleets. All come with experienced captains to help you sail in the waters.

The boats are ever clean and with unique specs. A Bluetooth radio, a yeti cooler, a soft pad float, a shade cover, and other great features are on each vessel.

These boats are suitable for parties and family events. How much each boat will cost depends on the type of boat you want and the number of people.

If you want 24 feet boat that hosts 12 people, you pay $345 for 2 hours. These rates keep varying also with different seasons.

5. Tide Up Boat Rentals


You can also rent your best boats from this firm in the heart of Texas. They will give you boats to use on both Lake Austin and Lake Travis.

The boat firm can tie you with friendly services on their boats as the name sounds. It will be upon you to have fun or not.

Also, this company mainly rents out pontoon boats. These vessels allow you to host up to even 14 members on board.

Everyone will enjoy entertainment on these boats. It’s because they have Bluetooth stereos, coolers, lily pads, and many more.

Each boat comes with a captain to guide you as you cruise on the Austin waters. So, you can have all the time to enjoy the sweet sun in Texas.

With these specs, you can trust this firm to help you host your parties, fun days, and many other events. Remember, everyone from any place can use these boats.

The rates for each boat keep varying. Also, the hours you’ll rent the boat will determine the final costs.

6. Twisted Fish Boat Rentals


It’s one of the best rental companies to have your parties and tours every summer. They are always ready to give your boats to use on Lake Austin.

This firm has many pontoons, cruisers, and other luxurious yachts. It shouldn’t worry you because there’s a boat at Twisted Fish for you, even when you are on a tight budget.

Every boat comes with an experienced captain. So, you’ll have more time to explore different parts of Lake Austin.

Also, each boat you rent has a shade, a great sound system, a lily pad to enjoy the sun, and a cooler. It shows that the firm strives to give the best while on its boats.

The company allows you to only hire their boats from 10 a. m to 7 p. m. Don’t forget that the cheapest vessel you can rent is the south bay pontoon that hosts 14 people. On weekdays, you can rent this vessel for $145 per hour.

You’ll also need to pick their boats at Mansfield Dam Park. The website will give you an easy time when booking.

7. Sun and Fun Boat Rentals


The company is in West Lake Hills, Texas. It will also provide you with one of the best boat rental services as you explore the Lake Austin waters.

Also, it’s the only boat rental firm on Lake Austin that allows you to captain the boat. But there’s also an option to choose a captain for your boat.

They have been in business since 1998. So, expect Sun and Fun to know what to give their customers.

Mainly, the firm will rent you the pontoon boats. All come in different sizes and with silent motors.

These vessels will allow you to cruise and relax on these waters. Remember, the best time to enjoy is during the summer. The firm doesn’t allow any pets on the boats.

With the great boats the company gives you, you’ll also enjoy the view of the hill country in Texas. You can also admire the luxurious homes close to Lake Austin.

The cheapest boat to rent comes at $160 per hour when it comes to the rental rates. Also, the best season to rent these vessels is from March to October, during summer.


Sometimes, it can be tough to choose the best boat rental found in an area like Lake Austin. It’s because there are various significant firms that all offer excellent services.

Your choice will depend on the amount of cash you have, the number of people, and the purpose of the boats. Most boat rentals give you the vessels with a captain to guide you.

The unique one is the Sun and Fun boat rentals. It gives you a choice to navigate the boat yourself or with a captain.

In all these boat rentals, you’ll get many features. They’ll help you relax as you move on Lake Austin.

So, among all these boat rentals, which one do you think is the best? Feel free to tell us your thoughts.

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