10 Best Boat Rentals in Virginia

Would you love to ride on Virginia’s great waters but don’t have a boat? Besides enjoying these rivers and lakes, did you know that Virginia also has excellent boat rentals?

Well, keep reading for it’s about to excite you. We’ll talk about the ten best boat rentals in Virginia.

The waters will be there for you from the Great Dismal Swamp to Virginia Beach or Potomac to Chesapeake. You can get many great firms to help you get a boat for a party or fishing.

Remember, your funds are also vital in picking the best one. Please view these boat rentals when you want to have fun in the Virginia waters.

Best Boat Rentals in Virginia

1. Parrot Cove

Parrot Cove

With Parrot Cove, you’ll get many boats to fit your needs. It’s at Moneta in Virginia.

As you feel pleasant due to the quality of the boats, you’ll enjoy the sight of the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake. The company allows you to have houseboat vacations, fishing, parties, and sports.

Also, the firm will give you the latest models of pontoons and other boats. If you want a fishing vessel, it comes with great tools to provide you with an easy time.

As for the vacations, Parrot Cove allows you to choose a boat to fit everyone well. The big ones come with a sun deck, sinks, grills, and other sweet specs.

The rates will vary with the type of boat and time you’ll rent. Also, it will depend on if it’s during the off-season or not. Expect a houseboat to be more costly than getting a fishing boat.

2. Bay Venture Boat Rentals

Bay Venture Boat Rentals

You’ll get this great firm at Laskin Road, Virginia Beach. It will also give you boats to help you explore the inland waters.

Bay Venture allows you to move to Link horn and Broad bays, Crystal Lake, Long Creek, and other lovely places on their boats. You can use the vessels for water sports, fishing, and even hold parties.

They have 24 pontoons that can carry up to 24 people. Also, the pontoons have Bimini tops for a shade and many other great specs.

The best thing about it is that you’ll get the keys to the boat. So, you’ll be the captain of your craft. Before that, you should have boating experience and not a license.

Rates vary on whether it’s a weekend or weekday. On a weekday, the cheapest you pay is $450 per hour. When it’s on weekends, you’ll part with at least $600 for 6 hours.

3. Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait

Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait

At Ed Allen’s rental company, you’ll get the best boat services for fishing. The main office is at Chickahominy Lake, Lenexa, in Virginia.

Besides fishing, you can also get boats to help you do many things. You can use their boats for sports, parties, and simple cruising.

Also, besides renting their boats, the firm sells you fish baits, tackles, and other items. The aim is to give you a great fishing time as you use their vessels. So, if you are a fisherman, they’ll push to give you heaven on the waters.

The prices here are also competitive. You can rent a Jon Boat for $55 a day. It only carries two people.

4. Shipwreck Boat Rentals

Shipwreck Boat Rentals

Are you on Lake Anna and wish to get the best pontoons to rent? Look no further than the Shipwreck boat rental firm. You’ll get this boat rental next to the Cove, Hunters Landing in Belmont, Virginia.

Being the second largest lake in Virginia, you have to ride on a boat that will give you more comfort. It covers over 200 miles from the shoreline.

Besides getting clean pontoons, you’ll love the customer service from this company. The prices depend on the type of pontoon you’ll pick and the time on the boat. Also, you can choose to be a captain or Shipwreck to give you one.

Most boats here are 23 feet and can hold at least 11 people. So, for half a day, which is only 4 hours, you’ll pay $230. It will cost you $369 to hire for a full day, 8 hours.

5. Clarksville Water Sports

Clarksville Water Sports

The Clarksville boat rentals will give you the best services on Buggs Island Lake and the nearby waters. Their main office is very close to this Island.

Expect to get many boats like pontoons, tri-toons, paddles, kayaks, and fishing boats. If you love boats with speed, the firm will give them to you. It’s because their boats use powerful Suzuki and Yamaha motors.

Clarksville charges their rates hourly, daily, and weekly. Remember to book your boat early enough because they are given on a first-come, first-served plan.

What you’ll pay will also depend on the period you’ll use the boat and the type of boat. For example, an 18 feet fishing boat will cost you $115 per hour.

6. Adventure Parasail and Rudee

Adventure Parasail and Rudee

At the Adventure Parasail, expect quality customer care and safe boats. Well, the company has been here since the 1980s. Today, they are in Virginia Beach.

Also, the firm has banana boats, jet skis, and other boats. You’ll get a boat to use for any purpose on the waters. If you love parasailing, this firm is the best place for you.

It’s one of the best companies that can rent you sporting boats. It’s because they have over 20-foot sport vessels. Such boats can host up to six people.

Using their boats, you can hold sporting events with your friends at Virginia Beach. Also, you can enjoy free parking for your car as you enjoy the waters.

The rates depend on the type and size of the boat. For example, you’ll pay $110 per hour when you want a ski boat.

7. Mid Atlantic Watersports and Boat Rentals

Mid Atlantic Watersports and Boat Rentals

The Mid Atlantic watersports firm will also give you excellent services at Lake Anna, besides the Ship Wreck rentals. Here, be sure to get pontoons, SUPs, kayaks, and watersport boats.

This firm is at Boardwalk Way Suite C, Mineral in Virginia. Also, you can get them at Please Landing Road and Davis way. Using their boats, you can enjoy fishing, parties, sports, and simple cruising.

Most people who use the boats always praise their customer care. In case of any problem, be sure that the firm’s service team will help. You can also get a captain to guide you.

Here, the rates will vary with the type of boat, time, and area. Remember, you’ll be a captain of your vessel and with a license. If you lack a license, bring your boating permit from the training.

8. Reeling and Rafting

Reeling and Rafting

Located in Scottville, Virginia, this firm will give you’re the best reel and raft experience. Here, you’ll get various small rental boats for your events.

You can rent a canoe, kayak, tubes, and raft. Sadly, you won’t get any speed boats but you’ll captain it.

So, you can have fun and guide yourself on the waters of the James River. At this firm, you’ll have the best river boating and camping.

It’s best to book their boats during the on-season times, from April to the end of October. Their trips allow people from only six years.

Remember, the rates depend on the type of boat you’ll pick and the period. You’ll get a ticket for a hot shower and free secure parking.

9. Smith Mountain Lake Boat Rentals

Smith Mountain Lake Boat Rentals

Here, you’ll get boats to use for many purposes at Smith Mountain Lake. SML rentals are at Mitchell’s Point Marina at Mountain Lake.

You can get pontoons, kayaks, runabout boats, skis, wakeboards, and other small boats. As for the pontoons, the firm has a large selection of 2021 models.

So, you can use them for parties, sports, and even fishing. Remember, you can be the captain of your boat if you have a valid driving license. Also, you can’t carry any pets on board.

Also, if you love fishing, SML gives you many fishing vessels. Each comes with the latest tech to help you fish.

As for the watersport lovers, the firm has you covered with quality boats. Kayaking and rafting will be fun.

The rates vary with the type of boat, season, day of the week, and how long you’ll rent them. Expect to pay more to rent the pontoons.

10. Poplar Pointe Marine

Poplar Pointe Marine

This company is one of the best for renting and selling boats. Their offices are at Bracey, Virginia.

Poplar gives you many boats to use, mainly on Lake Gaston. You’ll get a boat for fishing, cruising, water sports, and even partying.

Be sure to get sweet and warm care from their staff. This boat rental has many models of pontoons, yachts, sporting vessels, and other boats. These crafts have many great specs too.

What you’ll pay will depend on the type of boat and period you’ll rent. Standard pontoons are the cheapest to rent here. You’ll pay $260 per day, and it can hold at least ten people.


Virginia has many rivers and lakes that you can enjoy seeing and exploring. When renting a boat in this state, choose one of these companies, and you won’t regret it.

Most of them will give you great boats for many events. Get ready to enjoy your summer with your family or friends.

Most of these rentals will give you the best boats to help you if it’s fishing. Also, be sure to enjoy customer care from the staff of these firms.

So, which is your best choice among these boat rentals? Please share your choice with us and why you love it.

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