Top 8 Best Boat Rentals in Mississippi

Would you love to cruise or fish from any of the 18 state park lakes in Mississippi but don’t have a boat? Yes, there are many boat rentals in this state to help you, but which one will give you the best services?

Well, keep reading for you are about to find out. Here, we’ll talk about the eight best boat rentals in Mississippi.

Before you rent a boat, you should consider your budget and location. Some rental firms can give you a captain, while you’ll drive yourself on others.

Also, it’s easy to book these rentals online. So, let’s see what more these boat rentals can offer.

Best Boat Rentals in Mississippi

1. Nauti-Toons Boat Rentals

Nauti-Toons Boat Rentals

When you book or rent a boat with this firm, be sure to smile by the end of your trip. It’s a boat rental company in Biloxi, Mississippi.

You can rent their boats for family travels, tours, and even water sports. So, be sure to get different types of boats to help you explore the waters in this state.

Also, you can choose to drive the boat or hire a captain. Remember, all their captains have a license from the USCG. It means you can enjoy the lovely views of Deer Island, Biloxi River, and bay safely.

The firm allows you to rent boats depending on the season. Be sure that you won’t waste your cash to rent a boat that doesn’t suit some parts of the river or lake.

Remember, the amount you’ll pay will depend on the type of boat, duration, and if you are also hiring a captain. For example, when you rent a pontoon that holds eight people for half a day, you’ll pay $225.

You’ll pay $350 if you hire a boat for the whole day. Also, the firm allows you to bring in your pets.

2. Coastal Pontoon Rental, LLC

Coastal Pontoon Rental, LLC

Are you among people who only trust pontoons for their safety on the waters? Then you should choose the coastal pontoon rental company to give you the best pontoons.

Like many other rentals, the firm allows you to rent the boats for half or a full day. You’ll get them on the St. Louis Bay and the Jourdan River.

You can use their boats for fishing and having a great time on the waters with your family and friends. Also, you can choose to have a captain or operate the boat yourself.

So, to drive the boat, you must be at least 21 years old. Besides, you must also meet the Mississippi state needs to ride a boat.

Most of their boats have quality specs that will give you more water fun. The costs of renting any of their boats will cost you $399 for a full day and $499 for half a day.

Also, a full day means a 9-hour boat rental from 9 a. m to 6 p. m. A half a day means a 4-hour rental from 9 a. m to 1 p. m.

3. Marina Harbor Store

Marina Harbor Store

If you want the best boat rental on the Barnett reservoir at the Ridgeland, this firm should be your choice. They’ll give you the boats that will help you and your family have fun.

This boat rental company has cruiser boats, houseboats, and runabouts. Be sure to get a boat to suit your family’s size and pocket.

Also, these vessels have high-quality specs. So, you can enjoy it even if you are on a low budget.

The firm will charge you $425 on a full day and $250 for a half-day. But they don’t rent their boats during the off-season, from 1st November to the end of February.

Marina harbor store also cares about your safety. If you’ve booked a boat and yet the weather isn’t safe, they’ll cancel your trip.

After that, the firm will pro-rate the hours you’ll use the boat. Remember, you won’t get any refund if there are short rains, especially in the afternoon.

4. Pickwick Pontoon Rentals

Pickwick Pontoon Rentals

Besides the Coastal Pontoon LLC, Pickwick is also another firm to rent quality pontoon boats. It’s one of the newest rental companies on Pickwick Lake. So, expect friendly customer’s service too.

You’ll get this firm at the Aqua Yacht harbor, yellow creek. It means you can enjoy the view of Tenn-Tom waterways.

The firm allows you to reserve a boat only if you are sure of a given date. Also, you can book a walk-up boat, especially during the week. It’s because getting them on the weekend isn’t easy.

Since they are new to the boat rentals industry, expect the Pickwick firm to have the boat’s latest models. All their boat rentals are of the Bennington type.

Here, you can get boats that hold up to 12 people. You can only rent it for a full day at a cost that starts from $325. What you’ll pay depends on the size of pontoon you choose.

5. Wut-Sup Boat Rentals

Wut-Sup Boat Rentals

This firm will give you one of the best kayaks and pontoon boats. So, expect to get the best rafting and kayaking services from them.

The Biloxi Bay company is in Gulfport, Mississippi. The SUP on the company’s name means a standup paddleboard. It means you can also get jet skis and bikes for water sports.

Also, this firm is unique because it trains people to ride the boats for free. Remember, the free training only comes with the rentals.

You can also be sure to get lovely customer service from Wut-sup. Don’t forget that good customer care contributes to the fun you’ll have on the waters.

You’ll have access to over 20 SUPs and kayaks. These boats also come with other boat accessories guided by the coast guard rules.

When you hire one of their boats, you can hire a captain or drive it yourself. It will depend on your funds.

What you’ll pay varies with the boat you choose. The period you’ll spend on the waters also matters.

6. S and S Boat Rentals

S and S Boat Rentals

With this company, you’ll get one of the latest and most luxurious houseboats and pontoons. You’ll have fun, especially when cruising on the upper side of river Lansing in Lowa, Mississippi.

Also, it’s best if you rent their boats during the long summer days. You can bring your friends along and have fun.

Expect to get many features on these houseboats to give you more fun. Each vessel has sleeping places, bathrooms, modern kitchens, wet bars, among others.

If you have anyone using a wheelchair. This firm strives to see that everyone has fun on the waters equally. S and S group has boats that can host 10 to13 people.

Remember, once you rent a boat, it comes with a captain for free. But you can also choose to drive the boat yourself.

These incredible vessels from the firm are there to make you enjoy your summer. What you’ll pay will depend on the type of boat and how long you want to rent it.

7. Sardis Marina

Sardis Marina

Here, you’ll access many modern boats with their latest models. Sardis Marina Company has pontoons, water boards, kayaks, cruises, among many others.

The firm is along Sardis Lake, Mississippi. You’ll have a chance to move over the 32000 acres lake. Visit the place during summer to have fun on the boats.

Besides exploring the lake, hiring the boats can help you fish. Their vessels come with some of the equipment for easy fishing.

Sardis Marina will also give you a chance to enjoy water sports using their boats. The waters on Sardis Lake can host most water sports.

Your visit to the lake won’t be complete without visiting the Sardis Marina eating place. Here, you can buy food at low prices when you rent the boat.

Also, when it comes to the rental rates, the cheapest you rent a boat for a full day is $390. If you want a boat for half a day, the cheapest you pay is $260. These costs will depend on the day you rent the boat and the type you want.

8. Get Wet Rentals

Get Wet Rentals

This firm will give you the best rentals for watersport boats. You’ll get the Get Wet Company at Biloxi, Mississippi.

One thing that’s special about them is their low rental rates. You can hire their jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards. So, you’ll have fun as the light water waves hit you.

When you rent their boats as a family, you’ll get some discounts. Once you book the boats online, the staff is always ready to give you the best services.

Besides renting the boats cheaply, this firm will give you a large water area at Biloxi and the gulf coast. It’s where you’ll have fun when you rent the boat.

You’ll have to call the care number to get the renting rates. But they’ll depend on the time and type of boat you want.

Also, one has to be 18 years and above to drive the jet skis. This instruction is according to the USCG rules.


Mississippi has many lakes that can give you more fun on boats in the summer. The boat rental companies are here for you if you don’t own a boat.

As you strive to pick the best boat rental, your budget and purpose for the boats should guide you. These boat rentals in Mississippi can give you boats for fishing, sports, and cruising around the lakes. You can have fun alone, but it’s best if you go with friends or family.

So, which boat rental company has won your heart? Please feel free to share with us.

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