9 Best Boat Rentals in Maryland

Did you know that Maryland has more than 100 lakes where you can go and have fun, especially during summer? Well, you must own a boat to enjoy these waters. But do you know the best boat rentals to help you in this state if you lack a boat?

You are about to know. Here, we’ll talk about the nine best boat rentals in Maryland.

You’ll enjoy your fishing trips, sports, or even parties on these waters. The rental places will give you quality boats to help you enjoy your time.

Some of these boat rentals will fit your budget, while some may not. Let’s now look at what more these firms offer to you.

Best Boat Rentals in Maryland

1. Schnaitman’s Boat Rentals

Schnaitman’s Boat Rentals

This boat rental company at Wye Mills, Maryland, gives you boats to use for many activities. The best thing about them is the freedom you’ll have on the boats.

If you want a fishing boat in Maryland, visit Schnaitman’s firm. Here, you’ll also get baits for the fish cheaply. You can also rent dip nets to make your fishing experience better.

Besides fishing, you can use their boats for cruising around the sweet Wye river. You can bring an outboard of up to 15 hp when you want more speed.

Also, they are among the cheapest boat rentals companies in Maryland. Hiring a rowboat will cost you $31 per day. The highest you’ll pay is $90 for a motorboat.

You’ll also be the captain of your boat. Ensure you have a valid driving license.

Remember, at this place, you can’t make any reservations. So, when you come first, you’ll get the boat.

2. Baltimore Fishing Adventures

Baltimore Fishing Adventures

At Baltimore Fishing Adventures, you’ll get the best fishing experience. The company is at Baltimore in Maryland.

Also, you can use their boats to explore the waters and not just fish. Get ready to enjoy your time from Fell’s Point to the Chesapeake Bay.

These boats can only hold six people. Also, each boat comes with a captain to help you in site viewing of the inner harbor.

The firm gives competitive prices. You can get a fishing boat for at least $299 for three hours. Also, you can buy bait food cheaply.

Baltimore Fishing Adventures allow you to reserve a boat at a fee. What you’ll pay will depend on your time you’ll spend on the boat and the type you choose. So, you might even pay up to $750 for six hours.

3. Bayside Boat Rentals

Bayside Boat Rentals

If you love to use small boats on calm waters, you can trust the Bayside Boat Rentals to give you quality vessels. They are in Ocean City, Maryland.

Expect to get canoes, kayaks, jet skis, pontoons. So, it will be easy to do kayaking and rafting. If you love jest skis, you’ll get the latest Yamaha models at this firm.

Also, you can enjoy parties and other events on their pontoons. It’s because they are large enough to hold many people.

You can also use their boats to have the best fishing escapades. Besides giving you the boats, you can rent their fishing items cheaply. Bayside can rent you poles, crab lines, nets, hooks, baits, and bagged ice here.

The rates vary with the boat you’ll rent, time, any day of the week. Pontoons will cost you more than jet skis. You’ll also pay for the gas, but cheaply.

4. OC Bayside Rentals

OC Bayside Rentals

This firm will give you the best services and boats for watersports. It’s one of the largest watercraft rental centers in Maryland’s Ocean City. You can get them at Dorcester Street and Bay.

OC Bayside has been serving for over 25 years. So, expect to get quality customer care from them.

They’ll give you boats to use for many other activities on the waters beside the watersports. At the company, they have pontoons, powerboats, skiffs, deep-sea fishing boats, among others.

You can decide to be the captain of your boat or allow OC Bayside to give you one. If you ride the boat, carry a valid driving license with you.

In case of any problem, their team is ever ready to help. OC’s staff can all do First Aid for you. Also, their guides have ideal info about the waters, so they’ll help you explore.

Like other boat rentals, the rates depend on the boat you’ll rent and the hours you use it. For example, renting a 24-foot pontoon costs $175 per 2 hours.

5. Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals (AEBR)

Annapolis Electric Boat Rentals (AEBR)

Like the Tesla cars, the Annapolis Electric boat rentals will ensure you have a sweet time on the waters. Use their boats to enjoy the beautiful view of the Annapolis waterways.

Their boats are 22-foot long. So, you can have an event of even up to 14 people on these vessels. Also, the boats are easy to ride on the waters.

Here, you’ll be the captain of the boat. Please ensure you have a license. Remember, AEBR will give you more tips to ensure you enjoy your time with the boat.

The boats come with great specs to make you enjoy. Some of them are like canopies to give you shade as you ride on sunny days.

Their costs start at $200 for 3 hours. Prices vary with the boat you’ll choose. Remember, people of all ages can board the boat.

6. Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center

One can also rent high-quality boats at the Aquatic Center of McHenry. They are located at the Deep Creek waters in Marland.

Here, you can rent various boats for parties and paddlesports. They have pontoons, sport boats, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards.

So, if you want to hold any party, you can get the pontoon. You may also use their boats to explore the waters. Also, Aquatic Center is the best if you want to plan watersport events.

Remember, the firm has been working for over 25 years. Expect to get one of the best boats and great customer care.

You’ll captain the boat you rent. This firm needs you to be at least 18 years to rent any of their boats.

Their prices are also good in the current market. It will only cost you $20 to rent a single kayak for two hours. When you rent for at least 2 hours, Aquatic Center will give you an extra life vest for $5.

7. Dockside Boat Rentals

Dockside Boat Rentals

Choosing this boat rental company from Oxford means you’ll have more freedom on the boat. The Dockside firm allows you to be the captain. Also, the staff will ask you what you need to have fun on the boats.

You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, waterbikes, pontoons, and other boats at Dockside boat rentals. There are Zodiac boats to take you through the Chesapeake Bay waters.

Also, the Dockside firm has been renting boats for over 20 years. Be sure to get quality care from the staff. These boats come with quality specs to bring you more fun.

What you’ll pay will depend on the type of boat you’ll pick and how long you’ll use it. You have to email or call customer care to get the exact rates since they keep shifting because of the seasons.

8. South River Jet Ski Rentals

South River Jet Ski Rentals

Go for the boats at this rental company if you want many models of jet skis and pontoons. You’ll have fun under the sun and on the waters in the Annapolis area.

Besides, the firm also has a private beach on the South River. So, it will be easy for you to access your boat.

People love them because of the warm customer care service and cheap rental rates. It means you can visit them even if you are on a tight budget. They have been in the game for over 15 years.

South River Jet Ski rentals rent out their boats on a four-hour or hourly basis. These prices will depend on the season, type of boat, and availability.

Renting a jet ski will cost you $125 per hour without tax. As for the pontoons, you’ll rent them for $700 plus tax for four hours.

The firm allows you to captain a boat if you meet the requirements. Also, you can hire a captain, but it will be an extra cost.

9. Baltimore Electric Boat Rental

Baltimore Electric Boat Rental

Would you love to have a good time on an electric boat in Glen Burnie waters? Then look no further than Baltimore Electric boat rental.

Here, you’ll get many types of electric boats. Most are luxury boats, cruisers, pontoons, among others.

These boats come with lovely specs like a kitchen grill, shade, and quality seats. So, be sure to have a great time during your parties and events but not fishing.

Most of their boats can carry at least 8 people. It doesn’t allow any pets to come on board.

Also, Baltimore Electric boat rentals allow you to be the captain of your boat. You only need a valid driver’s license.

When renting, you’ll pay $225 for 1.5 hours for a boat that holds up to 10 people. The costs vary with the size of the boat, day of the week, and the hours you plan to rent.


There are many boat rentals in Maryland to help you hire a boat. These boat rental firms listed here will give you the best time on the waters.

You’ll get boats to use for fishing, sports, holding parties, and other activities. Ensure you pick on the boat rentals that you can afford.

Also, these boat firms will give you great customer care. Prepare yourself, pick the best boat rental of the waters you’d love to visit and enjoy your short or long holiday.

So, which among these boat rentals has satisfied you? Would you love to share with us?

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