11 Best Electric Pontoon Boats

Today, many cars are eco-friendly, but did you know that pontoons also follow the same trend? Yes, you’ll get many electric pontoons, but which ones are the finest?

Well, it’s time for you to know. We’ll talk about the eleven best electric pontoon boats.

These crafts run for many hours without any fuel. Electric pontoons are the best choice for those who care more about green living.

You’ll hear less noise from their motors as they move. Their electric motors will save you from the fuel costs.

Also, the crafts are easy to maintain. Let’s now look at each of these electric pontoons.

Best Electric Pontoon Boats

1. Princecraft Brio E-17

This great pontoon from the Princecraft Boat firm cares much about the environment. Besides its Torqeedo electric machine, the boat also has solar batteries.

When you use the electric motor, it will give you a 9.9 HP. Your boat can either have the Torqeedo 4.0 R or the 2.0 R motor.

When the charge is low, you shouldn’t worry. You’ll have solar batteries which will help you move. Princecraft Brio is 17-feet long and has a 4.9-meter-long deck.

It can only hold seven people. These boats are best to use in the states where you can’t use the fuel or gas motors on their waters.

Princecraft Brio E-17 has a Bimini top to shield you from the sun. It also comes with cozy leather seats and a swivel chair for the driver.

Every seat in the lounge has a store. You’ll love its beautiful navigation, boarding ladder, and interior lights. Expect this boat to give you much fun.

Also, this craft weighs only 592 kg together with the motor, chargers, and boxes. Remember, it’s lighter than the other pontoons. So, expect it to move fast on the waters.

2. General Motors Pontoon Boat

General Motors Pontoon Boat
Image Credit: purewatercraft

The General Motors (GM) firm also has its first pontoon boat. GM cares about going green and their future too.

This firm’s Forward Marine division makes this boat model. It has modern specs unique to a few electric pontoons in the market.

Forward Marine makes this boat to help you relax and enjoy your time on the waters. Expect it to be a 24 feet and with 8.5 feet beam.

GM’s new boat can carry a weight of up to 1500 lbs. Also, only 10 to 12 people can fit on this electric craft. It means you can hold some parties and events on this boat.

Its motor gives the boat one of the best performances on the water. It can yield up to 200 hp and move at a top speed of at least 20 mph.

Remember, the batteries have a charge power of 7.2 kW. This power comes from the modified Chevrolet Bolt motor.

When the batteries have a full charge, you can move for 20 to 50 miles. It’s one of the best for marine areas. This GM’s boat takes only 9.3 hours to get a full charge.

You’ll also enjoy many luxury specs like beautiful lights, a radio, a place for TV, and grill. These boats also have many USB ports with a 120V.

3. Tahoe Sport Fish

Tahoe Sport Fish pontoon should be among your options if you’d love to fish on an electric boat. It comes from the Tahoe boat firm. They are one of the greatest boat makers in the USA.

Tahoe Sportfish has a rear fishing place, a live well, and rod holders. There are also dual seats on the front to help you get the best catch. Expect to have a great fishing experience.

It’s best for also exploring the waters in the sunset. You’ll get them in many sizes of 14 to 20 feet. Also, the boat can be 7.8 or 8 feet wide.

This spec shows you can hold parties on these boats because of the much space. It can carry five to seven people.

Also, with these boats, you won’t worry about low battery power. The Tahoe Sport Fish comes with an outboard motor. These engines have power ranging from 40 to 90 HP.

This Tahoe vessel also has stable seats with aluminum bases. It has a fiberglass hull with beautiful dash panels. Though it’s costly, you’ll enjoy every bit about this boat.

4. Misty Harbor Explorer 1480 EF

Misty Harbor Explorer 1480 EF
Image Credit: wildriversport

Coming from the Misty Harbor company, this pontoon will help you explore the waters with much fun. It’s a vessel that will help you fish.

The Explorer 1480 EF 2020 vessel has ample space to keep much of your fishing kit. Also, the firm makes the seats to make you access the waters without strain.

This pontoon has a 15-feet hull and an 8-feet beam. It can only carry up to five people.

Also, you can use the boat to hold a meeting with your friends. It has other parts like a step ladder, molded plastic bases, and a beautiful steering wheel.

Remember, the furniture comes from Puma vinyl. It shows that the firm knows how to cater to buyers’ needs.

5. Elux Marine Stealth

Elux Marine Stealth
Image Credit: pdbmagazine

The Elux Marine Stealth boat will make you have fun on the waters. As you have events with friends, you’ll also be caring for the marine life using this boat.

This great pontoon is from a powerful firm in Minnesota called Elux Marine. It launched this boat in 2019.

Elux Marine pontoon has a 24.5 feet fiberglass hull. So, it will be easy to clean it.

Stealth pontoon can carry up to 12 people and items that weigh 2100 lbs. Elux firm also gives you a powerful stereo to add some music taste onboard.

Don’t forget about the boat’s silent electric motor. It comes with a lithium battery with 72 volts and 40 Amp power.

Expect this pontoon to move at a top speed of 14 mph. The boat is fully electric. You can use it in the states that don’t allow fuel-powered vessels on the waters.

Besides, the boats have a Garmin GPS tool, excellent cooler cabinets, and space to keep trash. You’ll have an easy time using this pontoon.

6. Moggaro Pontoon 500

Moggaro Pontoon 500
Image Credit: nauticexpo

Moggaro Aluminum Pontoons Company makes this boat to help you enjoy your time. It comes with much comfort, many designs, and colors.

The Moggaro Pontoon 500 is fit for tours and holding parties on the water. Do you have a birthday fete, bachelors’ party, or a family gathering? This boat will suit you.

Remember, you can adjust or decorate it to fit many of your uses. The vessel is 4.98 meters long. Besides partying, the boat has a 6.98 meters aluminum hull for sports fishing.

Moggaro Pontoon 500 with a 2.76-meter beam can hold up to 10 people. As for the one with a 2.90-meter beam, it holds only 12 people.

Sometimes, it can be tricky to change the boat’s design yourself. Worry not, the firm’s staff are always ready to help you.

This boat’s electric motor is strong. When the battery is full, it can produce up to 20 kW.

Moggaro Pontoon 500 also has an outboard machine. It means that the craft can move at high speeds for many hours. You shouldn’t worry if the charge becomes low while on the water.

These features show that it’s worth it to get this pontoon. So, try it out today.

7. Princecraft Brio E-15

Princecraft Brio E-15
Image Credit: boatdealers

The Princecraft Brio E-15 is the smaller version of the Brio E-17. It comes with a length of 15 feet.

Brio E-15 can only carry six people. Like the bigger one, Brio-E17, the boat will suit you, especially if you care about green living.

Also, the vessel has NMMA, and Transport Canada passes. This spec shows you can use it on the waters of any state in the US.

This boat can use the two Torqeedo battery models. So, they include the cruise 2.0 R with 24 volts and the cruise 4.0 R with 48 volts. This feature means you ride your boat for many hours.

Princecraft Brio E-15 is an excellent boat for fishing, cruising, and swimming. It’s not a vessel to use for much fun like parties. Well, it’s because it has less space on board.

Despite the small size, the boat also comes with other amazing specs that you’ll love. All seats have rooms under them to keep your items. Also, there’s a console door.

Remember, you can add more features to this boat. Ensure you reach out to the Princecraft firm’s staff to do the work for you.

8. Ray Electric’s ElectroCat 2017

Ray Electric’s ElectroCat 2017
Image Credit: crowsurvival

This 2017 ElectroCat is also an excellent boat for fishing and cruising. You’ll get it from the Ray Electric boat company.

Expect it to come with the Ray Electric Outboard motor. The device produces 48 volts which are the same as 4 HP.

Also, the boat has ample space, a Bimini top, and quality seats. So, you can have a great time with your family on lakes, seas, and even rivers.

Ray ElectroCat has a fiberglass hull. It also has a sports steering, a stereo sound device, and many cup holders.

The boat also has much space to get a nice angle for fishing. Remember, you can customize this boat in the way you want.

9. Mogarro Pontoon 800

Also, from the Moggaro Company, you’ll get the better version of the Moggaro 500. This boat has more luxurious specs to bring more fun.

The firm calls it the Pontoon House. It’s because the boat’s features allow you to enjoy your time on the water for a long time.

There will always be enough power on this boat. It has an electric motor and a fuel power engine.

Pontoon 800’s electric motor gives you up to 30 kW. You’ll get a 70 HP output if you use the outboard motor.

This boat is 28-feet long and with ample deck space. So, together with your family and friends, you can have many events on board.

Expect a modern kitchen, a washroom, a cabinet that you can turn into a bed, a heater, and a water tank. You’ll always smile as you explore the waters.

Be sure to love the designs of these amenities. Each comes with a taste of the faux wood looks.

10. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 XL

Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 XL
Image Credit: boattrader

Sun Tracker is one of the best for fishing activities. Once you charge it, the modern power system on this boat allows you to stay for long on water.

This craft can carry up to seven people. It is 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. So, besides fishing, you can use it when you want to swim, explore, or hold parties.

The Bass Buggy is here to make you relax. You’ll get a sweet L-lounge with cup holders under it.

Cozy dual bow fishing spots are waiting for you when you want to fish. Also, the boat has a live well to place your keepers.

If you love to swim, there’s a foldable ladder for you. It means you’ll access the water quickly.

On this deluxe boat model, there are pontoon logs with many chambers. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy’s rail lock has a mooring cover to shield the boat after your trip.

11. Elux Marine Breeze

Elux Marine Breeze
Image Credit: eluxmarine

The Marine Breeze pontoon is the sister to the Elux Marine Stealth. Elux Marine firm began selling it in February 2020.

It has a 21-feet aluminum deck to bring a good time as you cruise. This boat’s size can hold ten people.

Also, the boat has other impressive specs to make you enjoy. You’ll have a sound system, an ample transom, and a space for a slide-out trash area.

Expect to enjoy many other specs like leather seats, beautiful LED and anchor lights, a Bimini top, and even cup holders. It’s a nice place to hold your birthday parties and family events.

Like the Marine Stealth, this luxury pontoon’s battery has 72 volts and 420 Amp. The motor here can move the boat up to 12 mph.

The boat can move for over 10 hours on a single full charge. It won’t take many hours for it to get full power.


Many boat firms today make pontoons that go beyond giving you fun. They also consider taking care of the environment.

So, today you’ll get many pontoons that care about you and the marine life. The boats will teach you to have joy in a greener way.

Electric pontoons will help you do many things like fishing, parties, and swimming. Their motors are also cheap and easy to maintain.

Some like the Moggaro 800 come with solar batteries. Others like the Tahoe boats have both electric and fuel motors.

So, do you think these boats are the next big thing in the marine sector? We would love to hear from you.

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