8 Most Elegant Small Electric Boats For Lakes

Unless you are signing up for what is known as the “Everest of the Seas”- the Vendee Globe, then traveling 30 knots or higher is unnecessary and, to be frank, not that comfortable.

But, if cruising along the coastline or boating around the lake is closer to your family’s vision, then an electric-powered boat could be an excellent fit for you.

Stay tuned as I am about to share the 8 Most Elegant Small Electric Boats that you should consider for your lake cruising fun.

The Power of Electricity

The Power of Electricity

The wisdom behind an electric-powered boat is not a contemporary idea at all. In all actuality, the concept of fuel-alternative power has been around since the 1800s.

The conception of an electric-powered vessel was both innovative and way ahead of its times; however, the fossil fuel industry engulfed this idea and forcefully created a diversion to slow down or eliminate the progression of electric boating.

Heather Farmbrough reports in her Forbes Magazine article that “shipping accounts for 13% of sulfur oxide emissions and 15% of nitrous oxide emissions worldwide.”

What does this mean? Any preliminary research will reveal that the boating industry’s regulations on fossil fuel pollution are far behind that of the auto industry. In addition, the rules that are in place seem to place restrictions on larger vessels that operate far at sea.

So, unfortunately, historically poor restrictions and quasi-inexistent regulation for small boats cause increasing concern for our ocean environment and wildlife.

An electric-powered boat may depend on electricity alone or even a hybrid alternative like cars. However, for the most part, small boats (sailboats, inflatables, dinghies, etc.) can rely on electricity alone in the form of an electric outboard motor.

Owners of larger boats may prefer the inboard motor configuration to store battery packs in a cooler environment. In addition, larger vessels that operate for longer hours and who plan to remain at sea for extended periods will benefit from employing multiple power sources to conserve battery power for the most critical times.

Some of the more common hybrid configurations include “wind power (conventional cloth or solar-impregnated sails and/or small wind turbines), solar panels, nuclear, hydrogen fuel cells, diesel, biofuel or petrol generators.”

Pros of Small Electric Boats

Pros of Small Electric Boats

#1) Stay Green – There is nothing better than an environmentally conscious boat-owner. Given our place and advantage in creation, we have an ethical responsibility to put measures to protect and sustain our environment with all the various species we cohabitate. Electric-powered boats are just one contribution to humanity that allows you and me to enjoy our Earth’s waters without causing harm to the environment.

#2) Boundaryless – Solar and electric-powered engines do not impose risks to the environment. As a boat owner, you will face minimum, if any at all, restrictions when traveling through or near protected areas.

#3) Multiple Power Sources – Boats running on electricity can be paired with wind, solar, nuclear, hydrogen, diesel, biofuel, or petrol generating sources.

#4) Quiet – Not only do electric-powered vessels reduce marine pollution in the form of fossil fuel release, but the silent engines help prevent unnecessary stress on marine wildlife. Take a peek at Konrad Bergström’s X Shore Eelex project to understand the vision for a cleaner maritime boating future.

#5) Versatile – Electric motors are versatile and have small and large vessel applications. It appears that Norway may be in the lead with larger electric-powered vessels to include a cruise ship that completed a voyage near the North Pole. However, countries worldwide are recognizing the importance of going green and finally seeing the profitable edge that their companies can experience from a happy and healthy environment for all.

#6) Inboard and Outboard Configurations – Although a vessel of larger caliber such as a cruise ship, tanker, or container ship will house their significantly larger engines inside, a smaller boat (sailboat, yacht, cruiser, etc.) can use outboard motors. In addition, the design of solar panels is available in a variety of styles and shapes that fit practically any project, thus making them a fantastic power source for electric motors.

Electricity: The New Maritime Goldmine

Though electric boats are turning the pages in maritime history and pushing to mark quite a promising future for a sustainable sport and past time, there are several electric boats already available on the market.

Going silent and fuel-free can be your reality as you create some space in your budget to acquire the electric-powered boat of your dreams. Whether you like the more classic cruiser lines or your family is looking forward to loads of fun and entertainment aboard the more modern pontoon boat, there is an electric option for any configuration or application.

What You Need To Look For

What You Need To Look For

When in the market for an electric boat, it would be helpful to consider several very critical items:

  • Battery Life and Replacement – Along with the expected duration of the batteries, it would be good to research local lakes to see if any have recharging stations at the docks. Also, depending on your needs, you should plan your boating adventure with recharging times considered.
  • Enclosure – Take note of the housing of the electric motor to ensure that all electrical connections are adequately protected.
  • Maintenance and Service – As a boat owner, you will learn ways to save money where you can. Is your electric-powered boat DIY-friendly? If not, please take note of the recommended maintenance schedule and find out the location of the nearest service provider.
  • Warranty – With any investment, be sure you understand the limits and coverage extended to you under the manufacturer’s warranty.

8 Best Small Electric Boats For Lakes

I think it’s time to look at this article’s line-up of 8 of the best small electric boats to consider for your lakeside pleasure.

#1) Bruce 22 of Vision Marine Technologies

At a very high starting price point of approximately $225,000, the Bruce 22 offers a luxury high-performance electric boat unparalleled in class and elegance.

This speedy cruiser can reach speeds up to an impressive 40 miles per hour, making it a leading rival to any fossil fuel burner representing mighty towing power and great wake competitive watersports.

But, even if you are not about throwing on a pair of skis and getting pulled behind a boat, you will be turning heads while enjoying a smooth glass of wine with your loved one aboard this sleek and sexy vessel.

#2) Eelex 8000 by X Shore

Eelex 8000 by X Shore
Image Credit: yachtingnews

Since I already referred to Konrad Bergström earlier, I thought I should tell you more about the luxury electric boats he designs.

The Eelex 8000 has received plenty of notoriety and is sometimes called the “Tesla of the Seas.” For near $285,000, you can travel up to 115 miles at lower speeds powered by its 225 kW motor and matching 126 kWh battery pack.

Konrad is hopeful that in time his childhood passion for the seas and ethical stance on ocean sustainability will become a global vision for the maritime boater.

He explains if X Shore can garner the same celebrity attention as Tesla cars initially did. In that case, the company will introduce more economical models that the typical family can afford.

#3) Pulse 63 by RS Electric Boats

Pulse 63 by RS Electric Boats
Image Credit: mby

RS Electric Boats is a British-designed boat using completely sustainable materials with mass production right around the corner. The company specializes in sailing dinghies, and the Pulse 63 can reach a top speed of over 25 miles per hour.

This RIB boat is fully customizable to include personal branding. Additionally, with its ability to travel to over 100 miles on a single charge, you can be sure to enjoy this high-tech electric boat around the lake at half the price of the above two features.

#4) Q30 by Q-Yachts

Q30 by Q-Yachts
Image Credit: avontuura

I immediately think expensive taste whenever I hear the word yacht, and for a price tag of almost $250,000, the Q 30 is a beautiful luxury day cruiser if your wallet can afford it.

This electric boat has quite a humble appearance with its “hull [designed with] vinylester and unidirectional glass fibre skin with foam core above and below waterline.”

Measuring 9.3 meters in length, you and your guests can cruise at low speeds for approximately ten hours on a single charge of batteries that can recharge overnight using your typical everyday plug.

Let me not forget to mention that the cabin of the Q 30 includes a toilet, fridge, and comfortable accommodation if you see yourself camping out on an extended trip.

#5) M800 Spyder by Marian

This electric yacht made its debut at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, where its sleek lines of sheer elegance did not go unnoticed. The M800 Spyder has a 150kW motor paired with 125kWh batteries that can produce an adrenaline-producing ride of up to 40 miles per hour.

Priced at $270,000 (the highest on this list so far), the M800 Spyder’s Austrian design is here to break the mold of fine maritime tradition with the addition of electric power.

The fast M800 Spyder is a silently impressive and technological beast with no harm to the marine environment or atmosphere.

#6) Wave E-550 by Magonis

Wave E-550 by Magonis
Image Credit: dupontregistry

Finally, an electric boat that is more fitting to my budget but equally as elegant and impressive is the Magonis Wave E-550 electric-powered boat.

This dreamy powerboat evolution takes the best of the European class. The E-550 was designed in Barcelona but built in Italy- two countries known for their artistic beauty.

With all the latest in smart technology, including an iPad pro at the helm, Magonis has produced a socially centered leisure boat that utilizes a Torqeedo Electric outboard cruising engine to propel this craft up to 25 miles per hour, depending on your cruising speed.

With the Magonis boat-builder tool on their website, you can explore an extensive range of accessories to make your boat that much more exclusive; however, the starting price for this beautiful boat is $45,000.

#7) 750 Portofino Deluxe by Boesch

The Swiss have done it again- renowned for their multi-tool pocket knives, luggage, and chocolate, Switzerland is also making great strides in electric maritime history.

This electric boat measures 7.5 meters in length, and its spacious deck design comfortably fits five or six guests. Moreover, the 750 Portofino has all the latest instrumentation technology, and even the base model has an extensive list of standard accessories.

The price tag starts at close to $400,000, making it officially the most expensive lakeside toy on this list.

#8) 28 Cabin by Alfastreet

I was surprised to learn of its Polish descent, yet the Alfastreet Marine company offers electric versions of their standard line-up.

Starting at $200,000, the 28 Cabin model is easy to drive and displays Alfastreet’s state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

The boat offers a roof that is incredibly accomodating to guests even if inclement weather intrudes on your lake experience. This vessel is another expensive but great option for you if you want to camp out for the night.

The cabin has a luxurious king-size bed and bathroom for ultimate comfort and relaxation for you and your family.


No doubt about it, boating is a beautiful way to express your love of nature, and I think pursuing your passion without any harm to marine wildlife or the environment around you is the best way to go.

For that reason, this article has explored the 8 Most Elegant Small Electric Boats for your leisurely experience around the lake or along the coastline. The future of maritime technology is growing momentum even though the ethical call for a greener and more sustainable footprint began long ago.

The electrically-powered boat industry offers boats big and small to fit any budget and taste. The boats featured in this article may seem out of reach to the typical boating enthusiast; however, if people continue to express their interest in this sustainable technology, then in time, prices will drop.

Until then, I will have to happily sit across from you at the lake in my hardshell kayak, admiring you in your newest electric yacht.

Would you please mind leaving any questions or concerns about small electric boats in the comment section below?

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    • Lol. I second that. Either using a trolling motors on a Jon boat or paddling. Really no other recourse to go “green” and be frugal.


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