9 Best Boat Rentals in Pennsylvania

Would you ever love to have a quiet day on one of the waters of Pennsylvania and leave your troubles behind? Of course yes, it’s a lovely thing, but you can’t do it if you lack a boat?

Worry less because you are at the right place for your help. We’ll talk about the nine best boat rentals in Pennsylvania.

Very few people own boats in this state. Renting a boat is the best way to spend hours or days on these beautiful waters.

There are various boat rental firms across this state, but we’ll tell of those that can give you satisfying services. So, if you are ready, let’s go right into these firms.

Best Boat Rentals in Pennsylvania

1. Port Erie Sports

Port Erie Sports

It’s one of the boat rentals for watersports lovers. You’ll enjoy your time at the sweet waters of Lake Erie. They have offices at West Bayfront Parkway in Erie, Pennsylvania.

The firm will rent you quality jet skis, kayaks, SUPs, and many more boats for the sports. Most of them are of the latest models. You can hold sports events like kayaking and skiing with your friends.

As for the other boats, you can get pontoons, sailboats, cruisers, deck boats, among others. Many of these crafts can carry at least five people.

It means you can hold parties and small events on these boats. Remember, they come with great specs too.

Their rates are friendly to your pocket. You’ll get value for your money. The cheapest boat rents out at $89 per hour.

Please think of them when in this state and visit their site. They give boats on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Green Lane Boat Rentals

Green Lane Boat Rentals

This firm is also for lovers of watersports and small boats. They’ll rent you boats to help you enjoy your time at the Green Lane Reservoir waters.

You’ll get their offices at Hill Road in Green Lane, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll get many kayaks, canoes, motorboats, and stand-up paddleboards.

Besides sporting, you can use the boats to fish or explore the waters. Also, these boats are the best way to deal with a bad week at work.

Green Lane will give you life jackets that the Coast Guard approves. It’s okay to carry your life jackets. Ensure they have the Coast Guard badge.

The rates at this place are low. A motorboat carrying four people costs $35 per hour.

You can be captain when you the firm’s regulations. Visit their site or office, rent one of the boats and feel the beauty of the waters.

3. Rubber Duckie Boat Rentals

Rubber Duckie Boat Rentals

When around the Lake Wallenpaupack waters, you can think of them as one the best boat rental firms. You’ll get boats you can use for different events.

Also, the firm will give you warm customer care. So, be sure to get value for your money. Rubber Duckie has pontoons and party boats, the latest model of jet skis, fishing boats, and many more.

Remember, their skis are one of a kind. Each ski measures from 19 to 21 feet.

These skis come with motors of high speed. They are the best cruising around Lake Wallenpaupack.

You can also get tubes, wakeboards, and kneeboards. The watersport events with friends will be fun. After that, you can rent a pontoon to have a party or go fishing.

Don’t fear about the costs; they are cheap. These prices keep changing because of the seasons.

4. Marsh Creek Watersports

Marsh Creek Watersports

As the name sounds, this spot is the best at giving you watersport boats. You can use their boats when you want to enjoy Mash Creek Lake’s waters. They are at Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

The company has kayaks, motorboats, paddle boats, wind riders, and many others. What you’ll need are your skills in riding these boats. It’s because you won’t get a captain.

Also, Marsh Creek doesn’t allow any reservations. You’ll only get your favorite boat when you come and pay for it first.

It’s also a boat rental with low rates on their boats. One can hire a four-person motorboat for $30 for half an hour and $140 for eight hours.

Each boat comes with jackets. These rates vary and change due to the seasons and the type of boats available.

5. Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Are you new to Pittsburgh and would love to taste the beauty of the city? Then you can rent boats from Rush Hour Company and leave the rest to them.

They’ll help you view Pittsburgh from three different rivers which cut across it. When you rent a boat with them, you’ll get a captain.

Sometimes, you’ll think that you know the city well enough. Once you book a rental tour with Rush Hour, what you’ll see will surprise you.

You can rent it with your friends and family to explore the city. The best time to use these boats is in the evenings during summer.

Remember, here you can mainly get luxury yachts. They can only carry six people at most.

Yes, the rates here look costly. But Rush Hour gives you value for money because of their services.

6. Conewango Kayak Canoe Rental

Conewango Kayak Canoe Rental

If you love sailing on canoes and kayaks, this firm will be the best for you. The offices of this boat rental are at Russell.

You’ll use these boats to explore great and hidden places of the Conewango creek river. In 2015, this river won the River of the Year in Pennsylvania title.

One unique thing is that the firm cares more about the river’s environment. This boat rental will give you a trash bag for each trip. At the end of your trip, if you return the bag and it’s full of trash, you’ll get a small refund.

You can choose to row the canoes and kayaks yourself. Also, the firm can give you a guide to show you through the waters.

It’s the best place to spend time with your family and friends. The rates are also cheap and will depend on the size and type of the boat and season.

7. Nockamixon Boat Rental

Nockamixon Boat Rental

Expect to get many boats from this company to use at Lake Nockamixon park. This boat rental has boats ranging from paddleboards to motorboats.

Their offices are at Quakertown, Pennsylvania. Besides many boats, be sure to get excellent care from their staff.

So, you can use their boats to have small parties with friends. As for this event, you’ll need a motorboat.

Also, it will be nice to fish using their motorboat. There are also rowboats, kayaks, and other boats to help you explore the beauty of this giant lake.

What you’ll pay will depend on the size and type of boat you’ll choose, the season, and the time you’ll spend on the boat. For example, you’ll hire a single kayak for only $20 per hour.

Here, there are no bookings. Once you pay for the boat, you’ll start using it.

8. Seven Points Marina

Seven Points Marina

Sometimes, you can enjoy the beauty of the Allegheny Mountains. It will be lovely when you do it from Raystown Lake. So, here is where the Seven Points Marina will come in handy.

This company is at Seven Points Marina Drive, Hesston. They’ll give you boats to use on many events. You can get pontoons, skiffs, fishing boats, among others.

It means you can hold a small party on this lake with your friends. You’ll need the ski pontoon that can carry up to eight people. Also, you can hire houseboats.

The fishing boats are also great, with much space. One can also use them to relax on the lake.

Every boat you’ll rent from this firm will give you comfort. Besides, the lake, the Seven Points Marina’s size will amaze you.

Payments here depend on the type of boat, the time you’ll spend on the vessel, and the weather.

9. Presque Isle Boat Rental

Presque Isle Boat Rental

Your stay in Pennsylvania won’t be complete without visiting the Presque Isle State Park. If you don’t own a boat, don’t worry, Presque Isle boat rental will have your back.

Expect to get many boats that can fit your needs. They have quality pontoons, kayaks, rowboats, motorboats, and paddleboats.

You’ll access Presque Isle Bay, Misery Bay, Marina Bay, Horseshoe Ponds, and Lagoons. Mostly you’ll need a guard to take you around.

Also, if you are in the military or a first responder, the firm will give you great discounts. Ensure you carry your ID with you.

One can use their pontoons to have events and fishing. You can use kayaks and paddleboats for sports.

The Presque firm sells ice and bait cheaply. It means fishing will be made easy for you.

Like many other rentals, the costs here vary with the season, weather, and boats. But expect to get these excellent services cheaply.


Pennsylvania is a state with many beautiful lakes and rivers. It’s where you can go and have fun alone or with your friends.

If you don’t have a vessel, many boat rentals can help you. Most of them will give you a warm service when you rent their boats. You can use these crafts to have parties, fish, or watersports in these lakes and rivers.

Be sure to get quality boats from these listed boat rentals. Also, choose one that you can afford.

Do you mind telling us which boat rental has impressed you? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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