19 Best Wake Surfing Boats

Wake surfing is one of the most popular watersports out there. But for the best possible experience, you need the right boat. So how do you go about choosing one?

That’s where we can help! We’re going to look at the 19 best wake surfing boats out there. And we’ll tell you everything you need to know about their key features.

So if you’re ready to find the perfect boat, step this way!

Best Wake Surfing Boats

1. MasterCraft NXT22

MasterCraft NXT22

If you don’t mind splashing the cash on your wake surfing boat, the NXT22 is well worth considering. MasterCraft are one of the best manufacturers of wake boats, and this vessel unites bags of features with top-notch comfort.

The sleek Vector hull is paired with a 60-horsepower Ilmor motor that comes as standard. The result is a wake boat with plenty of pace. And at 22 feet long, it’s big enough to carry up to 14 people.

There’s also the option of adding an advanced audio package so you can blast out some tunes as you go.

2. Tige 23RZX

Tige 23RZX

The 2021 Tige 23RZX is 23 feet long and has seating for 16 people. There’s also impressive on-board storage of 122.75 cubic feet.

The convex V hull is designed to produce the best wake of any inboard vessel out there. And the boat also features the TAPS 3T system to deliver perfect waves at the touch of a button. No set-up or dialing in is needed.

It’s powered by a V8 Raptor series engine by Indmar, delivering breath-taking acceleration and excellent fuel efficiency. You’ll get up to a third more miles per gallon than from comparable wake boats.

3. Super Air Nautique GS22E

Super Air Nautique GS22E

If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable wake boat, consider the Super Air Nautique GS22E. It’s a completely electric vessel, offering between two and three hours of watersports on a full charge.

There’s nothing else like it out there, and it’s eye-wateringly expensive. But if you’ve got the cash to splash, it will make a real statement.

Its innovative drivetrain offers all the performance of the popular G22, with none of the fossil fuel emissions. The pilot will enjoy the LINC Panoray 12.4-inch touchscreen controls. And it features modern, clean lines, multiple seat configurations and bag of on-board storage.

4. Malibu Boats M240

Malibu Boats M240

The M240 is Malibu’s top of the line wake boat. It offers luxury features and five-star performance.

It’s 24 feet long with 607 horsepower torque, and it will carry up to 17 people. A powered Gx tower, slide-out cooler, wireless chargers and multi-view bench seats all come as standard. The tower can be raised or lowered in just nine seconds, with the turn of a dial.

Innovative features include the Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast, which will fill up in less than three minutes. And the M-Line hull has integrated Surf Gate Fusion to deliver clean surf.

5. Moomba Kaiyen

Moomba Kaiyen

The Moomba Kaiyen is 21.5 feet long and will carry up to 15 people. It has a standard ballast of 3,700 pounds, a 102-inch beam and a fuel capacity of 45 gallons.

Standard features include non-slip flooring in a choice of two finishes, two wireless phone chargers and the A3 tower. The latter can be upgraded to the Pro Tower featuring two surf pylons, an optional bimini with storage, and LED lighting.

The 7-inch touchscreen display is easy to operate, with one-touch toggling between four different views. And there’s a transom walk-through to make it easier to move around inside.

6. Centurion Vi22

Centurion Vi22

The Centurion Vi22 is a 12-seater 22-foot wake boat. Its standard torque is 409 feet per pound, rising to a maximum of 500. And it has a fuel capacity of 63 gallons.

The sleek design has a touch of retro styling with its two-tone upholstery. But its performance is right up-to-the-minute.

RAMFILL allows the subfloor ballast to be filled and drained fast. More than half of it can be filled in just 90 seconds. Quick-Launch will get the vessel to plane in only six seconds.

And despite its power, the engine runs amazingly quietly. You won’t have to bellow to make yourself heard onboard.

7. Sanger 231 SL

Sanger 231 SL

The 231 SL is the largest of Sanger’s wake boats. It’s 22 feet 10 inches down the centerline, with a fuel capacity of 70 gallons. It will carry up to 16 people.

It can be equipped with either of two Indmar Raptor engines. The 440 delivers 398 horsepower, while the 575 ramps it up to 510 horsepower.

There’s triple ballast: 1,000 pounds at the front, and 1,200 pounds dual ballast at the rear. There’s also 900 pounds of Flash Flood ballast at either side. The Sanger GSA Surf System provides big, clean waves.

Onboard, there are bags of luxurious features. These include everything from oversized drink holders and a built-in cockpit ice chest, to a stereo with four speakers, a subwoofer and an amp.

8. Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ

Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ

Malibu call their Wakesetter 23 MXZ “the dominator”. It’s designed to deliver professional level wakes and waves whilst providing the ultimate in comfort onboard.

It’s 23 feet long, will carry up to 16 people, and has a fuel capacity of 58 gallons. It delivers torque of between 360 and 607 horsepower.

The driver has a 12-inch touchscreen with deep color and sharp resolution. And there are back-up tactile controls too, allowing adjustments to be made whilst watching the water.

Other features include a powered swim step, wireless charging points and a Gx tower.

9. Supra SA

Supra SA

The SA from Supra Boats is a 22.5-foot wake boat with capacity for 16 people. It’s been the official tow boat of the Pro Wake Tour for the last six years. So if you want a boat that the professionals love, this is a great choice.

It’s available with a powerful Indmar Raptor 550 engine, providing both speed and acceleration. And features include the Autowake and Zero Off, offering precision control for consistent waves and speed.

Onboard luxury touches include a heated driver’s seat and soft vinyl upholstery.

10. Axis Wake A20

Axis Wake A20

If you want a boat that’s great for both wakeboarding and wake surfing, the A20 could be the perfect choice. And it’s also a more compact design, easier to fit into standard garages or smaller waterways.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to compromise on wave size. There’s plenty of power here, delivered from a choice of the Malibu M5Di or M6Di engine. And the driver can customize the wake at the push of a button.

The A20 will carry up to 11 people and sports a smart dash with touchscreen, key pad and wireless phone charger.

11. Axis Wake T250

Axis Wake T250

If the A20 is great for those wanting a compact boat, the T250 sits at the other end of the spectrum. It’s the longest wake boat ever made by Axis. But it’s still agile on the water.

It will carry up to 18 passengers. There’s a choice of three different dash configurations, core, sport and premium. These allow you to choose between keeping it simple or having more sophisticated controls.

There’s a choice of three different engines too – the Malibu M5Di, M6Di or GM Marine LT4. And a flush kit comes as standard for easy maintenance.

12. MasterCraft XStar

MasterCraft XStar

The XStar from MasterCraft is 23 feet long and will carry up to 16 people. It has a fuel capacity of 76 gallons.

The SurfStar system offers 4,100 pounds of ballast, and there’s an integrated Switchback Ballast system. Together they deliver precision control of big, clean surf.

Features include clamping board racks, so you won’t have to mess around with bungees. The driver has dual screen controls. And everyone can relax on comfortable seating upholstered in premium vinyl.

13. Heyday H22

Heyday H22

The Heyday H22 combines great value with more standard features than any other wake boat in its class.

It’s 22 feet 4 inches long, will carry up to 14 people, and has a 40-gallon fuel tank. It comes with a Mercury 6.2L 370 horsepower engine, an integrated wake system, and even its own trailer.

There’s a Rockford Fosgate stereo with four speakers, 18 cupholders, LED courtesy lights and pop-up mooring cleats. And the driver has a 9-inch display screen with custom control interface, Mercury VesselView and SmartTow.

14. Supreme ZS252

Supreme ZS252

Supreme’s ZS252 offers amongst the best value of any large wake boat on the market. Its modified deep-V hull delivers a smooth ride. And the 5,100 pounds of ballast allows the surf to be dialed up from entry to professional level.

It’s 25 feet 2 inches long and will carry up to 17 people. A Stinger Wake Plate and QuickSurf System are optional extras. They allow the generation of a wave longer than the boat. And you’ll be able to switch from regular to goof waves in seconds.

The Silent Stinger Wake Plate offers a quiet ride too – it’s no louder than a standard dishwasher.

15. Centurion Ri265

Centurion Ri265

Centurion’s Ri265 is an 18-person, 26 feet 6 inch boat, and offers an impressive total ballast of 5,850 pounds. That’s the most of any boat of this size. The ballast is situated in seven locations. And there’s optional RAMFILL, allowing for easy adjustments in as little as 90 seconds.

The dash has a dual screen system, showing fuel efficiency in real time. The two 12-inch by 8-inch screens can be used independently or together.

A DropZone Auto Tower comes as standard, and can be folded automatically at the touch of a button.

16. Moomba Mojo

Moomba Mojo

The 23-foot Moomba Mojo will seat 17 people and offers 4,000 pounds of standard ballast. The fuel capacity here is 70 gallons.

Its cool features include multicolored RGB lighting, which can be controlled from the helm or via a smartphone app. The rear seat can be converted to a rear-facing bench, so passengers can watch the action. And there’s a rear sunshade to keep everyone comfortable.

The stylish dash has the option of a 7-inch touchscreen display. That touchscreen is offset so as not to obstruct the driver’s view. There’s also a patented AutoWake autopilot system, giving the driver a chance to relax.

17. Super Air Nautique S21

Super Air Nautique S21

The stylish Super Air Nautique S21 is available with a choice of engines, offering from 400 to 600 horsepower. It’s 21 feet long and is marketed as a family friendly wake boat, combining high performance with comfort.

There’s a large, open lounge for passengers, with the ability to reconfigure the rear seats to watch the action. The driver has a 12.4-inch touchscreen with intuitive controls and clear menus. And there’s a Helm Command dial to allow quick scrolling.

The hull design allows precision control of waves, with the ability to customize shapes at the touch of a button. And the Nautique app for Garmin watches allows you to control the boat speed and wave selections as you surf.

18. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

Malibu’s Wakesetter 21 LX is a new design for 2022 that aims to combine value and versatility.

It’s 21.6 feet long and has a maximum seating capacity of 12. The design features a new Hybrid Bow, designed to cut cleanly through the water. There’s a pop-up pylon and G5 tower. And the Malibu Monsoon engine offers torque of between 360 and 430 horsepower.

The boat comes with a custom-built trailer and full factory warranty for 5 years.

19. Chapparal 30 Surf

Chapparal 30 Surf

The 30 Surf from Chapparal is one stylish wake boat. It’s big too – 30 feet and 2 inches long, and with a fuel capacity of 100 gallons. It’s yacht certified and has a maximum torque of 430 horsepower.

It features a dual screen glass dash helm, which can be customized to your preferences. A Medallion Viper II touchscreen controls every aspect of the surf functions, including ballast and the Malibu Surf Gates. And there’s a range of different surfing modes for all skill levels.

Passengers can relax in luxury on handstitched upholstered seating. The white interiors are contrasted with a choice of accent colors including fire red, slate gray, Biscayne blue and black.

Ready to Wake Surf?

That brings us to the end of our look at the 19 best wake surfing boats out there. Whether you’re new to wake surfing or a pro-level surfer, these boats offer something for everyone.

We hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about them. Perhaps you’ll be surfing behind one of them very soon!

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