Top 8 Best Santorini Boat Tours

While in the sweet Santorini, did you know that you’ll miss a lot when you don’t take a boat tour? Whether you own a boat or not, which boat tour firms do you think can aid you?

Read on for you are about to know some of the companies that can help you. We’ll talk about the nine best Santorini boat tours.

These tours will help you see the beauty of Santorini. It begins from the Caldera down to the different colors of the cliffs.

One can have a public or private tour. Either way, you’ll only enjoy this trip with a perfect boat tour company. So, here are the details about these best tour firms.

Best Santorini Boat Tours

1. Sunset Oia


When you want to have the best private tour services on luxury yachts, let Sunset Oia help you. Also, you can have shared tours.

They are at Oia, Santorini, Greece. After booking your tour, you’ll get a chance to see the volcano, hot springs, and the beautiful Thirasia Island.

As the name goes, you’ll enjoy the sunset view as you learn of the places in Santorini. Remember, on each trip, you’ll have a tour guide.

The company gives these tours using 18 different types of water vessels. All come with great specs to ensure that you get value for your money.

Besides exploring the island, you can use their cruises to fish and even have small parties. It’s because they have ample spaces for these activities.

Their rates depend on the kind of tour and boat you’ll choose. If you pick on a private tour on their Elba boat that holds a maximum of 8 people, you’ll pay $1000 for five hours.

2. Aegean Wonder Santorini Tours


At Aegean Wonder Santorini, you’ll enjoy your time on quality boats. Also, this tour agency will give you one of the best customer care services.

They have offices in Fira, Greece. It’s from here that you’ll visit many places through the waters.

The boats and sail tours will help you explore the sweet wonders of the place via the waters. You’ll also have a great time as you relax with your friends and family.

Before you ride with their expert tour guides, you can choose a private or public tour. Look at the firm’s schedule before booking a ticket for the public tour.

Well, you can have the private boat tours when money isn’t a problem for you. These private travels come in five types. There is a Platinum and Golden semi-private, Diamond private, Emerald, and Silver traditional wooden.

Each visit comes with different types of great boats. Also, they have different places where you can visit Santorini.

For example, if you pick on the Silver traditional wooden tour, you’ll visit the volcano springs. Here, you’ll use their lovely sunset boat.

This firm will also give you food and drinks on tour cheaply. Prices vary with the type of trip and the boat you’ll use.

3. Santorini Boat Tour

The Santorini Boat Tour gives you the best services at a low price. Also, choosing them means you’ll explore many places across Santorini.

This firm has many types of boats for you to choose from before you start your tour. Expect to get different models of pontoons, yachts, RIB cruises, sails, fishing boats, among others.

Besides the boats, this tour firm will offer you many tours. You can have luxury boat tours private and semi-private tours.

Santorini Boat Tour also prides itself in having the best captains. They’ll give you one of the best care services. Also, they know many parts of the Santorini waters.

While on the boat, you can have some small parties. Expect to get quality Greek food and other drinks.

So, at what rates does this firm give these excellent services? What you’ll pay varies with the type of trip and boat you’ll pick.

Remember, every tour you pay comes with fuel, a captain, and a crew. These boats can carry up to 12 guests besides the staff.

4. Sail Away

Sail Away

Sail Away will give you different trips to suit your interests and budget. Also, they have many cruisers and boats for your trips.

All of their vessels have excellent specs. Be sure to get lovely customer care and comfort on their boats.

You can use the boats to explore the island as you fish or hold small parties. Remember, the boats and cruisers have space. It means you can store your items and do other things on the boat.

Also, Sail Away offers different types of private tours on their boats. You can pick premium, custom, semi-private, or caldera.

Every type comes with different specs to suit your interests and give you fun. When you pick on the caldera private tour, it will be more sightseeing on a motor cruiser.

Expect warm care from their guides. Be sure to have more info about the island at the end of your trip.

The rates per trip start to count from at least 5 hours. Also, where you want to visit, and the type of boat will determine the costs.

5. Spiridakos Sailing Cruises

When you want to see the beauty of the Athens River and Santorini, Spiridakos will be ready for you. You can get them in Thira, Greece.

As of 1986, the boat tour has been in the game. It means, as a customer, you’ll get quality care and enjoy your time on quality boats.

They have ten luxury catamarans and Yachts to help you sail around the island. These boats have amazing specs like leather seats and ample space. So, together with your friends, you’ll have more fun.

On each trip, you’ll have a captain and crew to help you move around. They’ll always be available to meet your needs as a customer.

Also, the firm targets to make friends with their customers. This spec in them shows that their rates per tour are also low.

Remember, the prices are different depending on what trip you’ll choose. Look at their schedule and pick the best cruise that will suit you.

6. Caldera Yachting

With Caldera Yachting, you’ll enjoy the beauty of Santorini, especially Caldera. This group of islanders and seafarers will help you have a great time.

Their life began in 2009 when they had two boats and five staff. They have 13 yachts, five cruises, and over 70 member staff.

Their boats have modern specs that you’ll love. It means you’ll have a great time with your friends and family.

Every trip comes with a captain and crew to help you. Also, expect the staff to give you first-class services during your tours.

This firm always aims to give you luxury tours but at low costs. The rates vary with the trip you’ll choose. You can have shared or private tours using their modern boats.

7. Santorini Sailing Centre


On every tour with this sailing center, the firm values your safety and comfort. You’ll get this boat tour firm in Imerovigli, Greece.

It’s best when you need a tour to the quiet areas of the island and other places around. The company has been in the business since 1991. It shows that they always know what their customers need.

Besides sailing around and visiting various places, the firm allows you to hold events on their boats. Be sure to have a good time.

Here, you’ll get many boat options to use on your trip. You can have luxury yachts, speedboats, or sailboats.

You can choose between different types of boat tours. These sails have different rates and times of sailing. Expect to pay more for a private tour during sunset.

8. Pelagos Cruises Santorini


When you want to create amazing boat tour times, choose the Pelagos Cruises Santorini. They are at Vlyhada, Greece.

You’ll be able to visit the Caldera, Thirasia, beaches of different colors, Oia, and other beautiful spots. While on the trip, the staff will serve you different foods and wines.

Besides enjoying the views of this island, you can hold many events on these boats. Pelagos allows you to plan for family outings, wedding fetes, and birthdays, among others.

Also, like other boat tours, you can have private and semi-private tours. Each trip takes place every day.

The firm has many types of boats for you to use. Expect to get pontoons, yachts, and cruises. Every boat has many luxury specs.

What you’ll pay will vary with the type of tour you’ll choose. For example, a private tour costs $763.98 per person during the day. It’s a boat tour that carries up to 8 people and lasts for 5 hours.

All trips come with a captain and crew. Also, you won’t have to pay for the fuel.


A visit to the Santorini in Greece means you’ll enjoy the waters too. These are the best points to help you explore the island and other places around.

Your trip to this place will be successful when you allow a lovely boat tour firm to help you. Most have private or semi-private tours. You can also choose to sail in the day or during sunset.

The boat tours have quality boats that you’ll use on the waters. Your choice will depend on your pocket, time, and interests.

So, among the boat tours listed here, which one do you think suits your taste? You are open to sharing with us your choice.

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