8 Best Boat Tours In New York

While in the USA, did you know that New York has one of the greatest landmarks you can view? No way beats using a boat to view these places and the city’s skyline. So, which are these boat tours to make your trip great?

Read on to find out your best choice. Here, we’ll cover the eight best New York boat tours.

You can take your trip on a speedboat, double or triple deck yacht. The tour companies will let you learn about the Statue of Liberty, beautiful bridges, Hudson, River, and many more.

Together with your friends, you’ll have fun. If you are ready, let’s have a deeper look at these firms.

Best New York Boat Tours

1. Circle Line Cruises, New York

Circle Line Cruises, New York

When you want a complete tour of Manhattan Island and its areas, the Circle line boat tour firm should be your best option. You’ll get them at Pier 83 in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

This firm is at least 75 years old. They’ve been showing people around NYC with their different boats during these years.

So, expect to get warm care from their captains and crew. Also, you’ll enjoy many specs on their boats to bring more fun. With your friends, you can have food, drinks, and free Wi-Fi.

Their trips range from 60 to 90 minutes. Expect to see the Big Apple’s landmarks, the Empire State building, various bridges, the Yankee Stadium, and many more.

Here, the guides will help you know different facts about these landmarks. Besides having fun on the waters, you’ll have more info about NYC.

Tickets’ costs vary with the season, time you’ll spend on the boat, and age. Adults pay at least $44, while kids pay at least $37 for each trip

2. The New York Media Boat, New York

The New York Media Boat, New York

If you are a journalist or love taking photos, choose the New York Media Boat. It’s the best firm when you want to explore, have an adventure, and sightsee NYC.

Like the other NYC boat tours, a trip with NY media will allow you to see the great Brooklyn Bridge, Chelsea Piers, Statue of Liberty, and many others. Similar to the Hornblower, you’ll have a hop-on and hop-off option.

While on the trip, you can stop at some shops. It’s because their captains stop at different places throughout your trip.

Also, during your trip, you’ll have experienced guides. They’ll tell you more about the landmarks.

Their quality boats allow you to have beautiful views of the city, which gives you a chance to take photos. Their boats have a Navy look and move at high speeds.

This boat tour is great for kids and adults who love speeding boats. Here, you can also have a private tour.

The rates vary with the type of trip, boat, and season. For example, for the normal adventure sightseeing, you’ll pay $99 per person for 1.5 hours.

3. Hornblower City Cruises, New York

Hornblower City Cruises, New York

You can also move around different places in NYC with the help of the Hornblower Tours. They have offices at Pier 85 in South Street, NYC.

Your tour will start the famous Seaport district in Manhattan. Their guides will take you from Midtown to Downtown.

Hornblower will give you a hop-on, hop-off cruise on the waters. So, as the trip goes on, you can stop and shop for food at the shops and view some attractions.

You’ll see the Statue of Liberty, Governor’s Island, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, Hudson Yards, and other historic places during the trip. Expect the crew to narrate to you about these places.

Besides sightseeing in many places, their guides can speak in nine languages. Also, they have quality boats with free Wi-Fi to help you have more fun around.

There is also a happy hour tour with a DJ. Though their boats are quality, they are of the old models.

The ticket’s price for adults is $37 and $27 for kids. Hornblower will give you discounts when you are a child or an older adult.

4. New York Water Taxi, New York

New York Water Taxi, New York

Would you love a tour of your custom routes across the NYC waters? Then pick on the NY Water Taxi boat tours.

This boat company has ten modern, quality, and fast boats to move you around the city. Their boats can host from 64 to 149 people.

The tours here take about 70 minutes. You’ll see the High Line, the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade Center, and the Brooklyn Bridge. During the trips, the guides will help you with facts about these landmarks.

Captains here stop the boat at four places. It gives you a chance to take pics and buy food.

Expect their boats to move through midtown, Seaport, downtown, and even the sweet Brooklyn’s Dumb.

It’s great for tourists who want a one-day tour or a long-term one. Remember, they have classy boats with many specs. You can use them to have parties with friends during your trip.

What you’ll pat varies with the trip, season, and boat you’ll use. Adults pay $37 for an all-day trip, while kids from three to twelve years pay $31.

5. Classic Harbor Line, New York

Classic Harbor Line, New York

Whether you are a tourist or a citizen of NYC, the Classic Harbor Line firm will help you enjoy the beauty of the city’s arts. It will happen during their three-hour tour through the waters.

It’s one of the best boat tours in the city and other parts of the USA. They are at Chelsea Piers and North Cove Marina. NYC.

Classic Harbor gives you the freedom to choose among many boats for your tour. All have different specs that can suit your interest. You’ll get both private and public tours.

While on your trip, you’ll have a fantastic crew on board. The company will give you experienced captains, cooks, and guides. Sometimes, you can get jazz cruises.

Also, expect to have a guide from the American Institute of Architects. As you enjoy the waters, you’ll learn more about eth city’s history.

Tickets’ prices vary with the type of tour, boat, age, and season. During summer, trips start twice a day, while during winter, only on Saturdays.

6. Manhattan Kayak Company, New York

Manhattan Kayak Company, New York

If you love to have kayaks for your trip around NYC, choose Manhattan Kayak Company (MKC). They’ll help you view different places and the city’s beautiful skyline.

Remember, the skyline tours at this company are for those with less experience in kayaking. Before each trip, for 15 minutes, the staff will teach you how to kayak.

After the lesson, it’s when you can start your trip from the Hudson River. Expect to have one of the greatest views of the city.

You should be at least 13 years old to ride the boats. The younger children should have an adult on their boats.

Departure times for the tours vary with the season and weather. Also, the ticket prices vary with the type of kayak and type of tour.

MKC can also give private kayak tours. You’ll pay $65 per 1.5 hours for the Skyline Kayak trips for the whole boat. As for the private tours, the firm charges $60 per person for 1.5 hours.

7. Tribeca Sailing, New York

Tribeca Sailing, New York

The Tribeca Sailing firm will give you one of the best sunset tours around the NYC waters. People love them for their classic sailboats.

You can get them at North Cove Marina at 225 Liberty Street, NYC. Their trip starts at Battery Park City on Liberty Street and South End Avenue.

Besides their boats, their guides will help you view many landmarks in NYC. Some of them are the One World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. You may even go under the great Brooklyn Bridge.

Tribeca’s captains, crew, and guides are friendly. These people will help you have a great time learning more about the city.

The starting time of the trips depends on the season. During summer, your sunset tour will start at 6 p. m. When in November after summer, trips begin at 4 p. m.

The tickets vary with the type of trip and season. This firm also allows you to carry your food and drinks on board.

8. NYC by Sea, New York

NYC by Sea, New York

A trip with this boat firm will allow you to explore New York via the sea. They have been in the business for at least five years.

The firm is at the heart of NYC near the North Cove Marina at the South End Avenue. It’s from here that you’ll begin your trip.

Expect to spend time on quality latest model boats. This firm has the Sea ray 280 Sundancer boat. It’s a vessel with spec to help you relax and enjoy as you move into the city.

All their boats allow you to sail with your family and friends. So, you can hold small events and parties while on these boats.

Also, during your trip, you’ll have experienced and licensed captains. It means you’ll be safe and gain many things about NYC landmarks. You’ll learn a lot about the Hudson River, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can choose sightseeing or a private tour. At this firm, sightseeing tickets start at $85 for adults and $60 for kids. Each trip begins at 1. 30 p. m or 5 p. m.


New York City has many historical places that you can visit. Yes, you can see them by yourself. A trip with a boat tour company will make you enjoy and learn a lot.

There are many boat tours in NYC to help you. These companies here will help you have fun using their great boats.

Also, expect their crew to treat you well. Ensure you choose one that you can afford the tickets.

So, which boat firm do you think will help you learn more about NYC during your trip? Feel free to inform us of your choice.

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