Top 8 Best Boat Tours in Connecticut

Are you already in Connecticut or planning to visit its 253 miles shoreline or beautiful rivers? Do you know of any boat tours to help you move around?

Well, if not, read on to find out. We’ll talk about the eight best boat tours in Connecticut.

These boat tour companies will take you through many parts of this state. Also, you’ll get to see one of the best site attractions in this area.

Even when money is a problem, you’ll find a boat tour to suit your interests. Get ready to learn more about Connecticut’s history.

These tours will also help you enjoy wildlife. Here’s now more about these boat tours.

Best Boat Tours in Connecticut

1. Cross Sound Cruises

Cross Sound Cruises

It’s the best boat tour agency when you visit the New London waters. They are located in New London, CT.

Booking a trip with them gives you a chance to ride on modern and fast vessels. Also, the boats are comfortable and will allow you to sightsee the waters with ease.

You can choose one of their three types of tours. These trips include the classic one, long island (LI) lights, and light and sights tours.

As for the classic one, the tour starts from London to Long Island. You’ll learn many facts about the American army from what you’ll see.

On the L. I light tour; your journey will start from Orient point. Expect to see the Long Island Sound, Plum Gut, London Harbor, and others.

The tour on the lights and sights cruise means you’ll move from the mainland coast of New London Harbor. During the tour, you’ll see many sweet water sites, lighthouses, and mansions.

Payments vary with the type of tour you’ll pick. Also, with a membership card, you’ll get many offers.

2. Mystic Boat Adventures

Mystic Boat Adventures

In Pearl Street, Groton, CT, this company will also help you have a great time on the Mystic waters. You’ll have fun using their latest board models.

You can get pontoons, speed boats, power boats, among others. It’s among the few boat tours that allow you to captain your boat. This act comes in when driving a powerboat.

Also, they have one of the best catamaran trips. It will be more of exploring the waters in Groton.

Remember, you’ll captain your boat. Worry not even if you don’t know how to ride a vessel. These motorboats are easy to drive.

Also, every tour starts with a riding lesson. Every driver must be at least 18 years with a driver’s license.

These tours come with a guide from June to September. At this firm, you’ll get private and group tours.

The companies also hold many parties and events. Here, you’ll get some discounts on the parties of six board on boards.

While on your trip, you’ll see one of the oldest wooden ships, many lighthouses, beautiful rivers, and other things. Also, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the wildlife on the waters.

Here, prices vary with the type of tour, the boat, and the season. When you want a motorboat tour for two people for one hour, you’ll pay $100 per person.

3. Project Oceanology

At the heart of Groton in CT is where you’ll get this boat tour. It’s a place that suits children going for school trips. If you are a geography and biology student, this facility will care about your interests.

Also, it has been working since 1972. Remember, it’s a non-profitable research place. You can also call it Project O.

The center has various vessels to use for your trips. Each can carry up to 56 people.

On each boat, you’ll have two oceanology instructors. These staffs teach people how to use various gears and even collect data during the boat tour.

They pride themselves in ensuring that you learn more about the nature of CT’s waters. During the tour, you’ll use some tools to help you study the waters.

This firm allows people to use their boats near the Long Island Sound and the Fishers Island. Besides, if you love the seals, you’ll see them.

It means that as you explore the CT waters, you’ll be able to fish while on their boats. Once the kids or students are tired of the waters, they can also have summer camps.

4. Argia Mystic Cruises

Argia Mystic firm will ensure you sail on protected waters. Expect also to get different types of boats to help you explore the waters.

They have offices in Mystic, CT, USA. You’ll learn more about the rich Mystic history using their many quality boats.

As you relax and tour the beautiful coastlines, you’ll also get proper care from their guides. You can carry food and drinks aboard.

Here, you’ll get yachts, sailboats, and cruisers. All have quality specs that will make you enjoy your trips.

One of their best boats is the Schooner Argia. The boat has high speeds can hold up to 49 guests. It shows that you can even hold parties on this vessel.

Also, the rates depend on the type of trip, season, and boat. Be sure to find a sailing plan to suit your budget.

5. RiverQuest Boat Tours

RiverQuest Boat Tours

Choose River Quest on your next trip when you want to tour the CT’s nature and sceneries. They are at Haddam in CT.

This firm will take you through the CT River. You’ll have a chance to view the water birds like Bald Eagles, Ospreys, and many more. Also, RiverQuest will give you expert guides for your boat tour in CT.

The trips you’ll get depend on the season. They can give you public cruises and private charters.

During the main season in the summer, RiverQuest has many offers on their trips. Expect these offers to favor family tours, foliage viewing trips, and nature tours.

Your trips can start at the CT River Museum. Remember, this river is on the Main Street of Steamboat Dock. Each booking gives you a direct entry to the museum.

Remember, their boats are big enough to host many people. These vessels come with quality specs to give you fun. It means you can have parties and dinners on these boats.

What you’ll pay varies with the season, boat, and type of trip. It’s an affordable firm. So, you can get a trip that will favor your budget.

6. Mystic River Cruises

Mystic River Cruises

When you want to visit the Mystic River waters, this firm can also help you. It’s at Washington Street, Mystic in CT, USA.

You’ll enjoy every moment of the beauty at this river using quality boats. Their tour guides and captains are experts in facts about the Mystic area.

Besides visiting Mystic, you’ll experience the beauty of the sound of the beautiful cities around. Every tour starts at the famous picnic vessel, over 75 years old.

So, what does this mean to the joy of your trip? Well, adding more facts gives you more info about the areas you’ll visit. Expect to learn many things during the tour.

You can enjoy the tours from a 9 am cruise or during a relaxing sunset. Be sure to create memories that will last for years.

Also, you can have private tours, sunset cruises, family cruises, and love cruises here. The firm allows you to bring food and drinks to your trip.

Rates depend on the type of trip you’ll choose and the time. For example, the private tour costs $290 for the sunset cruises and $240 from 9 a. m.

7. Slip Away River Tours

You can also have a great time on your tours and outings with Slip Away Tours. They have offices at Meadow Road, Rocky Hill, CT.

A trip with this firm means you’ll visit the rocky hill ferry park, Riverfront Park, and the Wethersfield cove park. You’ll enjoy these trips using quality boats from the firm.

Slip Away gives you private charters, outings, narrated public tours, and cruises. Each comes with different specs. Be sure to get one to fit your interests.

Every trip comes with a captain and crew. They’ll always be ready to assist if you face any issues.

The rates will also depend on the type of trip, age, and season. If you want to explore using the narrated public tours, adults at least 11 years pay $25 for 90 minutes.

Still, children less than 11 years pay $5 for 30 minutes on the narrated boat tours. Please check online to see if that type of trip you want is available.

8. Harbor Tours of Mystic

Harbor Tours of Mystic

People love this boat tour firm because they give guests much entertainment. It happens through their captains and crew. This firm is at Holmes Street, Mystic, CT.

Your time on the Mystic waters using their boats will never be a waste. These staff will narrate to you every area and its facts as you enjoy your trip.

This company also has many boats to help you enjoy. They include pontoons, yachts, cruise boats, and many more.

One of their best boats is the mystic express. It can carry up to 17 people. A trip on this boat will help you see the Mystic historic homes, the Bascule Draw Bridge, tall ships.

Besides enjoying the scenes on the Mystic River and other places, you can use the boats to fish and hold small parties. You’ll have a great chance to take pics during the tour.

Ticket prices depend on the season, type of boat, age, and trip. Remember, these tickets aren’t much costly.


A tour through the Connecticut waters means you’ll know more history about the place. It will be wise to pick one of the many boat tour firms to guide you.

These boat tour companies listed here will give you the best services. Through their guides, expect to learn more about the beauty of the CT waters.

Even if money may be a problem, be sure to get a boat tour to suit your budget. Pack your items and get ready to have fun with one of the boat tours.

So, which boat tour do you see will help you learn more about CT? Please allow us to know.

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