8 Best Sanibel Island Boat Rental Companies

Do you know why renting a boat in Sanibel is one of the best ways to learn about the area? One of the reasons is that boat rentals firms around Sanibel love customers. But which boat rentals will help you have a good time?

Well, it’s time for you to find out. Here, we’ll talk of the eight best Sanibel Island boat rentals.

It doesn’t matter if you are on a low budget or not. Be sure to rent a boat to help you move around. So, as you plan to enjoy your time in Sanibel, read more about these boat rentals.

Best Sanibel Island Boat Rentals

1. Jensen’s Marina


Would you wish to spend time on the latest boat models and a lovely marina? Rent a boat with Jensen’s Marina, and have a precious time.

It has been in business since 1977. So, it means that Jensen’s staff know how to treat their customers.

You can use their boats to explore different parts of outer Sanibel Island. Expect to have a nice view to take pics of the marine life. You’ll see seashells and even dolphins.

Their boats have the specs to help you enjoy your time on the waters. Jensen’s Marina rents out pontoons, deck boats, and fishing boats.

Also, they have boats that can hold up to 12 people. It shows that you can have a great time with friends while on these boats.

So, at what cost does one get all this greatness? What you’ll pay will vary with the boat you choose, season, and how long you’ll use the vessel.

When you want to rent their 16 feet bay boat for exploring the Sanibel waters, you’ll pay $130 for four hours. The firm can give you a boat captain. But if you meet their laws, you can captain the boat yourself.

2. Captiva Watersports (CWS)


You’ll get this fantastic boat rental company at the sweet Tween Waters Inn. It’s some minutes off the bridge that separates Sanibel and Captiva islands.

CWS prides itself in having many great boat models to rent out. They have pontoons, deck boats, fishing boats, jets skis, and water sporting boats.

Every pontoon and deck boat has a sunshade and coolers. So, your hot day in the summer will still be cozy.

This company can give you captains to help, or you can drive the boat on your own. If you want to operate a boat here, you should be at least 34 years old or have a NASBLA license.

The boats here can help you in sports, fishing, exploring the island, and holding small events. Using their boats will be ideal for spending your summer at the Sanibel waters.

Prices vary with the boat you’ll rent, the season, and your time on the vessel. A Palm Beach fishing boat costs $265 for a half-day ride.

3. Sunny Island Adventures


Choose the Sunny Island boat rentals when you want to visit the Cabbage Key on Sanibel Island. They are the best for watersport activities.

This company has offices at Plantation Road, Captiva in FL. Though they aren’t in Sanibel, they’ll allow you to use their boats in the areas around Sanibel Island.

Their boats are suitable for kayaking, wave running, jet skiing, and even fishing. Every boat has many specs and equipment. They’ll help you stay safe as you have fun.

Also, Sunny Island Adventures have pontoons to help you move around with your family. So, you can explore the Sanibel waters through Cabbage Key beach.

Ensure you have a boating certificate when you want to ride their boats. But if you were born later than 1st January 1988, have a temporary boat education pass.

Like other boat rentals, the rates depend on boat types, time to rent, and season. Be sure to get a boat to suit your budget.

4. Paradise Boat Rentals


As the name sounds, this boat rental firm will give you heaven on the waters. They have one of the best services and vessels around Sanibel Island.

You can get this company at Hudson Road in Oakdale. It’s where you’ll pick the boats and spend your time on the waters.

One great thing about Paradise boat rentals is that they have many boats. The company has deck boats, fishing boats, pontoons, stand-up paddleboards, and jet skis. Besides, you can get tubes, kneeboards, and fishing equipment.

Their boats are a great place for entertainment. They come with a Bimini top, Bluetooth stereos, cup holders, and coolers.

You may choose to have a captain or not. Paradise Boat Rentals allow you to drive the boat if you are at least 23 years old and have a driving license.

So, you can rent them when you want a boat for fishing, swimming, cruising, or holding parties. If you love watersports, this company will sort you quite well.

The rates vary with the season, type of boat, and how long you’ll spend on the vessel. For example, you can rent the 20 feet Bennington Pontoon boat for at least $295 for a day.

5. Tarpon Bay Explorers


Sometimes, you may want to have the taste of kayaks, canoes, and great pontoons. Then you should let Tarpon Bay Explorers help you have a good time.

You can get them at Tarpon Bay Road in Sanibel, FL. It’s from this point that you’ll have your boat as you explore Tarpon Bay and the areas around it.

Also, you’ll also get stand-up paddleboards, fishing boats, and fishing equipment. Also, you can use their boats for fishing, having parties, and kayaking. The firm doesn’t allow swimming.

All their pontoons have Bimini rooftops to shield you from the summer sun. They also have great leather seats to ensure that you are comfortable. So, these pontoons will help you view the wildlife.

Remember, this firm is part of the Dolphin Smart Program. It helps promote the care of dolphins and marine life.

What you’ll pay will depend on the boat you choose, the season, and how long you’ll use the boat. As for the kayaks, you’ll pay $40 for a double kayak for 2 hours.

6. Port Sanibel Marina


At this boat rental firm, there are many boats to choose from for your trip. Also, it’s where you’ll get many latest boat models.

Be sure to get one of the best and quality boats in Southwest Florida. They are minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico, at Fort Myers, FL.

You’ll get many pontoons, decks, kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and water taxis here. These vessels come with the things you’ll need to have fun.

Some specs are like the Bimini tops, leather seats, Bluetooth stereos, and coolers. You can use the boats to fish, explore the waters, swim, and hold events.

Besides, Port Sanibel Marina has excellent prices for their trips. They’ll deliver to you once you book the boat if you are around Sanibel.

The rates vary with the type of boat you’ll want, how long you’ll have it, and season. When you want a 19 feet scout flat for fishing, you’ll pay $250 for half a day.

7. Official Jet Ski Rentals


This boat rental company will give you one of the best jet skis on Sanibel Island. Expect to get the latest 2021 models of jet skis.

Your trip will start in Matlacha Isles. It’s from here that you’ll visit many areas around Sanibel Island.

If you love boats with fancy and beautiful colors, this firm will give them to you. Their jet skis are fast and look good too.

Before you ride, the staff will take you through the safety guidelines. Also, you’ll get a life jacket and a boat full of gas.

You can use their boats to plan for sporting events with your friends and family. This activity will be great when you do it during summer.

Each jet ski can hold up to two people. Costs vary with the season and the hours you’ll spend on the boat. When you rent the jet ski for an hour, you’ll pay $100.

8. Bay Breeze Boat Rentals


At Bay Breeze Boat Rentals, you’ll get quality pontoons, fishing boats, and even catamarans. So, they are an excellent firm when you want crafts for exploring Sanibel Island.

This firm has offices in Fort Myers and Englewood. These places are the starting points for you to go to the Sanibel’s inland water places.

Bay Breeze will give you pontoons, center consoles, and deck boats. All vessels here have quality specs like Bluetooth stereos to provide you with a great time.

Also, the firm allows you to use the boats to swim, fish, explore, and hold events. Remember, these boats have ample space to carry even 12 people.

Fees here rely on which of their office you’ll visit. The season and type of boat will also be key. You can rent a boat for four, six, or eight hours.


When you visit Sanibel Island, you’ll need a boat to help you enjoy this place’s beauty. You may have your boat, but renting one will be the best option.

The boat rentals on this list will give you great boats. Some like Jensen’s Marian will provide you with the latest models.

Also, the firms will allow you to use the boats in many areas around Sanibel Island. Ensure you choose a boat rental that will fit your interests and budget.

So, which boat rental firm do you think suits you? Feel free to tell us your choice.

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