10 Best Small Boats with Bathrooms

fWhen buying a small boat for a long trip, do you know that a bathroom is one of the key specs to consider? Many crafts will give you fun with different specs, but which ones come with a bathroom?

Read on to find out. Here, we’ll talk about the 10 small boats with bathrooms.

These boats come with other features that you’ll love to use. The models and beauty of the other boats should never obsess you to forget about bathrooms.

Not all small boats come with a bathroom. But most have space for you to add one. Let’s look at the one that will impress you the most.

Small Boats with Bathrooms

1. Sea Ray Sundancer

After you dance and bask in the sun during summer, you can choose to shower or swim. Each of your options will be fine when using the Sea ray Sundancer.

This vessel gives you beauty and performance when you use it. Expect to find classy aspects and an ample cabin.

So, it’s inside the cabin that you’ll get your bathroom. Also, it has a waste tank that holds up to 28 gallons.

You’ll use this part as the boat’s pump out. Sundancer has a water capacity of 151 liters.

Sea Ray Sundancer is 35-feet long and with a 3-meter-long beam. Only six people can stay on this boat with much comfort.

You’ll also love the boat’s lounging areas. Here, the guests will sit on quality leather seats.

Also, Sea Ray Sundancer’s interior is a different state-of-the-art. The storage spaces, kitchen, hardtop, and other parts are modern.

What about a taste of some music? Sundancer will give a premium fusion system that plays using Bluetooth.

Remember, the tech on this vessel is on a different level. You’ll use the Vessel view mobile app to manage your boat. Through the app, you’ll know when something isn’t right.

2. Sun Tracker Party Hut 30

Sun Tracker Party Hut 30
Image Credit: smartmarineguide

As the name sounds, this boat is the best for holding a party with friends for various days. So, expect it to have a spacious bathroom.

You’ll get this place at your boat’s cabin. After you shower, there’s a changing space at the vessel’s head.

Besides, Sun Tracker has a toilet. It’s behind the vessel’s closed doors. This spec makes the toilet private.

Remember, these wash areas have quality material on the inside. It shows that the boat is quite beautiful.

The Sun Tracker Party Hut 30 has a sun deck. You can use it as an extra floor or a place to bask in the sun.

After taking your cool shower, you can enjoy the trip while in the boat’s leather seats. Each seat has ample storage below it.

Since your time on the waters will be for at least a day, you’ll need to listen to music. The Party Hut has a quality stereo with four speakers and an MP3 jack.

This fantastic vessel is 31-feet long and can hold 14 people. Tracker Party Hut 30 is suitable for holding family outings and parties for several days.

3. The Hybrid Recreational Vessel (HRV)

The Hybrid Recreational Vessel (HRV)
Image Credit: southlandpontoonboats

When you have this craft, it’s like living on the water. This small boat has a sweet interior and many specs that will make travel for a long time.

The HRV is half a boat and half a cruiser. It comes with a spacious bedroom and a bathroom.

This place has a tank that holds 50 gallons. There’s a water pump up to the toilet, kitchen, and bathroom.

Also, there are other places inside the boat that you can use to sleep. It’s because HRV has leather seats.

Expect the boat to be 38 feet long with a fiberglass hull. So, the size allows it to carry up to 10 people.

HRV also comes with a 110-v power inlet. The boat gets power from solar panels and outboard motors.

You’ll also love the beauty of your boat, especially at night. Here, you’ll see using the LED lights at the front rails.

Yes, these specs are quite expensive. Once you buy the vessel, you’ll enjoy your trip and your value for money.

You can use the HRV to explore different waters, fish, swim, bask in the sun, and hold parties. The vessel has all it takes to give you comfort and fun.

4. Regulator 41

Regulator 41
Image Credit: marlinmag

Besides using it for other roles like fishing, be ready to enjoy the trip, especially using their spacious bathrooms. It’s one of the best boats from the Regulator’s firm.

You’ll get the bathroom in the cabin downstairs. Remember, there’s a lot of fresh air in this cabin because of the air cooler.

Expect to get three water tanks. The head tank holds 13 gallons, the hot water tank holds six gallons, and the freshwater tank can carry 60 gallons.

Every part has the beauty of the Chilewich interiors. Also, you’ll have a kitchen and two berths.

This vessel gives you easy access to the tower. It makes the craft’s dual helm more beautiful.

Every angler will love the boat’s TACO Grand Slam bases with an HD Carbon. Regulator 41 also has a big live well and a fish box.

Its size is 41-feet long and with a beam that’s 12.6 feet. So, it carries 9 to 14 people. There’s ample space on this vessel to hold many friends.

The boat’s machine is a quad Yamaha outboard. Your boat will always move at high speeds when you allow it.

5. Yellowfin 54

Yellowfin 54
Image Credit: sportfishingmag

With the ability to hold up to 14 people, you can always have a cool shower in the bathroom before you go on to fish. You’ll get this washroom in the beautiful cabin.

The bathroom uses a stand-up shower and not a bathtub. Yellow 54’s cabin has a modern kitchen, a queen berth, and a pump.

You’ll also get a live well that holds 100 gallons. You can use the well as a water tank alone or divide it into two.

It’s a small boat that’s 54-feet long with a 15-feet beam. So, you can be sure to get much space in the wash area and the other places on the boat.

Yellowfin 54 is one of the best boats for your family or friends’ trip. The lounge has cozy leather seats that will give you nice backrests.

When it comes to fishing, you can also trust this boat. It has belowdecks to store your fishing equipment like the rods and coolers.

There’s much entertainment on this boat. As you shower, you can listen to music using stereo systems.

6. Harris V270

Harris V270
Image Credit: quimbyscruisingguide

When you aren’t on a budget and need a full private bathroom, go for the Harris V270 pontoon. Also, the boat has a toilet below the deck’s center part.

These places on the boat are of quality standards. Though the boat is small, the washrooms are of a good size.

Harris V270 is 29-feet long and with a beam of 8.6 feet. It can carry from 12 to 14 people. So, with everyone and everything on it, your Harris V270 will weigh 7000 lbs.

Also, you’ll enjoy the bathroom because it has a sink and a showerhead. Expect it to have a water capacity of 24 gallons.

This vessel has other cool features to make you enjoy your trip on the waters. There’s a Bluetooth stereo to play some quality music.

The lounge also has 12 and 7-inches screens. Your trip won’t be boring.

Like any other luxury boat, Harris V270 has many LED lights. Remember, these lights have great push buttons that you’ll use to light them up.

You’ll enjoy quality leather seats during your trip. Every seat has a store below them to keep your items.

Using its Mercury outboard engine, the boat can move at 45 mph. You can use this craft for partying, swimming, exploring the waters, and fishing.

7. Catalina 315

Catalina 315
Image Credit: sailmagazine

Very few people would say no to a sailboat with a cozy bathroom. The Catalina 315 is a vessel that will also allow you to enjoy your tour on the water.

Besides slowing down on the waters, the boat has many other beautiful specs. These are the thing to make your trip pinning.

So, to make your bathroom work well, there’s a deck outlet and a holding tank. This tank can hold up to 17 gallons. Also, Catalina has an 8.08 m waterline.

If you don’t prefer using the bathtub, don’t worry. There is much space on the vessel to allow you to mount a shower.

You’ll also have a refrigerator, a nice sink, a storage bin with a rack, and a furnished kitchen. So, you can use it to spend your weekend or tours for several days. Your trip with your friends will be cozy.

Catalina is 9.49 m long and 3.35 m-long beam. Expect it to hold from 9 to 12 people.

The cabin’s design is strong and beautiful. Here, the cockpit will give the driver an easy time.

8. Scout 350 LXF

Like the HRV, the Scout 350 LXF is a fish boat and a high-end cruiser blend. The bathroom is an enclosed shower together with a toilet.

This boat’s wash area is inside the cabin. Also, you’ll get a lovely queen berth, a kitchen, microwave, sink, a mirror, and a refrigerator at this place. You’ll have a tank that can hold 100 gallons.

Scout 350 LXF also comes with an LED flat-screen TV. So, the boat will care about your entertainment.

Your bathroom will also be much more comfortable because of the air conditioner. This machine gets power from the boat’s diesel generator.

During your trip, expect to enjoy activities like fishing, basking in the sun, and exploring the waters. As for fishing, you’ll have a place to keep your five fishing rods.

Also, you’ll have deck fish boxes. These boxes can hold 92.5 gallons of water.

If you love a speeding boat with a bathroom, Scout 350 will suit you. It moves at 69 mph and accelerates fast.

The small boat is 38.6 feet long with a 12-feet beam. Expect 12 people to fit well on this quality craft.

9. Boston Whaler 380 Outrage

Boston Whaler 380 Outrage
Image Credit: bostonwhaler

Boston Whaler 380 vessel has a bathroom inside an enclosed head. Here, you’ll find a shower wand as a stand-up bathroom.

The area inside is beautiful and comes with other specs like a VacuFlush toilet and a teak seat. Be ready to enjoy your trip using this boat.

This boat is 38-feet long and has a beam that’s 11.8 feet. It can carry up to 12 people.

There’s a modern summer kitchen on this boat. You and your folks can make meals as you travel.

You can use the boat for swimming, fishing, sunbathing, or enjoying marine life. The Whaler has a wide deck and a ladder to help if it is swimming you want.

There is much equipment to make your fishing easy. Also, the seats will give you much space to access the waters.

10. Grady-White Canyon 376

This center console will also make you enjoy your time on the water for several days. The Canyon 376 has a classy cabin that will make you extend your days on the waters.

You’ll get this bathroom area as you move down the boat’s cherry stairs. It’s a stand-up shower system.

Canyon washrooms and toilets are spacious. Expect that there will always be fresh air in your bathroom. The toilet has a flush head and a stainless-steel sink.

Also, the cabin has a fantastic kitchen. Here, you’ll find a refrigerator and a microwave for your meals. There’s also a holding tank that holds 10 gallons of water.

Grady’s length is 38 feet and with a beam of 11.8 feet. With this size, expect the boat to carry 10 to 14 people.

It’s an ideal vessel for parties, tours, exploring the waters, fishing, and swimming. As for the anglers, there’s ample space to allow you access the water and fish. You’ll also get coolers and rod holders.

Remember, the Canyon can ride on any water. It doesn’t matter if it’s salty or fresh. Get ready to enjoy your trip for several days.


It’s always a lovely experience to use a small boat for a trip that goes for many days. During this time, you’ll need a bathroom and toilet.

Many of these boats have many luxury features to make you enjoy your time. Besides the bathroom, the boats have many other specs to make you feel cozy.

Some of them have stand-up bathrooms while others have bathtubs. Expect each boat to have a water tank.

The models come in pontoons, decks, or consoles. Since they are small crafts, don’t expect them to hold many people on board.

So, which boat amongst all these do you feel has the best type of bathroom? Please don’t be afraid to share your ideas with us.

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