16 Homemade Boat Blinds Plans You Can DIY Easily

If you’re getting your boat ready for the waterfowl hunting season, a boat blind is a must! The good news is that these blinds are complete DIY-friendly. All you have to do is build a frame and camouflage it. Sounds too simple, right? It’s because it really is!

In this post, we’ve collected 17 best DIY duck boat blind ideas for you. You can use a boat blind frame kit and cover it up or build the entire frame from scratch. The choice is yours!

1.  Building a DIY $100 PVC Homemade DUCK Hunting Blind CHALLENGE!!!

Watch this Youtube tutorial by FLAIR, where the Youtubers DIY a PVC duck blind for under $100. They covered their blind structure using some fake grass, which they claim to be quite expensive. You might be able to save some bucks if you use real grass and twigs instead.

Also, an important tip – if you hunt in a cold or windy area, you might want to cover the inner side of your PVC frame with a tarp such that heat gets trapped inside.


2.  Simple and Easy DIY Boat Blind

Simple and Easy DIY Boat Blind

In this blog, Mike Marsh from WILDFOWL elaborates on how Orth, a staffing recruiter from Michigan, DIYed a simple boat blind. If you wonder if or not PVC is strong enough to build a boat blind frame, find out what Orth has to say about using PVC for his boat blind in the post.

On the downside, if you’re someone who’d love to see an in-detail video tutorial or a blog post clearly categorized into supplies and dimensions, tools, and step-wise instructions, this tutorial is probably not for you.

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3.  DIY Boat Duck Blind

If you’d like to fold down your boat blind when not in use, this scissor-type DIY boat duck blind tutorial by Between The Bluffs is just for you!

However, though the Youtuber explains how he completed the project clearly, he doesn’t actually take you along the process. Also, you’ll only get to see the frame in this video and not how to camouflage or fold down the boat blind.


4.  How to Build a Boat Blind

How to Build a Boat Blind

Be it assembling a PVC frame for a boat blind or DIYing a scissor boat blind, this written tutorial by Wikihow has got you covered! You can expect detailed step-by-step instructions along with all the supplies, dimensions, and tools mentioned in this post.

What’s more, all the steps are illustrated as images as well! Also, read the entire post in order to learn the proper way to camouflage your boat duck blind.

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5.  How To Build A Duck Boat Blind (CHEAP!)

The Youtubers from Fire Mountain prepared a boat blind for about $130-$140. They used about $70 tangle-free grass to camouflage the boat. So, if you want to lower the cost of your project, you can opt to camouflage the bling using the natural route instead.

All the supplies and dimensions you need are mentioned in the description. The Youtuber further mentions that you can lower the cost of this project by opting for cheaper supplies. So, make sure you seek the best deals!


6.  How to Build a Duck Blind for a Boat with a Low Budget

How to Build a Duck Blind for a Boat with a Low Budget

This post by Ride the Ducks of Seattle gives you brief information on how to build a Rock solid duck boat blind kit, Jon Boat blind, and Duck boat scissor blind.

Furthermore, it provides you with a step-by-step tutorial along with all the supplies and dimensions on building a DIY Jon boat duck blind. According to the blogger, this design costs you around $150.

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7.  DIY Duck Blind On A Boat

Follow this video tutorial by The Furrminator to build a duck blind for your boat quickly and easily. All of the tools and dimensions required for the project are mentioned in the description box.

The Youtuber builds a scissor-type boat blind that you can easily remove during the off-seasons. The process is fairly easy. So, if you’re a beginner in DIYing a boat blind, this is the perfect DIY for you!


8.  DIY Duck Boat Blind

DIY Duck Boat Blind

Did you know that you could DIY a boat blind using metal conduits? You can find all the necessary steps to build one in this post by DECOYPRO. On the other hand, if you have PVC pipes ready, this post has detailed 11-step instructions on how to build a duck boat blind using PVC.

Also, as always, if you want to reduce the cost of your DIY, you can always use dead leaves and twigs instead of blind grass. On the downside, if you’d like some documented pictures or illustrations on top of instructions, this tutorial is probably not for you.

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9.  DIY Boat Blind Ideas | Maker Pipe Monday – 019

The Youtuber from Maker Pipe not only shares with you one DIY boat blind idea but six, namely, a beavertail boat blind, pontoon boat blind, duck blind with doors, Jon boat blind, wide framed duck blind, and a removable duck blind.

In case you’re interested, here’s the entire blog the Youtuber discusses in the video. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably looking for a step-by-step demonstration of the project. Unfortunately, this video tutorial does not feature such information.


10. How to Build a Duck Blind for a Boat: Various DIY Duck Blinds

How to Build a Duck Blind for a Boat

If it is your first time building a boat blind, you’ll find this blog post by Boating Basics Online quite helpful. This post not only discusses in brief how to build seven types of boat blinds but also talks about three primary things you must consider before starting on a boat blind project.

On top of this post, if you’re into boating and fishing, Boating Basics Online has plenty of related blogs and how-to guides. Make sure you check them out!

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11. DIY KAYAK DUCK BLIND BUILD!! (Easy Tutorial)

If you own a kayak boat, we’ve got just the tutorial for you! In this video tutorial by OutdoorNationTV, you can find all the products you need for this project listed at the beginning of the video. The total cost of the project as per the video is $128.24.

The Youtuber takes you along the process of blind building. So, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll definitely be able to follow along.


12. How to Build a Big-Water Boat Blind

How to Build a Big-Water Boat Blind

If you have trees from Christmas lined up in your neighborhood, this blog by American Hunter shows you exactly how you can utilize them to DIY an awesome boat build. Even if you don’t, $5-$10 trees a piece will do the job!

This DIY is relatively simple. All you have to do is drill holes 6 inches apart into a PVC pipe frame and insert and secure your trees. Once your boat nicely looks decorated with beautiful trees, your DIY job will be successfully done.

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13. How to BUILD a JON BOAT DUCK BLIND for under $100!!!

Watch this video tutorial by Gregor Outdoors to build a Job boat duck blind for under $100. The Youtuber displays all the supplies and the dimensions you need at the beginning of the video. They build a frame and get it ready for a grass panel layout.

If you’re into waterfowl hunting, Gregor Outdoors has plenty of related tips, tricks, and vlogs. Make sure you check them out!


14. Boat Blind Build

Boat Blind Build

The blogger from Fowled Up Waterfowlers mentions in this blog how he DIYed a boat blind for his custom-built marsh-style duck boat. He used 2” by 1” wood to frame the boat, which he reinforced in the corners using steel brackets.

Though brief, the blogger clearly elaborates how he built this boat blind in this post. To cover the frame, this DIY uses grass sheets.

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15. I Never Thought We Would Do This! (Boat Blind Build)

If you’re a waterfowl hunting enthusiast, you should definitely follow Freelance Duck Hunting on Youtube, as all their content is dedicated to this niche. In this video, they guide you through the process of building a boat blind.

As a camouflage, they use a gilly mat backed up by nylon sheets. The nylon backing will make you warm and comfortable during windy seasons. How great of a tip is that?



In this tutorial video, the Youtuber from Rising Sun Films not only demonstrates how to build a scissor-style boat blind using conduits but also reminds you of things that can go wrong doing the project and ways to avoid them.

If you have any queries regarding this DIY, make sure you check the comment section, as most of your questions are likely to have already been answered by the Youtuber.



Boat blinds can be expensive. With this DIY, you’ll be able to save a few dollars by simply optimizing the blind as per your budget. Moreover, it is definitely a fun project to do with your friends or family and later go hunting.

Which plan among these 17 did you find the most useful? And, if you ever replicate any of these ideas, let us know in the comment section how did it work out for you. We’re eager to know!

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